Monday, August 20, 2012

What makes a family?

One of my favorite themes in romance is the concept of family and what that word really means to us. I ascribe to the idea that family is both born and made. You see that theme in romance quite a bit, especially in the gay subgenre. I am lucky to have some wonderful siblings and a terrific mom, but my dad was a drug addict who died young. I never really found a replacement, but that doesn't mean I don't get the idea of "making" a family. And I don't mean just popping kids out. :)

We adopted our oldest daughter when she was a teenager, and it was because of her that we brought two Korean exchange students into our home. They lived with us for three years and are both very much our sons, though they have wonderful family back in South Korea. We've had other teens and not-so-teens live with us as part of our family for short and long stretches of time. My sibs and I have adopted other adults into our family as well. My husband and I are considering foster parenting or adopting older children once the final teen finishes college and moves out. Not sure if it'll work with all the grandkids on the way, but my mom always taught us that love given away grows. We agree!

In my book, Moon Craving, the concept of family is an important theme. Just like my own daughters, the heroine Abigail is closer to her sister Emily than anyone else, despite the fact they share no parental genes. She finds a place where she belongs amdist Talorc's clan, when the best she thinks she can hope for is to somehow be reunited with her stepsister.
What are your thoughts: what is your favorite family concept from a book? Is your personal family born, or made, or both?

Hugs and happy reading,
Lucy Monroe

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marybelle said...

I always like the idea of extended families in books - generational too.

I grew up in a large family & then we had families & they had families. We could populate a small nation.

Rebe said...

I like both born and made families, and I really like the idea that "love given away grows."

Lory Lee said...

Ours is a big family, and my younger sister whom I'm 7 years older is my best friend. I'm close with everyone in the family. Born and families are amazing, just have a slight respect on made families since they adopt people whom they don't know and show them love and give them a better future. :D

*yadkny* said...

I love big families regardless of how they're made. I am the second oldest of 8 with my youngest sister being 18 years younger and now that some of us have grown up enough to start having families of our own I am even more excited about the additions and the new energy that fills the house especially around the holidays. My family is all born, but I wouldn't mind adding some made additions:)

I think this is why family concepts incorporated into books always get to me especially when there is a lot of drama or humorous situations... I could relate to any of it.

Sunu said...

Family is made . . .I am not tht close to many of my own cousins but very close to my bro.

And I consider my best friend to be my sis and if possible more than that . . . She is definitely family to me more than my own cousins.

robertsonreads said...

I'm next to the oldest of 7 kids. The youngest is 15 years difference from me. My older brother is a deadbeat, who thinks everybody owes him - he's 54, get for real. Our family has "adopted" others into our family, they come to family get togethers, Thanksgiving, Christmas dinners and birthdays. I care more for these than I do for my oldest brother. I have co workers who are like sisters to me. So family is what you make it. And yes, my brothers & sisters and I have difference of opinions, get aggrevated with each other, but we are still family.