Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Retro Release February Contest!

February's Retro Release -  Do you have this book yet?

by Lucy Monroe
ISBN-10: 0425239802
ISBN-13: 978-0425239803
A Children of the Moon Novel #3
Paranormal Historical Werewolf
Berkley Sensation - February 2011
Children of the Moon Website


Come, the croaking raven doth bellow
for revenge. ~ William Shakespeare


Donegal Lands, Scottish Highlands
12th Century AD

The raven flew high above the earth, her keen vision spying five Donegal hunters in the forest below.

The red and black of their plaids peeked through the trees, leaving no doubt to the true number, but she could only hear three of them. Two were silent as they stalked their prey. Even her raven hearing honed sharper than her talons could not detect the sound of their movements.

They had masked their scents as well, showing they had better control of their Chrechte nature than the others. These two Faol of the Chrechte were dangerous.

No wolf could be trusted, but one who mastered his beast was one who must be watched most carefully. He would not be easily taken in by the tricks of the Éan. It was good her raven family had set her to this task. Another, less seasoned fighter, could fail too easily with wolves such as these.

Sabrine had been protecting her people since her fifteenth summer, a long seven years past.

She circled lower, preparing for her landing. This had to look natural, but she did not relish taking human form merely to fall through a few tree branches. She was still a good distance from the men, though closer to the earth when an agonizing pain pierced her left wing.

Her first instinct was to pull her wing to her body, but she forced herself to keep it expanded so she could coast lower rather than spinning out of control. She would not die before saving her people from the wolves’ treachery.

As she neared the earth, she let her raven fall away, taking on her fully human form, just as she had planned to before the foul arrow had pierced her wing. Tree branches scratched at her body as she tumbled toward the ground.

She ignored the minor pain for the larger purpose. She would use the wolves’ thirst for blood against them. Their own actions would make way for her to find welcome in their clan.

As a helpless human female.

Dark amusement rolled through her with the pain of her landing. She grabbed the arrow, broke off the tip, gripped the other side, and yanked it from her arm.

As her world turned black around the edges, she threw the offending weapon as far from her as possible.

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Contest Question:
Please leave your answer in the comment section.  Winners will be announced on Saturday.  If you leave your email address in your comment I will contact you regarding the prize otherwise you may check back on Saturday to see if you are the winner and email me.

Children of the Moon is a medieval Scottish Werewolf series including best selling books such as Moon Awakening, Moon Craving, and Moon Burning.  Lucy has just finished the final edits on her latest Children of the Moon series which will be out in 2012.  What month will Dragon's Moon be released?


Quilt Lady said...

September 2012 is when it will be release.

catslady said...

Release date is September 4, 2012! Oh, this sounds really good and I love the cover!


Estella said...

September 4, 2012

kissinoak at frontier dot com

Debby said...

September 4, 2012. Congrats on another book.
debby236 aT GMAIL DOT COM

Lorna said...

Sept 2012. Such a long wait!

chey said...

It'll be released in September.
chey127 at hotmail dot com

Amy said...

September 2012! So far away, I cant wait!!!


pisceslyttle1 said...

September 2012


Di said...

September 4th, 2012 (2 days before my birthay!).

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Tina said...

It will release September 2012


Betty Hamilton said...

September 4, 2012
bettysunflower at hotmail.com

Lily K-C. said...

Septembre, September of this year! 2012. ;o) Thank you, oh so much for zee giveaway!

lily.moon.star at gmail.com

Kathryn Merkel said...

Dragon's Moon releases in September of 2012.

marybelle said...

4th September 2012.


Diane said...

Release date is September 4, 2012. Can't wait...

Christy said...

According to amazon - September 4, 2012. Sounds great! christina_92 at yahoo.com

Moran V said...

September 2012

Jen D. said...
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Jen D. said...

It will be out in September...I can't wait! My email is jendgrimm@gmail.com