Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Pregnancy of Passion

Pregnancy of Passion 
by Lucy Monroe
December 2006 North America
US ISBN 0-373-12590-9

“Lucy Monroe is a master at depicting strong passion between her two main characters, and again in Pregnancy of Passion she has delivered a powerful punch. Be prepared for sorrow and pain but also a passion not to be denied.”
—Marilyn Shoemaker, Contemporary Romance Writers Reviews

It was a year since their tempestuous affair had ended. So why was he back? Elisa trusted Salvatore di Vitale about as far as she could throw him. And, as the Sicilian security expert was over six feet of pure muscle, that wasn’t very far.  Salvatore told Elisa he had come to protect her, and that much was true.  But if their close proximity led to passion he wouldn't exactly be complaining. And if passion should lead to pregnancy…so much the better! Because then Elisa would have to marry him – which was Salvatore’s plan all along…

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