Saturday, October 13, 2012

Online Reader Retreat Prize Winners!

First, let me thank EVERYONE for their participation in the this years Online Reader Retreat! You all made the event special and wonderful and everything in between! I really do love connecting with my readers, it is just hard to attend conferences, write and still be a good wife, mother and grandmother.  Thank you for making this week a success for all.  I look forward to our retreat again next year.

As promised, here is a list of prize winners for the week (in all, more than 80!!! prizes have been awarded). You don't need to do anything, I've contacted the author who donated the prize and they will be getting your prize in the mail shortly or contacting you to deliver your ebook.  Let's give a rousing round of applause and heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors and special guests at this unique and fantabulous retreat!!! 

Door Prizes
Hot Ride (ebook) by Kelly Jamieson won by Danny Bruggemann
Lucky Break (ebook) by Kelley Vitollo won by Beth Reimer
Yes...My Master (print) by Justus Roux won by Carol Luciano
No Greater Glory (ARC ebook) by Cindy Nord won by Donna Antonio
The Fangover (ARC ebook) by Erin McCarthy (cowritten by Kathy Love) won by Amelia Durbin

Monday Giveaways
Fourth and Goal (print) by Jami Davenport won by Shelly Estes
Holiday Affair (ebook) by Annie Seaton won by Brandi Howell
A Night of Southern Comfort (ebook) by Robin Covington won by Valerie Cozart
Baer Truth (ebook) by Linda McMaken won by Stephanie Gibson
Under the Moon (print) by Natalie Damschroder won by Shell Bryce
Worth the Risk (ebook) by Robin Bielman won by Joanne Balinski
Just a Kiss (ebook available on release day 10/30) by Erin Nicholas won by Joan Varner
Yes...My Master (print) by Justus Roux  won by Christine Mead
The Sparrow and The Hawk (print) by Meg Lacey won by Neomie Lemke
The Murder King's Woman (ebook) by Jamie Leigh Hansen won by Alyn Yang
Oceans Between Us (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by Tammie King
Ruby Red (ebook) by Serena Zane won by Linda Henderson
All the Right Moves (print) by Tory Richards won by Debra Guyette
Pleasure Me (print) by Monica Burns won by June Manning
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe won by Fedora Chen

Tuesday Giveaways
Impact - Buckin Bull series (ebook) by Cassandra Carr won by Ginger Roberston
Not the Marrying Kind (ebook) by Nicola Marsh won by Sherri Wright
Holiday Affair (ebook) by Annie Seaton won by Carin Walker
Blood of the Demon (print) by Rosalie Lario won by Patricia Solla
A Desperate Journey (print) by Debra Parmley won by Lettetia Elsasser
Careless Love (ebook) by Theresa Scott won by Jan Douglas
Joy Restored (ebook) by Jude Urbanski won by Lorna Peters-Lindsay
Winner choice of backlist by Erin Nicholas won by Jody Faltys
Unbreak by Heart (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by Lexi Hansen
A Clockwork Fairytale (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by E Felder
Touch of a Scoundrel (print) by Mia Marlowe won by Janet Lombardi
The Senator's Daughter (print) by Tory Richards won by Janie McGaugh
Star Prince (ebook) by Ashlynn Monroe won by Desere Steenberg
Kismet (print) by Monica Burns won by Rachel Flesher
One Night So Pregnant (print) by Heidi Rice won by Elizabeth Ivanovich
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe won by Anna Cade

Wednesday Giveaways
Holiday Affair (ebook) by Annie Seaton won by Moran Videletz
Taming the Outback (print) by Ann Harrison won by Fiona Marsden
Dark Days of Promise (ebook) by Shaunna Gonzales won by Sihan Wang
Love Rehab (winner choice of print or ebook) by Theresa Scott won by Laurie Gommermann
Winner choice of Fight or Flight, Behind the Scenes or Acceptable Risks (ebook) by Natalie 
     Damschroder won by Shadow Kohler
Worth the Risk (ebook) by Robin Bielman won by Aimee Fleshman
Giving It up (ebook) by Amber Lin won by Jane Cheung
Just a Kiss (ebook available on release day 10/30) by Erin Nicholas won by Beverly Gordon
The Murder King's Woman (ebook) by Jamie Leigh Hansen won by Susan Romito
A Clockwork Fairytale (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by Hollie Rieth
How to Vex a Viscount (ebook) by Mia Marlowe won by Vicki Hancock
Deception (print) by Kris Kennedy won by Sheree Tieh
Inside Heat (ebook) by Roz Lee won by Lindsey Ekland
$5 Changeling Press gift certificate by Margaret Riley won by April Massey
Kismet (print) by Monica Burns  won by Robin Smith
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe Barrie MacLauchlin

Thursday Giveaways
Holiday Affair (ebook) by Annie Seaton  won by Elizabeth Hicks
A Night of Southern Comfort (ebook) by Robin Covington won by Kathy Tharle
Winner choice of Fight or Flight, Behind the Scenes or Acceptable Risks
           (ebook) by Natalie Damschroder won by Irene Soutar
Signed copy of Sleigh Ride with the Rancher (winner choice print/ebook)
            by Donna Alward won by Cathy R.
Million Dollar Mistake (ebook) by Meg Lacey won by Tina Brunelle
The Murder King's Summons (ebook) by Jamie Leigh Hansen won by Karen Coats
Finally Home (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by Judy Flohr
Tagged (ebook) by Gin Price won by Catherine Bent
His Mistletoe Bride (print) by Vanessa Kelly won by Ebony Morton
Touch of Scoundrel (ebook) by Mia Marlowe won by Sherri Goodner
Deception (print) by Kris Kennedy won by Zina Lynch
The Promise (ebook) by Tory Richards won by Ina-Ruth Thies
$5 Changeling Press gift certificate by Margaret Riley won by Stacey Krug
Obsession (winner choice print/ebook) by Monica Burns won by JaneMary Vongdara
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe  won by Cynthia St. Germain

Friday Giveaways
Subscription and an AdC cup by Loise Snead won by Sheryl Nyary
25% off certificate from "For Every Home" by Meg Lacey won by Kelly Garza
Signed copy of The Cruelest Cut (print) by Rick Reed won by Gladys Wilson
Nurtured in Purple (ebook) by Jude Urbanski won by Kelley Granzow
Worth the Risk (ebook) by Robin Bielman won by Erin Towne
Winner choice of backlist (ebook) by Avril Ashton won by Sherrill Hutchinson
Oceans Between Us (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by Lynda Harlan
Unbreak by Heart (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor won by Melody Prater
Hot Number (ebook) by VK Sykes won by Danny Bruggemann
Deception (print) by Kris Kennedy won by Janet Kay Gallagher
Signed copy of In the Dark (print) by PG Forte won by Crystal Broyles
Talk Dirty to Me (ebook) by Tory Richards won by Tammy Sommervold
PS I'm Pregnant (print) by Heidi Rice won by Charlene Beverly
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe won by Carrie Divine

Prizes cannot be substituted or exchanged. If the prize is lost in the mail or customs, the giver cannot be held responsible and will not be shipping out replacement prizes.

Please do not contact me or the giver about not receiving the prize until a full thirty days have passed from today.  I can't tell you the number of people who have contacted me over the years about a "lost" prize only to have it arrive the day after I asked my PA to take some of her very limited time in my office (I'm not Nora Roberts - my staff is small and all work very part-time) to look into it. Which is why I've had to follow in many other author's footsteps and institute the 30 day rule.