Thursday, June 05, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Heatseeker

Pre-order book
Heat Seeker
by Lucy Monroe
Final book in the Atrati series
Trade Paperback
Kensington Brava - February 2013
ISBN-10: 0758242034
ISBN-13: 978-0758242037

Excerpt from Chapter 1

"Abort.  Abort."  The one word Kadin had not expected to hear in the humidity of Morocco’s moonless night came over his ear piece.

"Hold that order," he barked in a whisper.  "Why?" he demanded of his second in command, Neil Kennedy, otherwise known as Spazz and a fricken whiz with computers and all things electronic.

"She’s screaming your name, Trigger.  They have to know we’re here."

If Kadin hadn’t been belly down on the ground, commando crawling toward their target, his legs would have given out on him.

"My name?"

"Yes.  The first time, I thought she was just screaming something like your first name, but she just shouted, ‘Kadin Marks, don’t you leave me behind.’  She doesn’t sound good, boss, but we can’t risk going in if they’re expecting us."

"They’re not."


"She’s remembering the past, not begging us to rescue her in the present."  Rachel Gannon had no reason to believe that Kadin would there for her these days.

He’d given up on being her hero a long time ago.


"Belay the order to abort.  The mission is still on," Kadin said through the communication ear buds.

His five man team affirmed they’d heard the order and Kadin began moving forward again.  The urge to hurry burned inside him, but he couldn’t risk this mission going FUBAR.

Not when it was Rachel’s life on the line.

He'd let her down enough already for any one lifetime.  Kadin had walked away when they were old enough to be considered adults, but had still been kids really.  At least she had.  By the time he was twenty, he'd earned his nickname Trigger as a trained and highly effective MARSOC assassin.

A sniper with more kills than he ever wanted her to know about, he'd walked away so the violence of his life didn't touch hers.  But she'd taken her own path into service of their country and lost more than anyone should have to while doing it.

Her only sister had committed suicide while Rachel was undercover for the DEA.  The ten years since their last meeting wouldn't have changed Rachel enough for that not to have had a devastating effect on her.

There was no surprise in the fact she had taken the dangerous assignment in Egypt following up on the intel
his team and another Goddard Project agent had garnered in Zimbabwe six months before.

The only shock was that Rachel still cried Kadin's name when she was in need.  She had to have learned he was no knight in shining armor ten years ago, and still she called for him.

This time he would not let her down.