Friday, March 02, 2012

Guest Interview - Model Seth Mitchell

Seth Mitchell is California based male model and the cover model for Lucy Monroe’s novel Ready.  We caught up with Seth to ask him a few questions:

LM:  Welcome to the blog Seth, to start out can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure, I am 46 years old.  I live in Southern California and I have been modeling for about eight years.  I am originally from the East coast and I moved out to the Los Angeles area when I was sixteen with my mother and sister.  I have lived in a few other places for school and work – Connecticut and Washington DC, but the West coast is my home. 

LM: What prompted you to get into modeling?

The modeling was pretty much a fluke.  When I was 38 I took a break from corporate America and I was trying my hand at personal training and writing on fitness & nutrition.  At that same time a national men’s fitness magazine had sponsored a “Readership Model” contest and I decided to enter.  I didn’t have any photos or experience so I just did some quick shots with a photographer friend.  I didn’t win or even place in the contest, but I did have these photos leftover.  One day I posted a few of them on one of the modeling community websites (just for fun) and three days later I was hired for my first modeling job.

LM:  What was it like becoming a model?  If I understand you correctly you were someone who had worked a normal day job and you knew fitness, but had no training or experience modeling.

It was hard.  I was very much behind the eight ball compared to other models who had years of experience.  I had two things that worked in my favor: First, I had a look that for whatever reason resonated with some people - I thank my Mom and Dad for that. Second, early on I had a photographer named Andre DeLoach ( who took me under his wing and explained the industry to me.  We went over model releases (the legal document that governs the use of the images), what magazines to look at for poses, who to shoot with, what types of projects to be wary of, etc.  It helped me a lot.  It also helped to remind me that while there are some people who are just naturals, many skills can be learned. So I set about learning what I needed to know to be a model.  In some ways it is no different than any other job.  You show up on time, ready to work, you listen to what the photographer wants, and you get the job done with minimal ego.

LM: You mentioned ego, is there a lot of that in the industry?

Some.  People can get carried away with the whole thing and forget that it is just a job and you are part of team that includes photographers, stylists, make-up artists, assistants, etc. who are all involved in creating these images.  I had the benefit of being on project teams prior to modeling so I treated the work like I would any other project.

LM: You sound pretty down to earth, any particular influence you can accredit that to?

Good parenting.

LM: From your pictures you appear to be in terrific shape.  Anything you want to sure with our readers about staying in shape?

You have to find things you enjoy doing to stay active.  I mix it up a lot.  During the Winter I tend to spend more time in the gym and then during the Summer when the days are longer I take more of my workouts outside.   Working out doesn’t have to be just going to the gym and lifting weights, although I am a big fan of resistance training, it can be as simple as 10-15 minutes of yoga and core work in the morning or going on a good hike on the weekends.  You really need to have fun with it.

LM: You were a personal trainer at one time correct?
Correct.  I was trainer throughout college and part of graduate school.  It helped pays the bills and I enjoyed it.

LM: Since this is a romance blog, tell us a little about your romantic life.  Have you ever been in love?

LM: What was the most romantic thing you ever did for her?

For her birthday one year I set up a mystery hunt for her to find her gift.  There were clues in various places throughout the house and she had to go from clue to clue and figure out the riddle behind each before she could eventually get to the gift.  Some of the riddles were easy, some were a little tougher, one of them was even at the bottom of her wine glass.  We had a lot of fun that evening.  

LM: So what type of women have you been involved with? Do you have a type?

No, not really a type per se.  Most of women I have dated certainly have things in common; they all tend to be smart, active, and have a good sense of humor.

Only one of them was a model.  The others were a physical therapist, a registered dietician, a lawyer, and a surgical assistant.

LM: If you really wanted to impress a woman what would you do? What is your perfect evening?

I would set up something where we would have a chance to really talk and get to know one another.  Bars and clubs are loud and not conducive to conversation.  It would be a nice dinner; someplace quiet and a little romantic.  Afterwards we would go for walk and just enjoy the evening together.  

LM: Do you consider yourself old fashion?

In some ways.  I am old-fashion in that I like some of the chivalrous traditions (opening doors for a lady, bringing flowers, being courteous, etc.) but I do like some of the newer conventions on dating that allow either partner to initiate or take the lead which I think in some ways lead to better communication.

LM: Do you have a favorite place, somewhere in the world you would want to take a woman?

I have traveled a good amount for work and for fun: Spain, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, China, and Thailand.  If I were going to take a woman on a trip I would take her to Thailand.  I spent two weeks there sailing from Phuket, Thailand to Langkawi, Malaysia and visiting the small islands along the way.  That part of the world is simply gorgeous.

LM: I also see from your bio that you used to teach self-defense, you are a busy man. Any self-defense tips you would to share with our readers.

Sure, I have taught women’s self-defense courses in the past.  I think the most critical element in staying safe is awareness.  We live in a world filled with distractions; text messages, cell phone, etc.  When you are out and walking somewhere, whether to your car or just down the street, you need to be in the moment and focused on where you are, what is around you, and any potential threats.  The best way to prevent a physical encounter is to avoid the situation completely.  When I taught we used to practice how to walk through a parking garage.  It was important that the students learn how to walk through a garage without getting too close to a pillar or a doorway where someone could be hiding (or at least be aware of those areas).  If there are mirrors hanging in the garage, you should use them to see what is around you. You should be aware, confident, and direct in your actions.  If you are heading to your car have your head up and your keys in your hand.  Most importantly, don’t be afraid to follow your intuition (women in general have a more developed sense of intuition than men do).  If a situation feels somehow wrong, don’t go into it.  That could mean waiting until other people are around or just taking a moment to discern what exactly seems wrong and taking the appropriate steps.

LM:   What do you think is the most important virtue a man should have?

There are three that I think are critical for a man: Courage, Compassion and Humility.  

Courage; to accept your responsibilities and obligations and do what you can for those around you.

Compassion; because we are all on this planet together and, as much as possible, we need to try to appreciate the circumstances of those around us.

Humility; (this is one I would like to see a lot more of these days), because each of us is simply part of a larger framework and none of us is innately better than any other, we are just different and some of us have been more blessed. 

Thanks Seth for stoppinig by and giving a great interview.  I'm sure my readers have enjoyed getting to know you and I know they enjoyed the pictures you shared with us!

You can learn more about Seth or catch up on all his latest endeavors by checking out his website or connect with him on Facebook


Judy said...

Thanks Lucy, for arranging the interview with Seth, and thanks Seth for taking the time and effort to share your perspective. I really appreciate the tips on staying safe.

catslady said...

It's nice to know there is something behind that gorgeous body:) I enjoyed the interview and hope you continue in this field for a long time. Us older women appreciate a mature model who has kept in such wonderful shape.

Judy F said...

great interview. Thanks to Seth and Lucy

marybelle said...

I'm in love. Seth seems like such a wonderful, warm-hearted man.

Estella said...

loved the interview! The pics were awesome.

Renee Vincent said...

I love that you still get into the chivalrous traditions of treating a lady with respect by the simple things of opening doors, seating her first etc.

I am honored to know you Seth and am proud to call you friend. This was a lovely peek into the life of the great man that you are. Well done!

Thank you Lucy for featuring Seth. He is such a gracious man, which makes him twice as sexy in my book.