Friday, February 22, 2013

RFC 2013 - Sponsoring Authors

If you've been following the challenge since the beginning, congratulations, you've reached the half way point!  I hope you are sticking to your plan and reaching your goals.  Here are a few more authors that want to encourage you on your journey.  Thank you Jami Davenport, Savanna Fox ________

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Tyler Harris is going down.  

With two championships in as many years, superstar Tyler Harris is the best quarterback in the league. Gorgeous and rich, he’s at the top of his game. But everyone’s looking to take him down. There’s a building media frenzy around an unfortunate accident, and the only safe place seems a rundown mansion deep in the San Juans and owned by his late great uncle. There, Tyler gets sacked by the sassy redhead next door. It’s more alive than he’s felt in years.

Lavender Mead has a good reason to dislike jocks, namely an absentee father who deserted the family to coach college football. Maybe that explains her penchant for bad boys who play ball for a living and break hearts for a hobby. Her new neighbor seems just the type. Yet, something is different about Tyler, and sometimes love requires a Hail Mary. You draw back your arm, pray…and give it all up to fate. And sometimes you win your ring.

Jami Davenport will be giving away a copy of Forward Passes. 

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Don't you wish your book club read sexy books?

When Georgia Malone's book club makes their first erotic selection, The Sexual Education of Lady Emma Whitehead, the marketing executive is surprised to find herself identifying with the main character. Like Emma, Georgia is a widow who has never truly experienced the joys of sex.

When she meets the spokesman for her newest campaign, Georgia's long-buried libido is awakened. Hockey star Woody Hanrahan is supremely masculine, with rough edges and cocky charm—exactly the sort of man she usually avoids. But while her mind says stay away, Georgia's body tells her to give in.

As the book club explores the tantalizing extremes of fiction, Georgia experiences first hand, and for the first time, the real pleasures of the flesh, and fulfills the desires that—chapter by chapter—are getting delightfully dirty. Woody is hers to command in a hundred deliciously wicked ways, but when it comes to writing her own happy ending, this dirty girl doesn't just need his body—she wants his heart.

This is the first book in a series, and the first book written by Savanna Fox, the new pen name for the award-winning author Susan Lyons/Susan Fox.

Savanna Fox will be giving away a copy of The Dirty Girls Book Club. 

I also have a $25.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble that was donated as  prize. 


ptclayton said...

wow you are already 1/2 way thru that is great and thank you for interviewing an author i have yet to read that is wonderful

Jami Davenport said...

Lucy, Thanks once again for including me. I'm trying hard to keep with my plan and get these pounds off.

Jane said...

I love sports romances.

Susan Lyons/Fox said...

Lucy, thanks for allowing me to participate. Best of luck to everyone who's working on fitness this month. I've done my morning stretches, am now heading out for my afternoon walk, and vow to do my evening exercises as well!

mary jean hedrick said...

love those jocks!!!
can't wait to read them

Christy said...

Two fabulous reads, thank you for showing me new work and new authors! Thanks for the chances to win great prizes :)

Mary Preston said...

More books to catch my attention!!

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Married to a high school football coach and have worked in a university athletic department... I'm really looking forward to reading 'Forward Passes" and I'm also a fan of hockey!! Thanks for intro to more books & authors!

Z said...

Not sure why I keep putting on the weight, other that I had surgery,7 weeks ago. I did get a Yoga for weight loss DVD and I'm going to try it.
Great job for those on track.