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Close Quarters - In stores now!

Out in Stores Now!
Close Quarters
Book 5 in The Goddard Project series
Mass Market Paperback
Kensington Brava - July 2012
ISBN: 0758242026
ISBN: 978/0758242020

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Have you read this book yet?  Here's an exclusive excerpt:

“So, did Ibeamaka leave the compound?”
“Yes. I do not believe he likes the Americans. He thinks he has shown them some sort of petty slight by not offering to stay and take the evening meal with them.”
Tanya laughed. “I’m sure they’ll be horribly disappointed.”
“Without doubt.” Fleur’s voice dripped with a sarcasm that more than matched Tanya’s.
Both women smiled in understanding.
“Disappointment is not the word I would use,” a deep male voice said from the doorway.
Tanya jerked her head around to look. “I didn’t hear you come in.” The wood floor in the medical hut did not make for silent entry into the building.
“I walk quietly.”
“Don’t tell me, you’re not just a soldier, you’re some kind of dark ops trained assassin,” she joked.
For a fraction of a second, a strange expression showed on Roman’s face before his features slipped back into impassivity. “Soldiers are all trained for a certain level of stealth.”
Maybe he’d been offended by her little tease. His words were right, but she felt like something was missing from his explanation. No surprise there, not with Mr. Congenial Communication not.
“Even lab rats?”
“I think it’s obvious I don’t spend all my time in a lab.” He stepped back into the hall. “The tour?”
Arrogant, much?
“Sure.” She turned to Fleur. “I’ll finish this up later.”
“I will have our newest med tech finish them for you, but you’ll have to check them over for accuracy.”
Sympa-Med sent them new interns every six months to be trained before being assigned elsewhere. Fleur wasn't just the compound directro and lead doctor, she ran the training program for workers stationed all over Africa and the Middle East.
“No problem.”
“Don’t look so pleased with yourself. We all know how much you hate paperwork. Maybe Mr. Taylor will turn out to enjoy the chore.”
The trainees never got on first name basis with Fleur. Tanya hadn't either, until a good three months after she'd been assigned permanently to the Zimbabwe team.
"Sounds like a plan." Six months with truncated amounts of paperwork sounded more like Heaven than a plan, but Fleur would understand that without Tanya having to say it.
“Go on, show the soldier around.” Fleur waved her hand in dismissal.
Tanya smirked at Fleur's less than awed description of Roman as she led Roman out of the Medical Hut. “I’m sure you’ve figured it out, but this is the main building in the compound. It houses our exam rooms, the clean room for procedures, Fleur and my office and inventory storage for medical supplies.”
“I did not notice a guard on premise.”
“He must be on his meal break. We do keep a guard on premises at all times, and Mabu sleeps in a room beside the storage area.”
“He does not have anyone cover the guard’s meal breaks?”
“That is sloppy security.”
“We’re safer here than we are on most of our routes.”
“That isn’t saying much.”
She agreed, but it was a condition you either learned to live with, or you gave up and went home. She wasn’t leaving the people who needed her, so that left learning to live with the constant danger from thieves, human traffickers and the violence always on the verge of erupting in some of the places their traveling clinic took them.
“I find it hard to believe you spend any time at all in a lab.” It didn’t make sense for a scientist to be called in on a protection detail. Nor did his attitude about and knowledge of security protocols coincide with a man who worked as a scientist even part-time.
Roman shrugged. “It pleases my family to believe that is where I spend my time.”
So, at least her new sister-in-law hadn’t lied to Tanya. Unfortunately, for their family anyway, Roman was clearly lying to the other Chernichenkos.
“Do any of your siblings know what you really do?”
“He’s the only one?” she asked as they walked by the hut that housed the rest of Mabu’s staff and his office.
“Yes, and I would prefer it stay that way.”
She pointed out the security hut before asking, “Is that why you didn’t tell Elle you were going to be seeing me?”
“What is that building?” he asked, pointing to one of the larger structures in the compound. Once again asking a question rather than answering hers.
That could get really annoying after a while. “Do you always ignore questions you don’t want to answer?”
“That’s rude.”
And clearly he didn’t care.
“All right then. This building was the original clinic. We now use it as sort of a long stay building for people who cannot make it to the hospital in Harrere, but who absolutely require supervised care.”
“Is there anyone in there now?”
“The better question would be if it is ever empty. Most of the beds are full, which is pretty common despite Sympa-Med’s policy on the matter.” Which wasn’t all that tolerant of long-term treatment of the locals. “It’s less crowded than last week when we had a local village chieftain staying with his entourage.”
“He couldn’t go to Harare?”
“More like he refused.”
“What was wrong with him?”
“Migraines. He feared he had a brain tumor, but it turned out he was allergic to expensive French cologne a trader had given as a thank you gift for being allowed to peddle his wares in the village.”
“I bet he doesn’t get that opportunity again.”
“If he shows up in the village again, he’ll be lucky to leave with his life.”
“Harsh justice.” Roman gave her a cynical smile. “The government doesn’t mention that in their tourism brochures.”
“They do their best to keep information about the rampant human trafficking going on in Zimbabwe out of the media as well, but it’s big and growing problem in this part of Africa despite what PR people for tourism want you to believe.”
“I’m surprised you’d be willing to work in such a risky location.”
SympaMed took measures to protect their employees, but it wasn’t something she was supposed to talk about. “Medical workers aren’t as at risk as the tens of thousands of displaced and poverty stricken Zimbabweans.”
“Being less at risk is not the same as not being at risk at all.”
“Some things are worth it.”
“Things like?”
“Helping people who need it.”
“There are plenty of people who need help in the U.S..”
“Yes, there are, but there are also a lot more people trained to do the helping back home.”
“So, you’re here because you think the Zimbabweans need you more than anyone back in the States?”
“There’s that, and then there’s having have half a world between me and my parents.”
It was her turn to shrug. “They’re not bad people, they just define success and happiness really differently than either Beau or I do.”
“I bet they just love your current occupation.”
“Is that sarcasm, Roman?”
“Could be. Is that the mess hall?”
“Yes. Meals are served twice a day, but there is always something in the pot for people who can’t make it to official meal times and who get hungry in between them.” Positions within the compound were highly coveted because living conditions were so much better than most. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to the cook and her helper.”
They spent a short time in the dining hall and introducing Roman to the kitchen staff, who did most of their cooking in an open air lean-to situated behind the one room hut where everyone in the compound took their meals. The rest of the cooking happened in and on the fire pits situated far enough from the buildings to minimize the risk of an errant spark sending the compound up in flames.
"The fence does not look too hard to breach," Roman said as they walked past the staff living quarters and Tanya made no effort to point out where she slept.
No matter how tempting the thought of him joining her there.
"It's meant to discourage small animals and petty thieves. Serious threats wouldn't be deterred by anything less than an electric fence with barbed wire. We can't afford the power to run one, much less get Sympa-Med to fund the cost.
"Where do you and Dr. Andikan sleep?"
"We share that hut with her daughter, Johari."
"She has a daughter?" he asked, sounding both annoyed and suprised.
"There is no record of that."
"You read our personnel records?" Tanya asked, taking her own turn at shocked disclosure.
"Bennet Vincent's safety is in our hands. His job is not popular with the Zimbabwean government, no matter how much lip serviec they give to being glad he is here. Assessing any potential threats in his domicile is standard procedure."
"Oh. Well, Johari isn't Fleur's natural child. She adopted the girl when she was orphaned in the Congolese Wars."
"That is commendable."
"Yes, it is. An Johari is a wonderful child."
"You sound whistful."
"Part of me longs to do the same thing."
"But you haven't."
"I'm on the road a lot more than Fleur. Since my arrival, she's pretty much limited herself to running the stationary clinic."
"I imagine it's a big enough job."
"Yes, and I don't mind taking team lead with the travelling clinic, but being gone for weeks at a time doesn't led itself to good parenting."
"No, it doesn't."
She stopped outside the medical hut as they finished their tour. "You sound like it's something you've thought about too."
"Not being a parent, but relationships require time that constant and prolonged travel does not give."
"Is that why you're single? You travel to much for your job, the one that isn't in a lab?" As the words left her mouth, she felt heat climb her skin, unable to believe she'd asked something so personal from the standoffish man.
"Wow, you actually answered."
He gave her a look that probably should have chastised her, but insteand just made her toes curl.
"You're certainly not single because you're ugly."
"You sound like Myk's new wife."
"She thinks you're hot too?" She couldn't see that going over well with a Chernichenko male.
"No. She doesn' thave any filters between her brain an dher mouth either."
"Oh, I have filters, I just don't choose to exercise them all the time. I don't see a reason to pretend an indifference I'll never be able to sustain for the length of your stay."
"We're only supposed to be here a couple of weeks."
"I was wrong. You'r enot like Lana, you're a lot like your brother Beau. Very forthright."
"Yep." She blew out a noisy breath. "Most of the time, I don't see a reason for being any other way."
"But you do make exceptions."
"Of course. I'm not about to tell Mr. Ibeamak I think he's a slimy toad and that he has more chance with Paris Hilton than he does with Fleur."
"He did seem taken with her."
"Much to her disgust."
"What about you?"
"Me and Ibeamaka?"
"You and anyone."
"There's no one." And hadn't been since before she started working with Sympa-Med.

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Weekly Contest Winners!

Weekly Contest Winners!

52 Weeks of Romance from Lucy  

Congratulations  Patricia,  you will receive a copy of Lucy's Monroe's book Beach Blanket Bad Boys. Please email me with your name and address so I can get your prize in the mail. 

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52 Week's of Romance by Lucy!

Week 30
Beach Blanket Bad Boys
with Seducing Tabby
by Lucy Monroe
Kensington Brava - June 2005
ISBN 0-7582-1094-9

Sun. Sand. Mind-blowing sex. Nothing like a little vacation with the bad boys. Get ready for six sizzling tales of love that will have you asking, “Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?”

Read this great reader review of Lucy's story, Seducing Tabby:

"Hi Lucy, I know you are busy writing, and I am very happy to hear that but I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed Seducing Tabby. After reading it, I think all women will wish they were shy, reserved bookstore owners who were lusted after by sexy English spies! It was a lovely story, and the sexual tension between the two was incredible. How you manage to convey so much emotion and attraction in such a short medium is evidence of your true talent. Thanx for the story, and for all the ones yet to be written. Now I'm off to start "Ready" which I found at B&N." ~ Stacy

Contest Question
(Please leave your answer in the comment section. Winners will be announced on Saturday. If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me.)

Reading on vacation is one of the great benefits of being on vacation! Where is your favorite place to read your summer sizzles? the beach, at home, outside on the patio?

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Heart of Desert Warrior - In Stores Now!

Heart of a Desert Warrior - In bookstores now!
Harlequin Presents #3071 - July 2012
© By Lucy Monroe
ISBN-10: 0373130775
ISBN-13: 978-0373130771
Have you read HODW yet? Purchase Now!

Lucy Monroe pens another sweeping romance in Heart Of A Desert Warrior.

Iris Carpenter threw herself into her work as a geologist after her romance with Asad Hanif ended so abruptly several years ago. When her work brings her to the Middle East and their contact is Sheikh Asad, surely it can't be the same man who broke her heart. Iris is floored by the magnetic man who stands before her and her assistant. This Asad is more dangerous to her heart then the man from six years ago.

Sheikh Asad never forgot the young woman he left behind in the states. He knew he had to fulfill his duties to the people of Bedouin by marrying a neighboring princess. Now he is a widow with a young daughter in his care. Asad never forgot the woman who captivated him and he pulls every string he has to get Iris and her team on the project for his people.

Iris has built some high walls around her heart and is convinced that nothing the Sheikh will do can tear those walls down. But Asad has grown into a man who knows what he wants and he wants Iris in his life and his bed.

Can these two strong willed people be able to bend to find a love that is worth keeping?

Heart Of A Desert Warrior is an absolute gem. The characters will stir deep emotions in your heart and you will find yourself hoping that they find their happy ever after.  Lucy Monroe’s stories are a treat for any romance reader and are first on my list of books I want to read. This book will become one you will want to read over and over.  (Reader Review)

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My characters are part of me!

How real are your characters?

Some kids have imaginary playmates; I created whole imaginary worlds in my head and I'm still doing it. My characters become my friends and you know...I never really let them go. Not when the book is finished, not when it's finally in print...not even when I move onto something new. They're always a part of me. Just like, yes, definitely - I'm a part of them.

I've often been asked whether there is any of me in my characters. The answer is: How can it be otherwise? Amanda's (The Real Deal) initial sensual insecurity was very familiar to me when I first met my husband. Annabelle (Annabelle's Courtship) shares my interest in political issues, not to mention her propensity for getting into trouble because of her havey-cavy plans.

But the parts that are me? They're integral to a bigger whole, to a character that is more than a reflection of his or her creator, but someone who becomes very real to me. On occasions, too real...just ask my kids who no longer make the mistake of asking for anything they really want while I'm writing the black moment. When my characters are in pain or doing stupid things, I feel it. In any other profession, that might make me crazy - but as a writer, I sort of see at as essential to writing stories that are going to connect to my readers' hearts.

If I connect to my characters first, then hopefully, the link is there to be made and my readers will make it and through it, sometimes even a link to me.

I've also been asked if I model my characters after real people. The answer is a complicated one. Just like real life. :) I often recognize things in my characters that remind me of someone I know, but then that's true of living, breathing people too. How many of your friends have personality traits in common? Is it any surprise that my characters share bits of who they are and what they are like with the people that populate *my* world? However, I don't usually see these similarities until the book is in print and I'm reading it again with some distance achieved. I discovered that the lab tech Vannie in Satisfaction Guaranteed has a lot of my mother-in-law's feistiness. Simon (The Real Deal) shares a lot of traits with my husband, but I'll let you speculate which ones they are. ;-) Jillian (The Real Deal & Deal With This) exhibits a dichotomy of character as an actress I first saw in my baby sister.

I guess the reasons my characters are so real to me is that just like the people around me, they are layered and filled with personality quirks just like the rest of us.

Who is your favorite character from a book and if you don't mind saying...how come? Does he or she remind you of anyone you know or have met?


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Weekly Contest Winners!

Weekly Contest Winner!

52 Weeks of Romance from Lucy
Congratulations Amy McKinney you will receive a copy of Lucy's Monroe's book The Sheikh's Bartered Bride. Please email me

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52 Week's of Romance by Lucy!

Week 29
The Sheikh's Bartered Bride
by Lucy Monroe
ISBN-13: 9780373688227
March 2011 (North America)
Buy the book!

After a whirlwind courtship Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar proposes marriage. There are no declarations of love, but shy, innocent Catherine Benning has already fallen head-over-heels in love and she accepts…  After their wedding day – and night, when the sheikh claims his virgin wife – Catherine and Hakim travel to his desert kingdom.  Catherine discovers that this is no love match for Hakim – he’s bought her!

Contest Question
Lucy has published several Harlequin Presents books, leave a comment and to tell Lucy which HP book is your favorite and why.

(Please leave your answer in the comment section.  Winners will be announced on Saturday.  If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me.)

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Humpday Hottie!

A little down time after a long summer day ~ Snuggle up!

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Close Quarters - In Bookstores Now!

In Bookstores Now!
Close Quarters 
Book 5 in The Goddard Project series
Mass Market Paperback
Kensington Brava - July 2012
ISBN-10: 0758242026
ISBN-13: 978-0758242020
Purchase Now

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An Interview with Lucy!

Hey all, this is Promo-gal!  I wanted to welcome the many new readers who have been writing in over the past few months.  I thought it might be fun to post an interview Lucy did with Rachelle Credo in 2007 so our readers can get to know Lucy a little better.  Even if you are a long time Lucy Monroe fan, you may learn a little something new.  

An Interview with Bestselling Author, Lucy Monroe....
Why did you become a writer? Was it a dream of yours since you were younger or did the desire to write happen later in your life?
Writing was a dream I had when I was younger, but it got lost somewhere along the way and I ended up getting my MBA and doing management consulting and women's ministry in many different forms until one day I was having a conversation with God in the bathtub and realized I needed to write a book. The rest, as they say, is history. :) Well, actually - it was a really hard and long road to publication, but once the dream was re-born in my heart, I couldn't let it go. I keep my Call story on my website because for me it still has a lot of magic. :)

What do you love about being an author? Is there anything you dislike?
I love writing. Period. I love creating and getting to know new characters, telling their stories, hearing from readers...reading neat reviews, talking to other authors and readers when I get the chance. It's just a really special world. What don't I like? Negative reviews. They hurt. Not saying they shouldn't happen...not everyone is going to like your books. It's just reality, but you did ask. LOL And I don't like waiting for my books to come out...I'm as impatient as readers are for the next one. Okay, so I need to work on my patience quotient, but there it is. :)

How do you balance your personal and writing time?
Sometimes it's very difficult. I love writing, which makes it a harder job to "put away" when it's time to do family or friend stuff. But I love the people in my life and try really hard to give them as much or more than I do the worlds I create. I could ultimately live without my writing, but not without the people that matter to me in my life.

How do you write? Do your characters come to you first or the plot or the world of the story?
Characters always come first and from them, their story. I usually write by the seat of my pants with a vague idea of where my story is going.

What genre(s) do you write? Why do you write the stories that you write?
I write category and single title contemporary romance, light romantic suspense, paranormal, historical and have even published an inspirational with Samhain under LC Monroe. (I don't plan to write any more Inspirationals, though I do have one that I wrote a few years ago still to be published with them.) Every story I write is about the characters for me. They come to me and I need to write their stories and wherever that falls under the broad umbrella of romance, so be it.

What is the biggest misconception about being an author?
That it's easy? Seriously, the stress levels of the job are higher than any other job I've had. It's hard, but it's wonderful.

Do you tend to base your characters on real people or are they totally from your imagination?
I often will discover similarities between my characters and people I've met or known once the book is written, but that's a bit like real life isn't it? I mean how many people do you know that remind you in small ways of other people you know?

Out of all the characters that you've written, who is your favorite and why?
That's an impossible question for me to answer because I honestly truly love all of my characters.

If you were writing a script for the big screen, who would you want to act in your movie?
I totally suck at this particular question...my vision of my characters is so real, I have a hard time imagining anyone "else" portraying them. But, um...I think Sandra Bullock would make a good Josie from WILLING and Adrian Paul would make a good Simon from THE REAL DEAL.

What would you want readers to take away from your books? 
That love is more powerful than hate or adversity. That we don't have to be victims. We can't direct our own destinies per se, but we have a big say about the how the journey goes and even what direction it takes. That life is about living and change and challenge and never to be afraid of being hurt so much that you don't risk experiencing the good stuff.

Do you have any advice for beginning writers in regards to writing a book?
Definitely...read. A lot. Not how to books, but good books in the genre you want to write in. Then write. Write. Write...and write some more. Don't give up and don't be afraid to change your words when the first one or ten drafts don't work write.

Who are your favorite authors?
Lots and lots and lots...Christine Feehan, Jayne Ann Krentz, Lora Leigh, JJ Massa, Lynne Graham, Michelle Reid, Kate Davies, Lori Foster, Mindy Neff, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Ashleigh Raine, JL Langley, and the list could go on and on and on...

If you had an opportunity to ask Lucy a question, what would you like to know?  Leave your question and I may just be able to get Lucy to answer a few. 

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Weekly Contest Winners!

Weekly Contest Winner!

52 Weeks of Romance from Lucy  

Congratulations  Beth you will receive a copy of Lucy's Monroe's book The Italian's Suitable Wife. Please email me with your name and address so I can get your prize in the mail. 

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52 Weeks of Romance by Lucy!

The Italian's Suitable Wife
by Lucy Monroe
Harlequin Presents October 2004 North America
ISBN#: 0373124252
(also available as an audio book)

A reader review:

“Lucy, I thoroughly enjoyed your last two published books!  (The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress and The Italian's Suitable Wife)  You are such an impressive writer!   There are two things that I especially want to applaud you on!  The first is the terrific job you do with your "Alpha male."  In all five of the books that I have read by you, the hero has been a very take charge type of guy, yet you don't have to hate him before you love him!  Your hero always has a vulnerable side to him that captivates the reader's heart very quickly.  The second area that deserves applause is how well you tell your story from your characters view point.  I would never guess the characters come from your head!    You are very creative and excellent at giving your characters their own voice. . . and you are very consistent!  Thank you for some very enjoyable escapes and lingering ‘feel good’ feelings!” ~ Love and blessings, Katy in the USA

Contest Question

(Please leave your answer in the comment section.  Winners will be announced on Saturday.  If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me.)

The Italian's Suitable Wife is the passionate love story between which two people?

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Heart of a Desert Warrior - In Bookstores now!

Heart of a Desert Warrior - In bookstores now!
Harlequin Presents #3071 - July 2012 
© By Lucy Monroe 
ISBN-10: 0373130775 
ISBN-13: 978-0373130771

The sheikh’s last challenge...
Stepping off his private jet, in his designer suit Sheikh Asad returns to his kingdom ready to secure his legacy. For beneath the starched white shirt beats the heart of a desert warrior!
Iris Carpenter barely recognizes the man standing before her, he’s even more magnificent than he was six years ago and even more dangerous. Especially when the searing heat of his eyes burns hotter than the fierce desert sun.
Iris can resist all she likes, but Asad knows it’s just a matter of time before the flame-haired temptress is back in his bed — where she belongs!

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Weekly Contest Winners!

Weekly Contest Winners!

July Blog Contest
Congratulations *yadkny*  you will receive a copy of Lucy's Monroe's Deal with This. Please email me with your name and address so I can get your prize in the mail.

52 Weeks of Romance from Lucy  

Congratulations  robertsonreads you will receive a copy of Lucy's Monroe's book Watch Over Me. Please email me with your name and address so I can get your prize in the mail. 

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52 Week's of Romance by Lucy!

Watch Over Meby Lucy Monroe
Book 4 in The Goddard Project series
Trade Paperback
Kensington Brava - June 2009
ISBN-10: 0758229178
ISBN-13: 978-0758229175

Contest Question
(Please leave your answer in the comment section. Winners will be announced on Saturday. If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me.)
This week's featured book is Watch Over Me is the 4th book in The Goddard Project series, just in time for the rerelease of Close Quarters (5th book) on July 3rd. Watch Over Me is the story of Lana Ericson, a smart, sexy scientist who works as a project manager what research and design company?

(HINT: read the excerpt on my website)

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Weekly Blog Contest - July

In Bookstores Now!
Close Quarters 
Book 5 in The Goddard Project series
Mass Market Paperback
Kensington Brava - July 2012
ISBN-10: 0758242026
ISBN-13: 978-0758242020

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

Close Quarters is the 5th in the wildly popular Goddard Project series. This series is known for its: action, suspense and steamy romance. The amazing men and women who risk their lives to protect our country and have the extra time to find love, too! Although many characters from prior books are referred to, this book can easily be read by itself.
Lines are blurred as Roman, a member of a special ops team is assigned to plug a leak. By killing the person who is distributing highly sensitive information. But all the evidence seems to point to a relief worker in S. Africa. Someone who Roman knows and is very attracted to. A woman named Tanya. Tanya and Roman met at his sister's wedding. But nothing comes between Roman and his job. He accepts that he may need to `quiet' her. But soon Roman feels that Tanya is not capable of being a spy however, he uses ruthless means to discover the truth. But if Tanya isn't the one leaking important government information, who is?
When Tanya immediately recognizes Roman and feels his cold exterior she is puzzled but wants to pursue the attraction she felt with him in the states. But her friendly overtures are rebuffed. Suddenly Roman changes and their desire spirals out of control but when she finds out he has an ulterior motive what will happen to their budding relationship? Can she trust a man who is so ruthless?
This mystery and passion between the 2 main characters makes for some HOT reading. There is also a member of the Goddard team who wants to protect Tanya and has his own love interest which was very poignant to read. The tension between the characters makes for steamy reading. The only problem I had was that while Roman is doing his job, his single-minded and cold efficiency made it more difficult to warm up to initially. But he does have a huge amount of sex appeal. In contrast, Tanya is like every woman, she was very human and easy to relate to.
The plot was very clever and I enjoyed the discovery of how information was leaked. Can Tanya forgive Roman for his ruthlessness? This was a wonderful story about love and how 2 people fight for what they believe in.
If you are already an avid fan of Lucy Monroe the latest installment in the Goddard series will not disappoint! If you are a new reader her easy to read and fast paced books are the perfect summer read when you want romance that sizzles!

Contest Question:
Please leave your answer in the comment section. Winners will be announced on Saturday. If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me. To celebrate the release of Close Quarters I will be giving away a copy of Deal With This, the second book in The Goddard Project.

Last Friday, Jami Davenport was my guest. She shared about her newest release Public Displays of Eroticism. Each story centers around sex in a public setting. The three authors decided to have that public place be the same location. Where do each of the Public Displays of Eroticism take place?

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Watch Over Me - The Soundtrack

In reviewing my blogs for the Goddard project I came across this post and wondered how many of my readers knew there was a soundtrack to Watch Over Me.  I thought I'd repost this blog and share again the incredible soundtrack for Watch Over Me.
Originally posted 6/13/09
You read that right! A soundtrack for Watch Over Me.

Music is a huge part of my life and plays a significant role in my writing process, so is it any wonder that ever since buying the soundtrack Susan Elizabeth Phillips' son did for This Heart of Mine, I've wanted to have one made for one of my books? I still listen to that soundtrack and it brings back the great feelings I had when reading This Heart of Mine. Giving that same gift to my readers was a dream I wasn't sure how to realize.

Then, a couple of years ago, an amazing singer who was a friend of my sister's told me she'd do a soundtrack for Satisfaction Guaranteed, but time got away from her and the project never got past the planning stages. So, when DQ's boyfriend (now her wonderful, loving husband and my son in law) suggested a couple of his friends to do one for Watch Over Me, I was excited but not expecting too much. I guess I didn't want to get my hopes up. Man, sometimes it feels good to be wrong! LOL

I should have expected the world! Not only did fresh artists BBk and Image create an incredible five song soundtrack for Watch Over Me, but they sold me rights so I can allow my readers to download the music for FREE! I really wanted to do something special to say thank you to you all for supporting me through 45 books (now over 50) and this soundtrack is it. I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I have. In my opinion, it's absolutely fabulous! :)

You can listen to it and download it from my website (scroll down to downloads).

Mega hugs,
Lucy :)

Watch Over Me will be this week's giveaway in my 52 Week's of Romance.