Monday, June 18, 2012

James Bond Meets the Geek Squad

Cue the James Bond music and call the Geek Squad! If you like your espionage with thrills, romance and a touch of humor look no further.  You'll find sensuality and sass in my high-tech action romance, Deal With This

It’s lights, camera, action as this novel brings you inside the Vancouver film industry. It’s a fun look at the industry itself while taking you through a rollercoaster ride of spy action and hot romance. And maybe just a little humor.

Michelle Buonfiglio of Lifetime TV's Romance: B(u)y the Book says, "Lucy Monroe excels at creating alpha bad boys and authentic erotic romance."  And Romantic Times gave Deal With This four stars calling my characters "sexually empowering."  Truth is, the love scenes sizzle and I worked to make the characters the highlight of every scene.  My “alpha bad boy” Alan goes undercover to find out who is trying to auction off international secrets and finds himself on the set of a scifi TV show with the star of the show, Jillian, set to help him whether he likes it or not!

I am especially pleased with this novel because of the character development of both the hero and heroine. Alan isn’t a typical “alpha male”, but has layers of complexity to him that allow him to appreciate Jillian’s independence and accept himself without having to be in charge all the time - though he certainly takes his turn. (I'll leave it to your imagination or reading the book to figure out what that means. ::g::)  Jillian is strong, sassy, fun and loveable.  She won't faint at the sight of a gun and she doesn’t mind talking about sex, needs and what she really wants. 

Throw in a scifi TV show, producers, spies, anti-gravity planes and really hot love scenes and you’ve got Deal With This!  Deal With This will be this week's giveaway in my 52 Week's of Romance!


city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Erin Towne said...

Sounds great! Can't wait to read it!

Erin Towne said...
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Alexis said...

when i read the Real Deal, I was sooooo hoping Jillian would get a story! I cant wait to read the whole thing **keeping my fingers crossed** i LOVE this series!! thanks Lucy!!


marybelle said...

DEAL WITH THIS has a lot happening & a lot going for it. Gorgeous cover!!