Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Retro Release January Contest!

Do you have this book yet?  Here's your chance to win a copy.  Each week during the month of January, I will be giving away one copy of For Duty's Sake.  To enter, simply answer a question from the previous week's blog posts.
USA Today Bestseller List
Mass Market Paperback
Harlequin Presents #2993 - June 2011
ISBN - 10:0373129939 ISBN -13: 978-0373129935

Read an excerpt below:

Angele slid around the partially opened door to Zahir’s office. He had disappeared from the wedding feast and she’d known she would find him here.

“Shirking your duty, Prince Zahir?” Her arms crossed over the sweetheart neckline of her short-short Juicy Couture original. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. What would your father say?”

The room was very much like Zahir, masculine, rich and imposing. And yet there was something in the artwork and the old world furnishings that reflected more, something special — an appreciation for beauty that she knew few were aware of.

But while Zahir didn’t pay her any particular attention, she had watched him closely and probably knew more about the real man than most. She still wondered at her ignorance of the secret revealed short months ago.

She’d decided it was willful blindness on her part, but that had not made her feel any better. Only mind-numbingly stupid.

She was a twenty-three year old virgin with no prospects and she knew she was to blame for that fact and no one else. She had clung to hopes and fairytales that never came true in the real world. Her parents’ marriage should have made her realize that.

Zahir looked up from some papers on his desk, his grey eyes widening a fraction at the sight of her. He quickly stood to his full, imposing six-feet, four-inches. He wore the traditional robes and head covering of a crown sheikh over a tailored Armani suit that did nothing but make him look mouth-wateringly attractive to her.

Not that he was even remotely aware of the effect he had on her. She would have to be on his radar as an actual woman for that to happen.

Click here to read more of Chapter 1

Contest Question:

Lucy has published over 50 books with three more coming out this year.  What is your favorite Lucy Monroe book or series? and Why?


Judy said...

I have to choose only one? I can't choose only one.... good thing I already have the book. :-)

Laney4 said...

Much as it's like choosing your favourite child, I WILL say that I read FORBIDDEN: THE BILLIONAIRE'S VIRGIN PRICESS recently and loved it, loved it, loved it! I whipped through the pages quickly, anxious to see what was next. I liked Lina's independence, and also how she curbed it when she felt the situation required it. I liked how Sebastian felt conflicted, yet he was wrong on occasion too. I thought it had an unexpected ending that was most enjoyable. I was most impressed, however, with how the book started and kept coming back to that beginning until an appropriate time to be in the present day. That was a neat hook!

CrystalGB said...

I love your Children of the Moon series. Strong alpha heroes and amazing heroines. Love the combination of historical and paranormal.

Kathryn Merkel said...

The only one of Lucy's books I've read so far is Run With the Moon, so it has to be my favorite, for now.

drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

Lorna said...

I like the Children of the Moon, although I have only read one of the books,

Lorna said...
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Lorna said...

I already have this book, so don't put me in the draw :-)

Estella said...

Ready- Willing- and Able.
Such sexy heroes.

alainala said...

im gonna have to go with the children of the moon..i love the paranormals!!

Debby said...

I guess I will go with Royal Brides. Don't we all want to be princesses when we grow up? It is so much to imagine.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Patti P said...

I haven't read any of these titles yet. I would love to read them and I will definately be placing a few on my wish list. I like the idea of 3 BRIDES FOR 3 BAD BOYS. I guess since 7 Brides for 7 Brothers is one of my fave movies this title caught my eye.
musicalfrog at comcast.net

marybelle said...

For me it's the ROYAL BRIDES. I'm loving the locations, story lines & the wonderful characters.

Virginia said...

Take me is one of my favorites.

GladysMP said...

I liked the Inspirationals, especially Meagan's Chance.

Christy said...

I haven't read any of your books yet. After looking at your books the Children of the Moon (werewolf series) sounds great. christina_92 at yahoo.com

Maureen said...

I would say The Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum since it was the first book I read and really loved it.