Thursday, January 26, 2012

52 Weeks of Romance from Lucy Monroe!

Week #4's Featured Book:
Taken: The Spaniard's Virgin
Book 2 in the Mediterranean Brides series
Harlequin Presents - July 2007
ISBN 0-373-12644-1
© 2007 Lucy Monroe

Excerpt from Chapter 1

"Drop your head a little to the left. That's right. Good, Amber, good."

Amber Taylor moved to the direction of the photographer, the hot Spanish sun baking her skin despite the high factor sunscreen slathered on under her body sheen. She didn't complain though. The shoot was her first truly big ad campaign as well as her first big international contract.

At twenty-four, she was either on the cusp of making it big in modeling, or sliding into mediocrity. Mediocrity was not an option. She'd been modeling since her early teens and had sacrificed sleep, chocolate and a social life for her chosen career. She was determined to make it big.

It helped that her mom was on her side. A widow, who had raised Amber on her own, Helen Taylor was an amazing woman. She'd sacrificed herself for Amber's career and loved her only daughter enough to remind her when to exercise and when not to eat...too much.

Amber had been living on a low calorie diet so long, she didn't even get hungry anymore. Helen was careful to make sure that the food Amber did eat was uber nutritious. She'd even given up her own comforts so that she could afford to hire a personal trainer for Amber. Helen Taylor had provided Amber what she needed to hone her body into the perfect form for modeling.

Her mom's support of her dream meant everything to Amber and she had every intention of repaying it with success.

"Okay...lift the phone like a victory fist and smile."

Amber lifted the trim flip phone high in the air and gave her signature smile, one that her agent said promised the world and everything in it.

A whistle sounded from her left and unexpected tingles traveled up her spine and down her arms. It was if someone with an electric gaze was watching her. Which was just plain silly. Superman might have x-ray vision, but he was fiction and no real person actually had the ability to touch someone else with a look. Only, she felt touched. Caressed even.

Doing her best to mentally shrug off the odd feeling, she turned up the wattage on her smile and the whistle sounded again. This time low and suggestive. It was all Amber could do not to clench her thigh muscles. She never reacted like this.


Contest Question
(Write your entry in the comment section below - winners will be posted on Saturday.  Answers to the questions can be found on my webpage.)

This book is very special to me and I chose to dedicate to some very special people.  This week's question challenges you to reread the dedication to this book and hopefully you will find it as special as I do.  Who did I dedicate this book to? (...and for those of you thinking it was my mother, yes she was VERY special to me, but this book is dedicated to a special group of people - you'll just have reread it to see.)
This book is available for purchase on Kindle.


marybelle said...

You dedicated the book to us, your READERS. It's such a beautiful dedication. Thank you & Blessings to you in return!!

TashNz said...

Hi Lucy, the book is very kindly dedicated to your readers; you thank each and everyone of us! That's really nice! Thank you - every kind comment or email you receive you are well deserved to receive :)

Lorna said...

Aww, you dedicated the book to your readers. It was really a beautiful dedication.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

I always read dedications and loved this one.. Thanks for thanking your readers!

bluegray said...

US!! Thanks for your dedication.

Estella said...

You dedicated the book to your readers.

Debby said...

How beautiful, you dedicated to us, your readers.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Kathryn Merkel said...

Thank you Lucy, for appreciating your readers enough to dedicate a book to them.

patches22 said...

Taken is dedicated to us your readers. Thank you lucy and continue to write these wonderful books

Moran V said...

You dedicated the book to your readers and that was very nice of you :)
You made me look for my copy at home and now I want to do a quick re read of the story.

Laura Russell said...

Lucy, what a sweet dedication to your readers.

Laura Russell said...

PS: Great idea -- 52 weeks of romance!