Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Morning Cuppa and Daily News!

Oh, so sad, this is our last morning cup of coffee (tea or hot cocoa) together this retreat.
It has been  fantastic waking up with you each morning.  Be sure to tell me your
favorite thing this retreat while we scroll through the agenda for the day. 
Guest Bloggers
(please remember that all times are Pacific Daylight Time)
Natalie Damschroder 8:00 am
Serena Zane 10:00 am
Meg Lacey 12:00 pm
Monica Burns 2:00 pm
Margaret Riley 4:00 pm

Hospitality Suite
There is no Hospitality Suite tonight, but pop on over to writer's space where
several authors from this week will be chatting live with readers.

Friday Night Activity at 6:00 pm
It has been a fantastic week!  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and were able to connect with several of your favorite authors.  We wanted to end our week with an opportunity to chat with you personally. Writerspace agreed to be our host this evening in a live author chat - several authors from this week will be chatting live.  

Cover Model Contest
Hurry time is almost out.  Don't forget to vote for your favorite cover model on my Facebook Fan page or on the Cover Model Contest board on Pinterest.  Voting will close today at midnight.  I will be tally votes and announcing the winner on Sunday with all the other prizes. 

Door Prize
The Fangover (ARC copy) by Erin McCarthy and cowritten by Kathy Love

Daily Prizes
(Prizes will be awarded throughout the day to registered participants - Each prize listed below is a separate gift, which means there will be as many winners for today as prizes listed.)

Subscription and an AdC cup by Loise Snead
25% off certificate from "For Every Home" by Meg Lacey
Signed copy of The Cruelest Cut (print) by Rick Reed
Nurtured in Purple (ebook) by Jude Urbanski
Worth the Risk (ebook) by Robin Bielman
Winner choice of backlist (ebook) by Avril Ashton
Oceans Between Us (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor
Unbreak by Heart (ebook) by Helen Scott Taylor
Hot Number (ebook) by VK Sykes
Deception (print) by Kris Kennedy
Signed copy of In the Dark (print) by PG Forte
Talk Dirty to Me (ebook) by Tory Richards
PS I'm Pregnant (print) by Heidi Rice
Bodygurads in Bed (print) by Lucy Monroe

*All prize winners will be announced in a single post on Sunday!*
No attendee shall be awarded more than 1 Blog Post Prize

And in other news....

What an amazing week!  I wanted to end our time together with a HUGE "Thank You!" to all my readers and welcome new readers.  It is because of you that I get to do what I love best.

Please watch my blog, website, facebook and twitter pages for upcoming releases and events.  My next reader event will be my annual Reader Fitness Challenge in February and my next release is Silver Bella in December.


Jan Douglas said...

Good Morning! I have dropped in when I could and read the blogs when I had time. You have made this week a little bit better. Thank you.

brandi said...

Thank you for hosting this event!!!! I might actually do half days next year as I am about 3 hours behind you in time zones. Then I might actually get some work done and not feel guilty for checking out the blogs.

Linda Henderson said...

I've really enjoyed this week. I've got to meet a lot of new to me authors and have a much bigger wish list of books now. Now if I'd just win the lottery I could buy them all. It's stormy here today so hopefully my spastic wireless won't get any worse than it's been already this week.

Serena Zane said...

Thanks you so much for having us. This has been a fun and exciting event. I my favorite part was the twitter PJ Party. - Have you gotten your pillow back yet? - I had a great time, and look forward to blogging with your readers today at 10am.

Lorna said...

Thanks for hosting such a fun week! I had a great time and loved getting to know some new authors (well, new to me!).

Donna said...

Had fun when I could drop by. Met some new (to me) authors. I think my wish list has gotten much longer.

Alyn said...

Hello everyone! I'll be heading out of town today so no more hanging out with you guys. I had fun the past few days though. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun event!

Sia said...

Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for this wonderful week! It's been fun to visit your blog and meet the authors even though I live across the Atlantic :)

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Thanks for hosting such a great event, Lucy!

joder said...

Thanks Lucy, for all the hard work you put in on this party every year! Thanks too all the authors who visit and provide prizes!

gogi1_2 AT yahoo DOT com

Annie Seaton said...

A fantastic week. Thanks so much, Lucy!