Saturday, October 12, 2013

Reader Created - Top 10 Reasons for Reading Romance

Lucy Monroe Reader’s Top 10 Reasons for Reading Romance
(Thank you to all the readers who contributed – Here’s YOUR list)

1.    There is comfort in knowing that no matter what happens in the story, the hero and heroine will have a              happy ending filled with love

2.    There is nothing like the heartfelt feeling you get, when two people manage to find their perfect match

3.    Makes me feel good/gives me hope in this world.

4.    I love romance novels for the escape it gives me to fairy tales and castles as well as to millionaire and              billionaire lifestyles!

5.    The spicy bits! (Enough said....)

6.    The female character can be dowdy, plain, simple and overweight and she will still find the man who is            perfect for her.

7.    You get to look at the super sexy book covers!

8.    Romance novels are perfect for the beach!

9.    Romance novels are a great way to stay wake all night (because you just can't put the book down)!

10. A good romance novel beats cleaning the house every time!

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dstoutholcomb said...

my mom always read harlequins--I read them because they were there...

helped instill my love of reading