Monday, September 17, 2012

Simply stated...Trees

I have a deciduous tree outside my office window. It's some kind of Maple, but don't ask me which one. That's Hubcap's department and he's not here to reference. :) Right now, the leaves and little reddish-pink flowers block my view of anything but the sky and the tree itself.

While I may not be a dab hand at identifying the subspecies (is that even the right word?) of a tree, I love them. Always have. Our last house backed up to a greenbelt (area that could not be developed) filled with towering Douglas Firs that danced in the wind like tall-skinny hula masters. I loved that view and will never forget the morning mists that made the small forest magical. I still miss it. Sigh...

So, if you think I'm saddened all I can see is a tree out my window, you'd be wrong. Its gorgeous and inspiring and does a lovely job of blocking off the rest of the world. Which sometimes I need. Want. Enjoy. Not absolutely sure which is the exact feeling, but think need may be the closest. :)

When I was a little girl (maybe 8), I used to sit under the big willow tree in our front yard and draw. I loved that tree and when it had to be cut down because the roots were growing into the plumbing and basement foundation, I cried. I still love willow trees more than any others, though when we went to Hawaii this past spring, I fell deeply in love with the Banyon trees. They're so old and majestic and intricate - just like a great book!
I loved trees so much, I counted the number in our yard back then and proudly proclaimed it to all who would listen. (There were 13.) We have trees now, but they're young...the house isn't old and it was built on a cleared lot. One of the trees in our back yard died this year. We don't know why, but we're looking at it as an opportunity to plant a fruit tree. Both Hubcap and I like them. :)

We had a play area between two trees that I spent a lot of time playing make believe in too, when I was young. Before my parents divorce, before we moved to a mobile home park space with no trees. The play "house" was between two huge Evergreens. One of them had something like a cave on the opposite side to where the branches had been trimmed to make the "house". It was another spot where the lower branches did not all grow together, but the ones above draped down, protecting it from sight. I hid there once in a while, from the world.

Sometimes books are my trees...when I'm so stressed by deadlines, I *can't* think of my own stories, I hide in someone else's. It works. For me. Reading is a place to go when where I am is tough, or scary, or simply boring. :)

Sometimes the hot-tub is my tree. With all the bubbles going, I can't hear anything else and I can just float and think about stuff that isn't going to make my heart bleed. It's okay, we've all got stuff like that in our lives and sometimes its more prevalent than others, but joy is so much sweeter because it rarely comes without cost.

Maybe that's why I write romance, I want to be a beautiful, blocking tree for someone else - I want to give books that will make hearts glad and remind us that no matter how harsh the pain, there is the hope of redemption. Does that sound too grandiose?

I'm not sure, but one thing I do know...I love trees.

What do you turn to to soften the rough edges of the world, or simply block it out entirely?


marybelle said...

Not counting reading, walking is the best way for me shut out the world & find peace.

I live near a creek lined with willows. They have got all their new Spring foliage on & look wonderful.

Judy said...

Reading and writing are my first choice, followed closely by music. I also find walking helps. Every Thursday, I take myself to a little bakery. They specialize in croissants. After a week of intense editing, I took myself to PCroissant and enjoyed a raspberry white chocolate croissant. I go every week so they recognize me. I read or write or meet friends. Last week, I simply sat and stared out the window. It was lovely. I always leave feeling like I've centered myself.

Lory Lee said...

Think of positive things. I'm proud to say that I can do it. I also read, draw, do some handcrafts, do some sewing and even cook! I also love trees Lucy. Before we transferred to our new home, we have about more or less 10 trees (the most special was the Guava Tree cause it bears the sweetest guava ever) vegetables, flowers (Sunflowers)

SusanR said...

Reading does it for me. But he beach - the water, sounds of the waves, smell of suntan lotion. *sigh* It always relaxes me. Sometimes I just like to drive down to the dock and sit and stare.

Anne said...

I read, especially rereading an old favorite. When I'm at work, just getting outside and breathing fresh air and relaxing for 10-15 minutes.

penney said...

I love trees as well and if I'm stress I will lay down under a tree and just relax and watch the leaves blow! Plus reading helps me too.