Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday - The Rancher's Rules


by Lucy Monroe (c) 2006
1st book in Sunshine Springs duo
Harlequin Promotional Presents
December 11, 2007
ISBN 0-373-82057-7


The feel of Grant’s lips against hers was so overpowering, Zoe almost forgot to respond. Her body knew what it wanted however and she found herself arched against him, kissing him back for all she was worth. Her hands dug into the flannel covering his chest and she tried to eat his lips. He groaned and dragged her onto his lap, deepening the kiss.

At the first touch of his tongue, Zoe lost whatever sense of reality she had left. Her mouth opened and she invited him in with little flicks of her tongue against his. His mouth was hot, his taste utterly masculine. How had she gone so long forgetting how this felt?

Grant’s body shuddered under her and Zoe felt more than just his hard thighs against her backside. A responding wetness warmed her inner thighs as she clamped them tightly together in an effort to assuage the ache in her most feminine place. She squirmed against him, exultant when he bucked under her.

She licked the salt and butter from the popcorn off of his lips, tunneling her fingers into his hair, awed by the feel of its silkiness against her skin. His hands were locked on her hips and she desperately wanted to feel them move. Then they did. Right up her body to breasts that longed for his touch.

He brushed her already erect nipples as they strained against her top. She wanted more. She wanted to rip off every layer of cloth between her burning skin and his hands and she wanted those talented lips that were wreaking havoc with her mouth to do the same to the needy little buds jutting against his palms.

She rocked harder against him and he groaned deep in his throat. He bucked upward, pressing his hardened penis against the juncture of her thighs and she almost came apart.

It was too much.

It was too wonderful.

It was over.
Grant had torn his mouth from hers and yanked his hands away from her breasts. She kept her eyes shut and waited for him to resume the kiss, to go on to something better.
Seconds moved in slow succession.

She opened her eyes and could have screamed at the look of horror on Grant’s face. He stood abruptly and she fell on the floor, landing hard on her bottom.

So much for their first kiss in four years.

He moved to stand near the recliner.

Zoe climbed up off the floor. "Ouch." She rubbed her backside. "What was that for?"

Grant ran his fingers through his hair. "Sorry. I…"
She waited, but Grant never finished his sentence. He just stared at her, like she had grown a couple of antlers…or worse. Her body ached from wanting, not to mention her unceremonious trip to the floor. Grant’s dismayed features were not helping.

"Stop looking like that. It was just a kiss."

"Just a kiss? Zoe, you’re my best friend. A man does not kiss his best friend."

This was getting out of hand. "Grant, I don’t know if you have noticed or not, but your best friend happens to be female. There is no cardinal rule against kissing me."

"I have a rule against it."

Had he written that rule before or after their hot and heavy session in his barn when she was nineteen? She felt her face crease in a frown. "Well, you broke it."

"I know." He looked so genuinely dismayed that she fought with dual desires.

One to comfort and the other to smack him.

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