Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reader Fitness Challenge - June Winners!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the first annual Reader Fitness Challenge!  It is so exciting to see how many of you reached goals and are living healthier lifestyles.  Congratulations to all the June winners!  Winners were drawn randomly each Thursday. 
(Overall prizes and the Grand prize will be announced next week.)

Week #9
Heather Beaufait - Lucy Monroe (Fitness DVD)
Kathy KayBronwen Evans  (Invitation to Ruin)
Shell BryceDebra Parmley  (A Desperate Journey)
Sue Kuzelka - Jami Davenport (Fourth and Goal ebook)
Danielle McDonaldJenna Bayley-Buke  (Her Cinderella Complex ebook)
Debra Delome - Lucy Monroe (The Greek's Pregnant Lover)

Week #10
Charlene Beverly - Lucy Monroe (Fitness DVD)
Traci McCarthey -  Erin Nicholas   (Anything You Want)
Becky Douglas - Debra Parmley (A Desperate Journey)
Kelly Gates -  Donna Grant (Untamed Highlander)
Rebecca Jones - Jenna Bayley-Buke (Par For the Course)
Erika Jadwinski - Lucy Monroe (The Greek's Pregnant Lover)

Week #11
Irene Lu - Lucy Monroe (Fitness DVD)
Beverly Gordon - Erin Nicholas (choice of backlist ebook)
Regina Schneider - Debra Parmley (A Desperate Journey)
Patty Jones - Sofia Hunt (The Bride Bargain ebook)
Tricia Verschage - Jenna Bayley Burke (Compromising Positions ebook)
Nora Gibbons - Lucy Monroe (The Greek's Pregnant Lover)

Week #12
Maria Stefanopoulos - Lucy Monroe (Fitness DVD)
Melinda Barrera - Erin Nicholas (choice of backlist ebook)
Linda McKenzie - Debra Parmley (A Desperate Journey)
Stephanie Pearlman - Kate Davies (Take a Chance on Me)
Lynda Harlan - Bronwen Evans (Invitation to Scandal)


Prizes cannot be substituted or exchanged. If the prize is lost in the mail or customs, the giver cannot be held responsible and will not be shipping out replacement prizes.

Please do not contact me or the giver about not receiving the prize until a full thirty days have passed from today.  I can't tell you the number of people who have contacted me over the years about a "lost" prize only to have it arrive the day after I asked my PA to take some of her very limited time in my office (I'm not Nora Roberts - my staff is small and all work very part-time) to look into it. Which is why I've had to follow in many other author's footsteps and institute the 30 day rule.