Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April's Retro Release!

by Lucy Monroe
ISBN-10: 0425233049
ISBN-13: 978-0425233047
A Children of the Moon Novel #2
Paranormal Historical Werewolf
Berkley Sensation - February 2010

Excerpt from book:

Talorc stood before the English priest in the small chapel.  The MacDonald warriors and most of the English baron’s soldiers had to remain outside.  His own warriors, the MacDonald and five of his men, his bride’s family and a few English soldiers were the only witnesses for the wedding to come.

There were no flowers, no pomp and ceremony for this royally dictated marriage.  That should not have bothered him, but the soft-spoken woman he had met the night before seemed to deserve more.  Even if she was English.  She had been so vulnerable, and yet when he had demanded to know if she planned to marry him, she had taken her time replying.

She had weighed him.  He could feel her doing it, and she hadn’t been adding up the size of his lands in her head.  She’d been judging him personally and something inside him had refused to be found wanting.

She was nothing like Emily, which was both good and bad.  He did not relish the prospect of being likened to a goat by another Englishwoman, but he had no desire to see Abigail Hamilton eaten up and spit out by his clan.  Emily had come to the Highlands to protect this very sister from such a fate.  He could not help believing her fears had been justified.

Abigail spoke in whispers, seemed oblivious to her beauty and had a nervous habit of holding her hand over her throat when she talked.  As if she was preventing the wrong words from coming out.  His wolf felt protective toward her like he had no other besides family.  Since the only one left, his younger sister Caitriona, was now mated to the Balmoral’s second-in-command, it had been a long time since Talorc had felt those instincts stir so restlessly.

He wanted to believe it was only because the woman was slated to be his wife, but his wolf had shown no such concern for her sister when King David had originally instructed Talorc to marry Emily.  The wolf had wanted to howl at the evidence of bruising on Abigail’s pale skin.

And then hunt

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