Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Blog with Kate Davies

                                     Q and A with Kate Davies

From food to fiction, Kate likes things spicy! She writes award-winning, bestselling contemporary romances available in both e and print format. When she isn’t writing about strong, sexy men and women, she enjoys cheering on her kids at sports, music, and academics, reading great books, spending far too much time on social media, and hanging with her hero husband. She’s also a fan of alliteration. 

How did you get started writing romance?
When my second child was born, we had just moved to a new city for my husband’s job, and we’d decided I would stay home with the kids. I was a bit lonely, a bit homebound, and more than ready for a challenge. So with two kids ages two and under, I decided it was the perfect time to write a novel. And though my previous attempts at writing had been in science fiction/fantasy, I chose to target romance.
I searched for writer’s groups on the internet and discovered that Romance Writers of America had a chapter in a city about 20 minutes from where I lived. So I drove up to the next chapter meeting and kind of hung around the fringes watching everyone else. Within moments, a cheerful brunette bounced over and introduced herself, asked about me, introduced me around, and pretty much made me feel right at home. It was, of course, Lucy, who is like that with everyone. Because of her welcoming nature, I ended up joining the group, which was the best thing that could have happened to my infant writing career. I’ll always be grateful.

Why did you decide to participate in Lucy’s Reader Fitness Challenge?
Last year, my husband decided to work on getting healthy. He cut out all fried foods, and began walking every day. Because I wanted to be supportive, I joined him in those efforts, and was exceptionally pleased to see within a few months I’d lost twenty pounds. Then, in November, I took a new job that interfered with both my exercise schedule and my dedication to healthy eating. (Candy on every desk! Treats brought in for holidays! Birthday lunches out with the crew!) Within just a couple of months, I’d gained every pound back. And this was while I was still managing to walk two miles at least four days a week.
Lucy’s Challenge came along at just the right time. I’d been shocked at the weight re-gain, and determined to be more committed to my long term health. My goal in joining was to be more deliberate about what I eat, to focus on my health, and to find a support network to keep that goal in mind. So far, it’s been a great success in those areas! I’ve lost 9 pounds so far, and find myself walking past the candy dishes like little land mines all over the office. So thank you Lucy, and thanks to my awesome team!

What do you like to do in your free time?  
When I’m not working the day job (which I really enjoy, by the way), commuting between two cities 90 miles apart, or writing, I spend most of my free time with my family. Right now, it’s baseball/fastpitch season, and all three kids are playing again this year. And I *love* it. Nothing better than a warm summer day, a fast-paced, well-played game, and a fired-up crowd. 
I also love school concerts, coffee dates with my husband, reading a good book, and watching the few TV shows I can fit into my schedule. 

What’s your most recent release?
Take A Chance On Me was released in print in February. Amazon

Accept no substitute…for love.
The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
Jessica Martin is determined to earn a permanent teaching position at Summit High School. That means hard work, dedication, and even volunteering extra time to direct the school’s Shakespeare play. Which leaves no room for romance—especially with a co-worker. She didn't factor in the school's sexy security officer and the delicious fantasies he inspires.
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Former cop Tom Cameron likes his job. Or he did, until the new substitute busted his orderly life right open. Now, he can’t seem to avoid her—deserted hallways, empty theaters, classrooms after dark—but he’s got too many skeletons in his closet to risk his heart again. Asking her out to distract her from the play’s, well, drama is a friendly gesture. Nothing more.
The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
Their chemistry could melt down the science lab, and before long they’re burning up the sheets off-campus. And uncovering raw emotions—a stark reminder that love isn’t in their curricula. When a troubled student goes over the edge, though, the need to stop a tragedy brings them right back where they started—face to face with fate.
Warning: This book contains sexy encounters in classrooms, inappropriate use of school facilities, backstage shenanigans, and illicit activities on a ferryboat.

What are you working on right now?
I’m thrilled to be hard at work on my first book for a new trilogy for Carina Press, out in spring 2013. It’s a sexy contemporary series set at a 10 year high school reunion, called THE GIRLS MOST LIKELY TO. 

Here’s some early info:
Ten years ago, they were on top of the world. But then the yearbook curse hit, and hit them hard. Kelsey, voted Most Likely To Succeed, found herself trapped by circumstances in a dead end job. Bree, voted one half of their high school’s Cutest Couple, learned the hard way that young love doesn’t always end up how you want it to. And Tess, senior year’s Life of the Party, has had zero time for fun since starting her event planning business.

But now it’s reunion time. One weekend. One hometown. One chance to break the yearbook curse and prove they really are The Girls Most Likely To… 

Thanks for having me on the blog, Lucy! And thanks so much for the Reader’s Fitness Challenge!


Carol L. said...

Kate, fist Congrats on your weight loss. That's the best results and pushes you further right ? :)
I look forward to reading Take A Chance On Me. That's what I love about Lucy's blog. I've met so many new Authors and found their books.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Kate Davies said...

Thanks, Carol! I'm so glad to see the weight starting to drop again. It's so easy to put it back on! But I'm really feeling on track now.

And I hope you enjoy TACOM! Finding new books and authors is one of the things I love about Lucy's blog, too. :)

marybelle said...

How lovely to meet Kate Davies.

Eli Yanti said...

sound interesting book :)