Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Am I a Writer?

So many said things like, "It could have been better." or "I hate my own writing." or "I'm just sick of the story at this point." It wasn't because they didn't/don't love what they do, it was that the finished product never matched what they saw inside their imaginations. Even Nora Roberts said what ends up on the page is never as good as what's in her head (or something like that).

I realized that the translation from the brain to the book will never be perfect, but if these amazingly talented women could keep on keeping on, then so must I.

The truth is, many of us feel like impostors at one time or another in our lives.  And I'm convinced creative types experience this even more frequently than our more pragmatic neighbors.  The phenomenon and what to do to overcome it is discussed in this article.  I highly recommend reading it if you've ever felt like everyone else "gets it" and you don't or that you aren't who everyone seems to think you are.

My takeaway from it was to as my husband to eloquently put it, "Give yourself more credit because I do!"

Here's to believing in ourselves and our dreams.

Hugs and happy reading (or writing as the case may be),