Thursday, September 05, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

by Lucy Monroe
Berkley Sensation - April 2006
ISBN 0-4252-0922-9

An Excerpt from Chapter 1

Irisa faced Lucas across the small library.  The fog-dampened night could not intrude on the warm coziness of the room.

Lucas’s mouth curved in a loving smile.  "You came."

She nodded, her throat too clogged with emotion to speak.

He extended his hand. "Come here, my love."

She moved forward as if in a daze, drawn by the warmth in her lover’s eyes as much as the implied command in his stance.  She wanted him.


And he wanted her.

As soon as she was close enough to touch, he reached out and pulled her to him.  The feel of his warm skin on her bare arms sent shivers down her spine.  He did not stop pulling her until her body was an inch from his own.

She knew he would kiss her now.  Finally.  She had waited so long, but instinctively knew the wait would be worth it.  Lucas’s mouth settled on hers, his lips warm and vibrant against her own.  She shuddered and he pulled his mouth a breath from hers.

"Are you all right, my love?"

"Yes.  Please.  Kiss me again."

He did so with alacrity while one arm moved around her waist.  His other hand settled on her shoulder, his fingers sliding under the fabric of her gown.  She blushed at the intimate touch, but did not pull away.  He groaned low in his throat and tugged the tiny cap sleeves of her gown down until the swell of her breasts were exposed.  Then he…  Then he… click to keep reading. 

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penney said...

This sounds so good I can't wait to read it! Love the cover too.