Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday's Morning Cuppa and Daily News

A cup for me, a cup for you...always nicer with a friend.  Let's
drink together and see what's on the agenda today.

Guest Bloggers
(please remember that all times are Pacific Daylight Time)
Heidi Rice 8:00 am
Debra Parmley 10:00 am
Nicola Marsh 12:00 pm
Donna Alward 2:00 pm
Tory Richards 4:00 pm

Hospitality Suite 6:00 pm
Featuring recent releases from Linda McMaken, Cindy NordRobin Covington,
Erin Nicholas and Monica Burns.

Wednesday Night Activity - Game Night
We have three opportunities to participate with authors for fun, games and prizes.
 Don't miss out on the fun!
Here are the links (Specific details will be on the 5:59 blog post.)
Hot Guy Scavenger Hunt!
Romance Around the World Travel Trivia
Twenty Questions

Cover Model Contest
Don't forget to vote for your favorite cover model on my Facebook Fan page or on the Cover Model Contest board on Pinterest.

Door Prize
Yes...My Master (print) by Justus Roux

Daily Prizes
(Prizes will be awarded throughout the day to registered participants - Each prize listed below is a separate gift, which means there will be as many winners for today as prizes listed.)

Holiday Affair (ebook) by Annie Seaton
Taming the Outback (print) by Ann Harrison
Dark Days of Promise (ebook) by Shaunna Gonzales
Love Rehab (winner choice of print or ebook) by Theresa Scott
Winner choice of Fight or Flight, Behind the Scenes or Acceptable Risks 
(ebook) by Natalie Damschroder
Worth the Risk (ebook) by Robin Bielman
Giving It up (ebook) by Amber Lin
Just a Kiss (ebook available on release day 10/30) by Erin Nicholas
The Murder King's Woman (ebook) by Jamie Leigh Hansen
A Clockwork Fairytale (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor
How to Vex a Viscount (ebook) by Mia Marlowe
Deception (print) by Kris Kennedy
Inside Heat (ebook) by Roz Lee
$5 Changeling Press gift certificate by Margaret Riley
Kismet (print) by Monica Burns 
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe 

*All prize winners will be announced in a single post on Sunday!*
No attendee shall be awarded more than 1 Blog Post Prize

And in other news....
I hope you are all having as much fun as I am at this year Online Reader Retreat!  I'm having a blast connecting with readers and other authors talking about our books.  I wanted to invite you to sign up for my monthly enewsletter.  Each month I share a little about my life, husband, kids and grandkids, as well as, inside information on my book and upcoming releases.  I'd love for you to be a part of that!

Sign up here. 


brandi said...

Lucy, I am loving this ORR!!! Now thinking should have taken the week off of work. :) I am hoping that the authors today are a lively bunch. yesterday was kind of a downer with a few that seemed like they forgot about us.

Carol L. said...

So far I'm only able to join in the early part of the day. But, I still love it. Bummer I can't vote for Jimmy Thomas :) No FB or Pinterest. But from the way it looks, my 1 voe won't matter. lol Love him
Carol L

Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said...

Good morning world. Time to start thinking about pushing myself out of bed. The garbage guys are waking the neighborhood up...but we are so glad they come to take away our unwanted and smelly stuff. I am looking forward to more book recommendations. Waves to Lucy with two hands.

Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said...

Heidi's website isn't linking fully...missing part of the website address in the html

Tammie - Night Owl Reviews said...

Oh gosh / Heidi Rice has me laughing at her website intro paragraph. What a hoot

Robin Bielman said...

Good morning! It looks like another fabulous day. I just wanted to chime in and say I had a really great time last night in the Hospitality Suite! *waves* to Brandi and Tammie. Thanks again Lucy and Carolyn! Thanks to all the authors participating in the ORR! And huge thanks to all the readers for taking the time to be here. It really was a thrill for me being "live" last night. :)

Dannyfiredragon said...

Good morning Lucy and everyone else! ORR is so much fun and so far I discovered several new books and authors.

Sia said...

Thank you Lucy for this ORR! I missed Monday & Tuesday vacationing it away on a wonderful island with awfully bad internet connection.

Due to time differences I can only join in in the early part as well (it's actually evening here in Europe!) I really appreciate that you have this online for us readers all over the world :)

joder said...

Great list of books and authors for today! Looking forward to the party today.

gogi1_2 AT yahoo DOT com

Linda Henderson said...

Boy, I'm running behind today. Been watching my grandson so now I get to play catch up.

flchen1 said...

What a busy hump day!