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Weekly Blog Contest - June

Heart of a Desert Warrior

By Lucy Monroe
Harlequin Presents #3071 - July 2012
ISBN-10: 0373130775
ISBN-13: 978-0373130771

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An Excerpt from Chapter One

No matter what, she would be fine. She would. She was no longer a naïve university sophomore, but a professional geologist with an eminent private survey firm.

“So, why the long face?” Russell asked, taking another step down as if coaxing her to do the same. “I know you tried to get out of doing this assignment.”

She had, but then she’d realized how foolish she was being. She couldn’t go through her career refusing the more than lucrative assignments in the Middle East just because she’d once loved a man who came from this part of the world. Besides, her boss had made it clear that this time, she didn’t have a choice.

“I’m fine. Just a little jet lagged.” Forcing her feet to move, she started down the stairs.

Russell falling into step beside her when she reached him, he put his arm out for her and she took it.

She wasn’t dwelling on the possibility that Sheikh Asad was her Asad. Not at all.

After all, what were the chances it was the same man who had done such a good job decimating her heart six years ago that she hadn’t gone on another date until after she graduated? That it was the one man that she had hoped to live the whole rest of her life without ever seeing again?

Small. Almost nonexistent.

Right? Right.

So, her Asad had been part of a Bedouin tribe and, she’d found out at the end, slated to be sheikh one day.

It didn’t have to be the same man. She was praying it wasn’t the same man.

If it was her Asad, or rather the Asad — he’d never really been hers and she had to stop thinking of him that way — she didn’t know what she would do. Working toward the coveted position of senior geologist with Coal, Carrington & Boughton Surveyors, Inc., she couldn’t refuse this assignment based on personal reasons. Not when she was back in the office and definitely not now that she was already in country.

She wasn’t about to commit career suicide. Asad had taken enough from her, her faith in love. Her belief in the rosy, bright future she’d ached for and dreamed of. He didn’t get her career too.

“What did the diamond say to the copper vein?” Russell’s youthful voice pulled her out of her less than happy thoughts as they made their slow way down the stairs.

She rolled her eyes. “That joke is as old as the bedrock in Hudson Bay. The answer is: nothing, minerals don’t talc.”

It was a hoary old joke, but when he laughed, she found herself joining him.

“I’m glad to see you still have a sense of humor.” The deep voice coming from the hall below didn’t sound happy at all.

In fact, it sounded almost annoyed. But Iris didn’t have the wherewithal to worry about that little inconsistency. Not when the rich tones that still had the power to send her heart on a drum roll and little pops of awareness to spark along her every nerve ending belonged to a man she had truly believed she would never see again.

She stopped her descent and stared. Asad looked back at her, his dark chocolate gaze so intense, she felt the breath leave her lungs in a gasp.

He’d changed. Oh, he was still gorgeous. His hair still a dark brown, almost black and with no hint of grey, but instead of cropped close to his head like it had been back in school he wore it shoulder length. The different style should have made him seem more casual, more approachable. It didn’t

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Last Friday Anthea Sharp was our guest blogger.  She talked about the type of heroes she enjoys writing about.  What type of hero can you find in her books?


marybelle said...

You just have to love the Underdog Hero. I think it's their vulnerabilities that draw us to them.

Laney4 said...

Underdog Hero. Hmmm.... Who doesn't like rooting for the underdog?

Shelley B said...

She talked about the underdog hero as a reluctant hero. I see a lot of heroes as reluctant. They start out not caring about much, but soon they find something worth fighting for. Thank you!

Shelley B said...

Sorry email for above srbagby50@gmail.com

CrystalGB said...

The underdog hero. I like those too. :)

Eli Yanti said...

love the underdog hero, guys who have it rough, and the strong and sympathetic women who believe in them


Joyce M. said...

An underdog hero.

Debby said...

She likes the under dog.

bluegray said...

Underdog! - loved the cartoon series

Beth said...


Carol L. said...

She loves writing about the Underdog Hero.Love them myself.
Carol L.
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com