Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Come Up and See Me Sometime

Come Up and See Me Sometime
by Lucy Monroe
(Connected to Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It)
Kensington Zebra - May 2005
ISBN 0-8217-7770-X
Watch for this rerelease with previously deleted scenes out this fall!


“I think we’ve got a spy.”

Marcus Danvers’s announcement erupted in Alex’s mind like Mt. St. Helens on a bad day.

Pushing his chair back slightly from the massive walnut desk that sat in the center of his office, Alex met Marcus’s expectant stare. “Why?”

Leaning in the open doorway, his six-foot-two-inch frame exuding casual relaxation while, Marcus’s blue eyes glittered with anticipation and amusement. “Harrison’s daughter called this morning.”

The closer they got to seeing John Harrison’s company dismantled, the less humor Alex found in anything.


Marcus crossed the oversized office and sat down in one of the chairs facing Alex’s desk. “She wanted to know if I liked the idea of changing employers. Ms. Harrison said that she had a client interested in someone with my skill set and experience.”

Alex shrugged, making a concentrated effort not to overreact and feed Marcus’s off-beat sense of humor. “She works for one of the most exclusive headhunting agencies in the Portland area. She makes a lot of calls like the one you received this morning.”

Although he’d never met Isabel, Alex had no doubt she was a lot like her father. He stole men’s ideas. She stole employees, specializing in the hi-tech industry. According to his sources, she was very good at her job.

Marcus stretched out his long legs and crossed them at the ankle. “If you ask me, it’s too much of a coincidence right now. Our client is only months away from closing the deal on her dad’s company and she calls your most valuable employee trying to lure him away.”

“My most valuable employee being you?”

“Well, yes.” Marcus attempted a modest look of acceptance. “Not to mention an employee with inside information St. Clair’s plans to take Hypertron apart.”

Alex nodded. “I’ll look into it.”
Marcus stood up to leave.

“What did you say to her?”

Marcus turned around, his brows raised in mockery. “If I’d said yes, I wouldn’t have told you about the phone call, now would I?”

“With your twisted sense of humor, that’s not a given.”

“I told her no, boss. I’m not interested in leaving CIS. Working for you gives me a chance to use my hunter’s instincts without dressing up in fatigues and chasing some poor animal through the forest.”

With a sardonic smile, Marcus left.

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