Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Humpday Hottie

Thought it would be fun to visit some reviews.  In honor of Silver Bella coming out in December, I'll start with a review from the original release.

Ah, romance as only Lucy Monroe does it!  Experience the joy, passion and heartfelt emotions when two people meet and change their lives forever. Christmas is a time of family, bonds and new beginnings. All of this is depicted beautifully in Silver Bella. Bella and Jake are great characters and I’d love to see more of them someday!  - The Road To Romance


Mary Preston said...

A wonderful review - well done.

You chose a favorite hottie of mine thank you.

robertsonreads said...

Hi Lucy.
I look forward to reading "Silver Bella". I plan to purchase and read prior to Christmas, for a wonderful holiday read. Put Christmas music on in the background....just a few weeks ago I unpacked my stereo system where it had been in storage for 4 years.