Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Big Changes for Me This Year

I am a Type II diabetic and have been for a few years.  Did diagnosis change my lifestyle?  For a while it did, but then I got complacent and well...lazy.  There were so many other things to worry about, my sedentary lifestyle, often eating only once -  maybe twice - a day, sugar binges and blood sugar levels within the normal ranges *for a diabetic* didn't really make it on the list.

But then a couple of weeks before Christmas, my blood sugars started going dangerously high.  Scared the crap out of me, honestly.  So, what did I do?  Stop testing them.  Yep, real effective that. ;-)  Not!  Then, the week of Christmas, the mother of one of my daughter's friends learned she was going to lose the bottom half of her leg...due to complications from her diabetes.

Wake up call?  A resoundingly loud one with the ringtone of archangels, if you really want to know.

I knew I had to do something because, see...I want to be walking in ten years.  I want to be healthy.  Bending over to tie my own shoes, still running after the grandkids.

I won't be, if I don't do something now.  My mom was a Type II diabetic.  She didn't let the disease beat her though.  That's all down to the Hep C that ravaged her body until the last flicker of light died in her eyes.

But caring for Mom during more than a dozen years of her fighting fatal liver failure taught me something.  If I have the choice, I don't want my own children in that same space.  I can't know what the future might bring, but I know that I do have a choice about some things.

Like my weight.  Like my Type II Diabetes.  Like my overall health.  I may not be able to prevent cancer or some unknown disease, but I can make choices now that exponentially increase my chances of living a productive, healthy life for decades to come.

The week after Christmas, my baby sister told me she'd signed up for the Hillsboro Fitness Challenge.  Did I want to do it to?

Did I?  Oh, yes!!!

So, I told my kids and my husband and they *all* enthusiastically agreed to pursue health with me.  They've not only joined the challenge, but we're all using MyFitnessPal to track our food, exercise and weight loss progress.

I started on January 9th and so far, I've eaten WAY better, exercised every day but 2 and lost 7.4 pounds.  I've learned I absolutely LOVE water aerobics! :)  I'm already stronger and more able to run up and down my stairs at home.  My blood sugars have dropped to much more acceptable levels and I'm no longer at risk for going on insulin.  I'm still on Metformin, but I'm hoping that will change once I lose enough weight.

I'm crying as I write this because I really want to give my children and grandchildren a healthy me.  They deserve it.  My mom, who never gave up for our sake, deserves it!

She didn't have a choice in so much, but what she had a choice in?  She did her utmost to make work with her body.  She nursed a Level 4 liver failure through more than a decade and stayed alive for us.
I *will* be that strong for my children.  I will change my lifestyle and that of my immediate family get togethers to one that is healthier and more conducive to keeping us all active and strong in the years to come.

The Hillsboro Fitness Challenge ends in 2.5 months.  I'm trying my best to win the weight loss portion, but I think my baby sister or husband might just beat me.  If they do?  I'll consider it a win for all of us.  Because it will be.

I'll need a renewed commitment at that time.  I'm usually smart enough to know my weaknesses and potential pitfalls, and I see this one coming.

So, look for a Lucy Monroe Reader Fitness Challenge coming in April.  I'll post the details later, but know that I plan to provide prizes and parameters that will enthusiastically encourage the other people in my life I love best to be as healthy as I'm hoping my family will be.  My readers.

Watch this space for more details and updates on my healthy lifestyle efforts.

Mega hugs and healthy days ahead to each and every one of you!


girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Excellent for you!!!! Congrats!!

Judy F said...

Congrats Lucy. I am so proud of you.

Diana said...


Your post moved and inspired me. I also need to lose weight, eat better, exercise, etc.....I will go check out the Hillsboro challenge. I live in Hillsboro as well, and if you ever need a walking partner, soundboard, or anything, just let me know. I live in SE near the Fred Meyer on TV Hwy.

Congrats on your weight loss and commitment to better your health and life!!

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Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks so much, Girlygirl. :) Working out with my adult children is so much fun and they bring the grandbabies, so we can all go in the play pool after water aerobics. :) are *always* so supportive and I just really appreciate you. Thank you!

Diana...that would be GREAT! If you join the challenge, you can take certain fitness classes for free without being a member of SHARC. I do the water aerobics on Tues & Thurs (sometimes Mon mornings too - but that one's part of membership). I also work out to Denise Austin's videos at home and do walk - though it is my least favorite form of exercise. LOL

Judy said...

Good for you, Lucy!! Go you!! I look forward to hearing about future plans. I've made a little progress over the last six months, but I'm so tired of being fat and not feeling and looking like I want. Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying!

Lucy Monroe said...

Judy...I keep saying that if a fat old lady like me can do this, anyone can. LOL I truly recommend joining - friend me and we can encourage each other. My user name there is Lucy_Monroe. It's the easiest and most efficient food diary I've ever seen and since your caloric intake is based on your weight and your goals, you don't have to worry that it's going to start you on some starvation diet right away, or ever. :)

There is an app for both Droid and iPhones that makes it uber simple to keep track of everything. :)

Unknown said...

Way to go Lucy! I am a Type 1.5 for 33 years and struggle to take of myself but do it for many of the same reasons - my son and granddaughter. I think it does get easier as you develop healthier routines but that takes a while. A strong support system helps tremendously - it's okay to ask for help!

Estella said...

Wtg, Lucy!

catslady said...

Just take baby steps - one day at a time

Jane said...

Yay, Lucy.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks so much! One of the things I love most about writing romance is the wonderfully supportive and kind community we have amongst ourselves. :)

Jennifer Mathis said...

oh good for you !!! I am determined to lose weight myself this year not for any real reason other than its needed so far Im down 7 lbs this month and I feel alot better about myself . Im cheering for you :)

marybelle said...

I wish you well, in every respect.

TashNz said...

What an inspiring post Lucy! Super luck for reaching your goals. I've always thought the first step is to take the first step but it's SO HARD! I will look out with eagerness in April for your challenge. I also thought I'd let you know I have two friends here in NZ who were only yesterday telling me how good a fitness app was and it's the one you refer to! Good luck!

CrystalGB said...

You go girl! It takes courage and determination to work toward a healthier you. Wishing you great success.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, well done, Jennifer!!! We'll do this together. :)

Thanks, Marybelle! :)

Tash...yippee, my first entrant. :) I figured a challenge just in time for summer weather over here would be ideal, but you'll be heading into rain and cold down there, yes?

Thank you, Crystal. I *do* think that determination is the first and biggest hurdle to jump in stuff like this. And this time God's given it to me in spades. :)

Lettetia said...

Thank you, dear Lucy. A beautiful encouragement and one I need to follow as well. Having been mostly housebound for the past two years, I am not happy with my life at this time. I read your post and thought "why am I letting life pass me by?" So I will be staying tuned for your future posts, and I hope you know how very proud of you I am for saying these things "out loud". I love you and Congratulations.

Lorna said...

Good Luck on your new journey!! In Oct, my hubby and I went low-carb. As of today, we have both lost 30lbs.

It's amazing how empowered you feel when you take control of your eating and the weight comes off. I look forward to updates on your progress!