Monday, May 20, 2013

Scorsolini Baby Scandal - Excerpt

Royal Babies Harlequin Special eBook mini-series
Harlequin Presents - June 2013
© By Lucy Monroe
ISBN-13: 978-1459252141

Out June 1st as an eBook - Preorder here

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Kiki had to admit that seeing the cathedral with a private tour guide and two of her friends was a lot nicer than being part of a big group, but she still couldn't believe she'd let the gorgeous Sicilian pick her up in the piazza.  Even if her friends were coming along.

The daughter of a Spanish billionaire and former super model, she'd been raised to be about ten times more cautious than the average person.

Only there was something really special about Mich.  Her mom always said Kiki would know when she met that guy – the one she could not resist.  She'd dated, a lot more than her dad would have liked and less than her mom encouraged.

But Mich?  He was Kiki catnip.  He got to her with a smile in ways other men hadn't managed to after months of going out.

Okay, he was gorgeous.  Like over the top, alpha of the pack impressive.  She didn't think he wore a power tie to impress, but because that's who Mich was.  He couldn't be more a few years older than her, but she got the feeling he was already one of the "important players" as her dad called them.

Mich had presence in spades.  Even in her heels, he was a good three inches taller than her and his body was to die for and his business suit couldn't disguise a to die for body.  He had these aristocratic looks that went with the arrogance she'd come to realize pretty quickly was innate too.  And she had a near irresistible urge to reach up and muss his perfectly styled black hair.

It was his eyes that really got her though.  Espresso brown, they glowed with appreciation for her and a humor he invited her to share.

After the cathedral, they spent an hour at a trattoria, talking about everything and nothing at all while Joni and Davin played tourists with their cameras nearby.  Palermo was a beautiful city with bits of history and art everywhere.

And rather than wallowing in it, Kiki was lost in another kind of attraction all together.  She felt like she'd known Mich forever.


Mary Preston said...

Put a baby on the cover & I'm lost!! Beautiful.

lorimeehan said...

Sounds great. I can't wait to read this book. I love your books v