Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Blackmailed Into Marriage

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Blackmailed Into Marriage
by Lucy Monroe
North America 2005
ISBN #0-3731-2484-8

Lia had turned her back on her rich aristocratic family. But now she needs their help to save her daughter. Their response - to sell her off to the highest bidder.   Damian Marquez prizes Lia’s blue blood – he was stripped of his own title at birth. Lia is the perfect brood-mare, who can provide him with an heir – and a spare!

But, as the wedding night looms, Lia knows the truth will out – because Damian doesn’t know she can’t be his in the marriage bed…

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Sunflower said...

Lucy, I just wanted you to know I've been reading Harlequin M&B and Harlequin Presents for many, many years, and this book is one of my favourites. I have it in both hard copy and soft copy. I love it because while Damian may not necessarily love Lia at the start, he has compassion when he sees her emotional pain and he's so understanding and gentle with her. Even when he's confused and angry at her behaviour on their wedding day, he doesn't yell at her or hurl accusations at her. I love how he wants to work things out with her - because we all know a true relationship has many ups and downs, and takes commitment, like the commitment Damian demonstrates. I love how he determinedly looks for a solution and he never lets her feel like less than who she is. This, to me, is what a true romance hero should be like!

In the last 5 years I've been getting so tired of Harlequin titles because the guys always seem to start off as rich, sexy jerks - they treat the woman as nothing more than a sex toy and she wimpily goes along with it because she can't help herself (he's too sexy, which causes her hormones to rise up and overpower her brain). You are one of the few writers for Harlequin who doesn't follow this "formula", and I'm so thankful for that. I always look out for your books. They have depth and emotion and passion.