Friday, March 08, 2013

RFC 2013 - Sponsoring Authors

Alexis Morgan Website
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They are cursed by the gods, and war is their salvation. Love is their deliverance.

For centuries, five legendary warriors have braved their battles shoulder to shoulder. But now, they must divide and conquer as lone champions against evil.

Duncan, a scholar at heart, is drawn to an isolated abbey rumored to hold the answers to countering the terror unleashed by Duke Keirthan. Inside the cloistered walls lies the hidden collection of forbidden lore on dark magic. But the real key to the salvation Duncan seeks—both for the people of Agathia and his soul--is the abbess herself, Lady Lavinia.  Hunted by the duke who seeks to harvest her powers, Lavinia knows Duncan wants to help her. But can she trust the tortured warrior with her secrets?

In the end, it is only by joining forces that they can save not only those they are sworn to protect, but each other.

Alexis Morgan will be giving away an autographed copy of My Lady Mage.

Serena Zane Website
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A combustible combination, Rusty couldn’t seem to convince the feisty brunette that his friends weren’t involved. And if she didn’t stop giving him those heated looks when she thought he wasn’t looking he was going to show her just how hot Cajun spice could be…

Serna Zane will be donating a signed copy of Dark Diamonds. 

Allie K. Adams Website
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When a NASSD double agent steals the technology for a deadly virus, counter-terrorist agent Dan Weber is more than ready to take on the complex and potentially deadly mission to hunt down the technology he once protected with his life, even if it means babysitting a gorgeous, yet reckless tomboy agent.

Rookie JT Turner is hungry to prove her worth in a profession dominated by men.  Even though she can hold her own against a dozen trained agents, she's been labeled a screw up after too many mishaps.  JT would do anything to redeem herself, even accept a shady mission to track down a phantom disc NASSD denies ever existed.

Undermanned and unarmed, can they unravel a madman's plot and remove the threat before it is unleashed?  In a race against time, the line between desire and destiny will blur, and their true desires will finally be met.

Allie K. Adams will be giving away her NASSD series - second book featured above. 


Mary Preston said...

Fabulous thank you!!

Z said...

I get fitted for my knee brace Monday to make walking and Zomba easier on the body.