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Close Quarters 
Book 5 in The Goddard Project series
Mass Market Paperback
Kensington Brava - July 2012
ISBN-10: 0758242026
ISBN-13: 978-0758242020

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

Close Quarters is the 5th in the wildly popular Goddard Project series. This series is known for its: action, suspense and steamy romance. The amazing men and women who risk their lives to protect our country and have the extra time to find love, too! Although many characters from prior books are referred to, this book can easily be read by itself.
Lines are blurred as Roman, a member of a special ops team is assigned to plug a leak. By killing the person who is distributing highly sensitive information. But all the evidence seems to point to a relief worker in S. Africa. Someone who Roman knows and is very attracted to. A woman named Tanya. Tanya and Roman met at his sister's wedding. But nothing comes between Roman and his job. He accepts that he may need to `quiet' her. But soon Roman feels that Tanya is not capable of being a spy however, he uses ruthless means to discover the truth. But if Tanya isn't the one leaking important government information, who is?
When Tanya immediately recognizes Roman and feels his cold exterior she is puzzled but wants to pursue the attraction she felt with him in the states. But her friendly overtures are rebuffed. Suddenly Roman changes and their desire spirals out of control but when she finds out he has an ulterior motive what will happen to their budding relationship? Can she trust a man who is so ruthless?
This mystery and passion between the 2 main characters makes for some HOT reading. There is also a member of the Goddard team who wants to protect Tanya and has his own love interest which was very poignant to read. The tension between the characters makes for steamy reading. The only problem I had was that while Roman is doing his job, his single-minded and cold efficiency made it more difficult to warm up to initially. But he does have a huge amount of sex appeal. In contrast, Tanya is like every woman, she was very human and easy to relate to.
The plot was very clever and I enjoyed the discovery of how information was leaked. Can Tanya forgive Roman for his ruthlessness? This was a wonderful story about love and how 2 people fight for what they believe in.
If you are already an avid fan of Lucy Monroe the latest installment in the Goddard series will not disappoint! If you are a new reader her easy to read and fast paced books are the perfect summer read when you want romance that sizzles!

Contest Question:
Please leave your answer in the comment section. Winners will be announced on Saturday. If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me. To celebrate the release of Close Quarters I will be giving away a copy of Deal With This, the second book in The Goddard Project.

Last Friday, Jami Davenport was my guest. She shared about her newest release Public Displays of Eroticism. Each story centers around sex in a public setting. The three authors decided to have that public place be the same location. Where do each of the Public Displays of Eroticism take place?


Debby said...

The all take place in a public park.
debby236 at gmail dot com

2kasmom said...

They all take place in a public park, in fact, the same park.

Sonali said...

the public displays take place in a park..

marybelle said...

In the same park.


lorimeehan said...

They all had a sexual encounter at the same public park.

lorimeehan said...

They all had a sexual encounter at the same public park.

Tawnya Peltonen said...

They all take place in the same public park


Eli Yanti said...

public park :)


*yadkny* said...

Each story takes place in the same public park.


cheralyn said...

The stories take place in the same public park. cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Carol L. said...

They all take place in the same public park. Thanks Lucy for another great opportunity. Congrats on your weight loss. You're half way there and nothing can stop you now.:)Good for you.
Carol L.
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com