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Humpday Hottie!

Ya, he's hanging out...doesn't care who's looking and ooooh are we looking!

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Weekly Prize Giveaway!

Be sure to enter November's contest each week for your chance to win a title from Lucy's backlist. Just leave a comment on any post that is open to comments and you are entered in the drawing. We are bringing back some oldies but goodies. This weeks title is....

Originally published December 2007
ISBN: 0-373-82057-7

Just friends…just married!

What Zoe thinks…Loving your best friend is never easy – and when he’s sexy and turned you down flat once before…it’s even harder! Loving Grant is what Zoe has always done best…but now it’s time to move on. She already feels like she’s the oldest virgin in America – so she vows to find herself a man!

What Grant thinks…Grant can’t keep his eyes or his hands off Zoe – but she’s his best friend – a no-go zone! The fact that Zoe looks at him like she wants to rip his clothes off isn’t helping the situation… So he implements some important rules for them to obey. First is the No Kissing rule – well, that’s broken before it’s had a chance to be written… Then the Strictly No Sex rule…and that’s out of the window (well, on the kitchen table, actually!).

Then the best rule of all: some rules are only made to be broken!

This title is still available for purchase.

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Contest Winners!

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Guest Blog - Christina Hollis

Thank you for inviting me to blog today, Lucy!

With my latest Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon and Harlequin Presents/Extra, Weight of the Crown, I’ve invented an exotic desert kingdom especially for

my hero Lysander. He’s determined to do what is right, despite the cost to his private life. But when Alyssa Dene goes to work for him, his veneer of cold, calculating isolation is ripped clean away.

To whet your appetite, here’s what it says on the back cover:

Now duty is his only mistress
For notorious playboy Prince Lysander Kahani, playtime is over...Left with a country to run, he draws the line at playing nanny to his orphaned nephew!

Instead he sends for a professional. But one glance at buttoned-up Alyssa Dene and Lysander’s
wicked side re-emerges! Wary of Lysander’s scandalous reputation, Alyssa tries to keep her distance - but Lysander draws her like a moth to a flame.
Lysander is fighting a battle between public duty and private desire, but he is determined to make Alyssa a royal offer she won’t refuse...(Copyright Harlequin Mills and Boon Limited, 2011)

Alyssa's first loyalty is to the child in her care, who is Lysander’s little nephew. She is the best woman in the world for that job, but brilliance doesn’t stop her making a serious mistake, and believing mischievous palace gossip...

‘...Like a fool I let you seduce me despite the fact I’ve always known what you were like.’
Lysander said nothing to begin with, but she could tell he was angry. He betrayed it in the rigid set of his jaw and the iron intensity of his stare. It was a long time before he could trust himself to answer. He stood, trying to collect himself while her nerves stretched to breaking point
‘That’s why you’re different, Alyssa,’ he said in a ragged voice. ‘You’ve always seen the man in me, not the image.'
‘Really? And which bit of you do all those women in all those glossy magazines get to enjoy?’
‘What can I say?’ He hitched a weary shoulder. ‘I’ve told you - I like women. They like me’
Alyssa’s voice was carbon steel. ‘I’ve noticed. I wonder how Princess Peronelle will feel about that?’
He looked at her askance. ‘Why should she care? ‘
‘When she’s your wife, she’ll do more than care. Be careful she doesn’t stab you through that wicked black heart of yours, Lysander Kahani.’ (Copyright Harlequin Mills and Boon Limited, 2011)

I loved the freedom that writing about the invented country of Rosara gave me. It meant I could combine bits from all my favourite countries in one place, giving it perfect weather, stunning countryside and delicious cuisine.

Writing must be the best job in the world. I’m not sure I’d swap it for anything else - unless a gorgeous prince came to call, of course! Even then he’d have to be out of this world to compete with my lovely, patient, handsome husband. There aren’t many men who are as understanding as my OH is - beekeeping and gardening take up most of my time when I’m not writing, so he gets to do a lot of heavy work despite the fact they’re my hobbies. To add insult to injury, each winter I store all my kit in his beloved shed, so for part of each year he isn’t even monarch in there!

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Leave me a comment and enter to win a signed copy from my backlist!

Christina Hollis writes Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon, and her titles appear as Harlequin Presents/Extra in the US.
You can catch up with Christina here:

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Weekly Prize Giveaway!

Be sure to enter November's contest each week for your chance to win a title from Lucy's backlist. Just leave a comment on any post that is open to comments and you are entered in the drawing. We are bringing back some oldies but goodies. This weeks title is....

with Moon Magnetism
by Lucy Monroe
Originally published December 2008
Mass Market Paperback
Kensington Brava
ISBN-10: 0758210086
ISBN-13: 978-0758210081

Moonstruck by Dianne Castell

For years, Julia Simon has had the worst luck, married to a man who cheated on her left, right, and center. Now, the pretty divorcee is ready for her luck to change, and it is…big time. Ever since she unknowingly performed a Blue Moon ritual, Julia’s wishes seem to be coming true. So why not wish for wild, unbridled passionate sex with hunky P.I. Marc Adams? Well, because when it happens, it’s so amazingly good, that’s why. Now, with the blue moon due to end in three days’ time, Julia can only wonder if it’s just a spell or the start of a whole new life…

Be careful of wishful thinking. It just might get you everything…

This title is still available for purchase.

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Insomnia, the new Nook, DWTS & Thanksgiving

So, I've had trouble sleeping at night for the past few weeks and it's driving me nuts.  I've tried (repeatedly -  nothing like a can-do attitude ::g::) re-reading books I love - but know well - in the hopes that the reading will help my brain get tired without me getting so involved in the story that I have to stay up to finish it.  Again.  It doesn't work!  There's a reason the books are on my re-read shelves (either in my library downstairs or the digital one on my computer).  They're good. :)  I mean, I'm not going to re-read a book that's boring, right?

Okay, so that doesn't work.  Neither does reading new books (though I've gone through dozens of them in the last weeks).  In the unlikely event I actually get tired, the story calls to me and I finish it before falling into slumber.  And while my brain may work well enough to read, it's not up to writing anything coherent at 3 AM.  The problem with insomnia is that I can be so physically tired my body aches and my mind is barely functioning, but I *cannot* go to sleep.

I've started light therapy and taking 5HTP again - hopefully I'll be sleeping at night again VERY soon. :)

But lets say I don't...staying up reading in an empty house is lonely.  Only I prefer the eBook readers with liquid ink.  Less strain on my eyes.  Can't read them in bed with Hubcap though.  I've tried reading lights and they fall off, get in the way and never give off enough light.  If they're bright enough, they keep him awake.  Sigh..

So, I'm thinking about getting the new Nook Tablet.  It's soooo cool!  Then I could read in bed without keeping Hubcap awake.  Right?  *That's* why I want it. LOL  Also, I can keep *all* my eBooks on it (except those on my Kindle, but it's not like I'm going to toss it our right?).  The only other place I can do that is my computer.  The Nook Tablet comes with more onboard memory than other eReaders and tablets,. it's sleek in design and weighs almost nothing.  Okay, okay, okay...I'll admit it, my inner geek is so wanting this piece of technology. :)  It's definitely on my hope-with-my-fingers-and-toes-crossed-I-get-it-for-Christmas list! What do you think of it?  Does anyone have it yet?  I'm not sure waiting for Christmas is going to work...

I mean if I got it, I could even keep up with news on my favorite shows, like Dancing With the Stars.  Who do you think is going to take home the Mirror Ball trophy?  I honestly don't know and all three of the finalists are favorites for different reasons.  Ricki Lake is an inspiration to me personally on so many levels and JR Martinez is both a heroic inspiration and a really nice guy.  Then there's Rob Kardashian who has worked his tushy off (not literally of course - he's got a very nice perdonkadonk - just don't tell Hubcap I said so) to improve and is now dancing at par with the other two.  I'm just amazed by all three of them and won't be disappointed no matter who walks home with the trophy.  Or dances rather. ;-)  We'll know tomorrow night, will you be watching with me?

Regardless of who wins, I'll have plenty to say, "Thank you" to God for on Thanksgiving.  My life is filled with the blessing of love.  It's not perfect, it's not always easy - but I have love and that's the most important thing to me.  My family fills my life with joy, despite my stupid agoraphobia and borderline social phobia.  So, even if it's hard to leave the house to go shopping and maybe I struggle with being online every once in a while - I'm so grateful to be me, because being me means I have 4 amazing children (by birth, adoption & marriage) and 2 young men I share with their families in Korea as sons, 2 healthy, loving, adorable and intelligent granddaughters and the best husband any woman could ever ask for.  Mom may be waiting in Heaven for me, but the rest of my family is here and will be showing up at my house on Sunday for our Thanksgiving-slash-winter birthdays celebration.

My Family at DQ's Wedding

Little Fashionista & Miss Sparklepants w/ Grandma :)
I am also extremely grateful for my friends, my readers and a publishing industry that lets me make a living doing what I adore!

The holidays are overwhelming to me, but they are worth every moment of stress as I share my delight in life, my gratitude to God and for my family with the ones whom I love and who love me most. :)

It's your turn:  what is on your Christmas wish list this year?  If I could have absolutely anything?  It would be a few hours to chat with my mom again from before her stroke - when she remembered everything. :)

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Thanksgiving Party with TRS!

Be sure to stop by The Romance Studio's Thanksgiving Party! There will be lots of giveaways and chats with authors! Check it out - I'll be giving away a copy of The Spy Who Wants Me!

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Bodyguards In Bed - Review

Bodyguards In Bed offers three stories by three great authors - here is one review of Lucy's story Who's Been Sleeping in My Brother's Bed?

Reader Review from
Bodyguards In Bed has three delightful and compelling stories. Each has an element of danger and intrigue to make these bodyguards jump into action to protect those they care about. The chemistry between all three couples is tantalizing and all out sexy. Lucy Monroe and Jamie Denton are auto buys for me. Elisabeth Naughton is a new author for me and I will be looking for her books from now on as well. Great job ladies.

(with Jamie Denton & Elizabeth Naughton)
Kensington Brava - June 2011 (05-31-11)
Trade Paperback
ISBN-10: 0758210337
ISBN-13: 978-0758210333

Whose Been Sleeping in my Brother’s Bed?

Roman Chernichenko’s baby sis is in trouble. She shows up at his apartment needing help and a safe place to be right now, but Roman is in Africa. Only the apartment’s not empty. One of his Atrati team is staying at Roman’s place while *his* apartment is under renovation. They’ve met — at Beau & Elle’s wedding. She thinks he’s freaking hot, he thinks she freakin’ off limits, being Roman’s baby sister and all. She might be an academic geek, but she knows what she wants and she sets out to get it — Mr. Hottie Super Soldier won’t know what hit him ... and beat him to the mattress after.

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Guest Author Interview - Margaret Mallory

Margaret Mallory has stopped by today for an interview. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your new release.

Let's get started....
What is your favorite thing to do when you are not writing?

My favorite things to do are reading and watching movies. Unfortunately, I’ve found I have a lot less time to do either since I became an author. When I can get away, I love to hike or travel with my family.

What books are sitting in your TBR pile right now?

The Viper by Monica McCarty, In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks, The Heir by Grace Burrowes, Taken by the Prince by Christina Dodd, Midnight’s Wild Passion by Anna Campbell, Lord Langley is Back in Town by Elizabeth Boyle, and Tempted by Fate by Kate Perry. That’s just one pile. I’m way behind on my reading!

How did you come up with the setting for THE RETURN OF THE HIGHLANDERS series?

Since I write adventurous romances, I look for a period with a lot of conflict. I found exactly what I wanted in the year 1513, in the wake of the Scots’ disastrous loss to Henry VIII’s forces at the Battle of Flodden. My four Highland heroes return from France to find their king and chieftain dead, a rebellion brewing, factions fighting for control of the crown, and their clan in grave danger.

I still had to decide where in the Highlands my heroes would call home, which meant finding a clan for them. When I discovered that the first chieftain of the MacDonalds of Sleat had six sons by six different women and that the animosity among the six sons led to two generations of murder, I knew I had found my clan. Consequently, my heroes return home to the beautiful Isle of Skye.

Please share something you found most interesting or fun you did to research your book?

I was very lucky to be able to take a trip to Scotland with my daughter to do research for this series, and the trip was amazing! (I have slide shows with photos from my trip on my website.) I turned in the manuscript for the first book, THE GUARDIAN, just before I got on the plane, but I knew I would have the opportunity to make changes if I found th
at the places in the book did not look like I had imagined them.

Seeing the ruins of “my” clan’s castles that I was using in my books was so incredible I wanted to weep. The Isle of Skye was gorgeous, and I kept finding new places I wanted to put in my books.

I had not planned to include Edinburgh in any of the books. After exploring Edinburgh Castle and going on an underground tour of medieval Edinburgh, I decided I had to send the hero and heroine of THE SINNER on a journey there. Thanks to my trip, my hero gets tossed into a cell in the bowels of Edinburgh Castle by the Duke of Albany. Such fun!

Action adventure or romantic comedy? What is your favorite movie lately?

I’ve seen one of each kind lately that I’d happily see a second time. I absolutely LOVED the young heroine in Hanna, a futuristic action-drama. (Eric Bana, who plays Hanna’s father, was a bonus.) I laughed my head off watching Bridesmaids. These two movies couldn’t be more different, but I enjoyed them both.

I’d love to respond to comments or questions! I’ll give a signed copy of THE GUARDIAN, Book of THE RETURN OF THE HIGHLANDERS, to one of the commenters. Thanks for having me as a guest, Lucy!

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Humpday Hottie!

A little dip in the hot tub with a hottie is sure to keep you warm on
these cold November nights!

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Art, Bullies & Myths

I just got done reading Marathon Cowboys by the very talented Sarah Black.  She poses an interesting dilemma that many artists (be they painters, writers or musicians) face.  That is: when does art get too real?  I've read books where authors use actual men or women in their lives to people the pages, seen paintings done of real life that are heart breaking and soul affirming, listened to music that cuts so close to the bone, you know its about something personal for both the songwriter and singer.  We all have.

I'll admit it was really disconcerting the first time I read a book where the heroine was named and styled after a mutual friend of the other author and myself.  I think there's a legal issue in there I'd never want to deal with and reading the love scenes was in a word - awkward, but I'll admit freely to seeing bits of my sisters and daughters in different heroines and my husband in all my heroes.  I explain it like this:  characters are like people in real life.  We rub off on each other the better we know each other.  Sometimes I'll say something that sounds just like my sister; sometimes I'll accuse my niece of channeling her older brothers.  It's life...we leave bits of ourselves on the people we touch and vice versa.  So too with characters, my characters are touched by my life and vice versa. :) [Which is a Latin phrase meaning the other way around, by the way.]

But when does borrowing (subconsciously or wholly aware) from life to make art work become invasive and unacceptable?  I can't answer as either an artist or inspiration for anyone else, only myself.

I've had people ask me to write them into a book and I've always refused because my characters are too real to me to be carbon copies of people I know.  I've used names that are similar to or exactly that of my children or nieces and nephews, but with characteristics wholly different from their namesakes. I'm not sure I could do that now they're all adults (or close to it)'s too hard for me to write feeling the constraints of what a character is supposed to be rather than what they simply are.  And Heaven forbid someone thought I was saying they were like that, when the character is nothing like them at all. :)

The exception?  Villains (both male and female).  I've used the names of people who have hurt me, or those I loved to moniker the least likable of my characters, the ones I don't try to redeem.  It's pretty cathartic really. :) helped me works through some of my deepest abandonment issues with my dad and the stepfather I called Dad until he walked out of my life without a backward glance.

But it's kind of like reality what point does the artist (or viewer) need to step back because courtesy and compassion are not dead anachronisms in our society?  I love Dancing With the Stars, but was wholly unprepared to do a search on reaction to the show one week only to find this incredible amount of animosity and hatred being directed toward Kim Kardashian, who isn't a contestant even - just the sibling to one.  Whether or not reality stars are what I like to think of as celebrities, I was absolutely appalled by the bullying going on and the clear numbness to it in evidence.  Really?  In the name of art...or public reaction to it - we're going to turn a blind eye to behavior that would have made my mother cry.

She was such an amazing woman, my mom and some days I miss her so bad, I can barely breathe...but she taught us that bullying was wrong.  As a customer (who might always be right, but who should darn well be courteous), as a student, as a person - full stop, period.

When I was in the fourth grade, my mom got called to my school.  (Mom got called to school more often for me - her straight A student - than my pot smoking brother or kleptomaniac sister.  Thank goodness my two oldest siblings and the youngest weren't quite as demanding, or Mom would never have survived our school years.)  Anyway, back to my got called because I was boycotting my classroom.  Why?  Some of the kids were bullying my best friend and the teacher hadn't made them stop, or apologize.  A favorite teacher, she was not spared my wrath however.  Not when it came to tolerating meanness.  Mom refused to tell me to go back to class.  The principal and my teacher were beside themselves, even more so when Mom gave them a lesson in teaching morals, not just the three Rs. ;-)  The kids were made to apologize and you know - they never bullied my friend again.  Some meanness can be stopped and should.

I don't think boycotting certain websites is going to stop the cyber trolls from their nasty work, but it will stop at least one person from feeding :)  Yep, I still boycott bullies.  There are fan sites for shows I no longer visit because the other fans spend way more time stirring up animosity toward others than focusing on why they love the show.  There is one book review site I won't ever link to or even link to other sites that link to it.  There are others I visit rarely because of their tendency toward bullying and I've stopped reading reviews (of my books and others) that start with any sort of bullying language.  Maybe it won't make a difference to the bullies, but it will to will to the writer or personality I stand up for verbally or with my own reader review.

And to bring this full circle, have I ever named a villain after these particular bullies?  Nope.  Mom taught me that too...don't give bullies recognition of any kind.  They thrive on attention and I won't be giving it to them.

Where do myths come in?  Well, it's the myth that people in the public eye should have to put up with anything and everything because they chose their lifestyle.  Mom said malarkey on that and so do I.  Is a celebrated actor under more scrutiny than a grocery clerk?  Most certainly.  Should we be rude to either just because we can?  Certainly not.

It's your turn: going back to the would you feel about finding yourself starring as the lead in a book, or the focal point of a well-known painting or the subject of a song that thousands of others are going to hear on the radio?

Weekly Prize Giveaway!

Be sure to enter November's contest each week for your chance to win a title from Lucy's backlist. Just leave a comment on any post that is open to comments and you are entered in the drawing. We are bringing back some oldies but goodies. This weeks title is....

Originally published July 2008
1st Book in Mercenary Trilogy Ready, Willing & Able
Mass Market Paperback
Kensington Brava
ISBN-10: 075820874X
ISBN-13: 978-0758208743

Reader Review:
"Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I LOVE your book 'Ready'. I can't put it down, I can't wait for the other two books to come out. You make the characters come to life, and I like that you make them with a soft side to them and not all hard and uncaring. I like a little mystery in combine with romance in an well written book. Keep up the good work and I'm counting the months until 'Willing' & 'And Able' come out. Thank You for the great escape from reality for a little while." ~ Michele

All Three books in this series are available for purchase: Ready, Willing, And Able

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Contest Winners!

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November Events - Be Sure to check them out!

Hey everyone - Promo Gal here. I wanted to take a moment and remind you of two amazing events that Lucy is participating in this month! Stop by and join in the fun and maybe even win a prize or two.

Click here November 19-22 to join the party.

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Guest Author Interview and Excerpt - Serena Zane

Welcome Serena! I'm excited to learn more about your newest release Moonlight in a Pickup Truck. Sounds like a great book that I need to get in my TBR pile.

One more night… is it worth the risk to lose everything for a chance at love? Placing your heart on the line is hard to do, especially when there is doubt that the love is returned in the same way. Her best friend is leaving for the Navy and this is her last opportunity to reveal her true feelings, but will she have the courage?

Excerpt from the novel:
Anticipation. Wasn’t there a saying somewhere, anticipation only makes things better? I could only wish. And what was it anyways?
My stomach felt tied in knots. I tried to dim down the feeling of apprehension that threatened to overwhelm and make me toss my cute little outfit back in the closet never to be seen again. Three years was an eternity for anyone to wait when there was no end in sight.
With a quick look in the mirror, I adjusted the green silk corset I wore pulling the strings tighter. My breasts plumped up and I smiled at the result. I actually looked like a girl. Not that he'd
notice. I groaned. If he hadn’t noticed in three years, then he wasn’t about to notice now. Slipping the jade necklace I borrowed from Mom over my head, I couldn’t help but feel good as the heavy brooch fell right at the top of my cleavage. Not anything to write home about, but I’d made my best effort to impress.
One more night, one more night to catch the attention of the man I’d dreamt about almost every time I closed my eyes for the last three years.

Serena, Let me ask you a few questions before you leave....

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not writing?

When I am not writing my favorite thing to do is participate in the Society of Creative Anachronism, Inc. We research and recreate the Middle Ages. I specifically study the lat 16th century and play a lady-in-waiting in Queen Elizabeth’s court. It has taught me how to sew elaborate costumes, I get to play my violin with other musicians with English Country Dances, and I sing songs by 16th Century composers. I also fight in armor and learn rapier fighting like the cavilers from late period England. I have been participating in the SCA for 17 years.

2. Please, share something you found most interesting or fun that you did to research for a book.

The most intriguing thing that I have done since beginning my writing career, was my research for my second book, Crystal Clear. The book is based in Bend, Oregon and my husband and I decided when we got married that we would honeymoon there. We investigated the lava caves where my heroine gets kidnapped, hiked through the same forest, and went white water rafting just like she did. Also, since Cindy Hawke the heroine was a small aircraft pilot, so to experience what she did, my friend Annie took me up in a Cessna. She had me take off, fly, and land. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, and would love to do again sometime.

3. How did you come up with setting for Moonlight in a Pickup Truck?

Moonlight in a Pickup Truck is pulled from a very personal experience that I had as a young woman. The setting is real, which was the cab of an old truck on the boat ramp up at Waha Lake in Lewiston, Idaho late one night and created my story around that night. Each of my settings is based in a place I have either been, or researched carefully so I can create a visceral place for my readers.

Thanks Serena for sharing your newest release with us and giving a great interview! I want to remind my readers that Moonlight in a Pickup Truck is available now on, Barnes &, Outblast, and

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Guest Author Interview - Heidi Rice

Heidi Rice has stopped by today for an interview. She is the author of some amazing books such as Bedded by a Bad Boy, The Mile-High Club, Pleasure Pregnancy and a Proposition and Public Affair, Secretly Expecting she is about ready to release her latest book, On the First Night of Christmas this November 30th.

Welcome Heidi, we look forward to the opportunity to know you better.

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not writing?
Probably researching about my next American Road Trip with my best mate Catri. We take a two-week break every couple of years, leaving our husbands and kids behind, get a cheap flight to the US, hire a car and hit the road. We met in college on an American Studies course when we bonded over our love of James Dean, Jack Kerouac and western movies, and we spend a huge amount of time surfing the internet and coming up with places off and on the beate
n track to visit for our next trip. Over the years a few of our top spots have included Monument Valley, Shoshone Death Valley, Nantahala National Forest in the Smokies, St Michaels in Maryland, Big Sur and Marfa Texas, but we’re always on the lookout for somewhere new that will blow our minds. Thelma and Louise eat your hearts out!

2. What books are sitting in your TBR pile right now? What book are you currently reading?
Very soon to be sitting in my TBR pile (once I persuade her to send me a copy) will be Kimberly Lang’s The Power and the Glory, the second in her Marshalls trilogy for HP. I’m currently reading JD Robb’s New York to Dallas. I’ve devoured all Nora’s Eve Dallas books and me and Roarke have a bit of a thing going now. (But don’t mention it to Eve or I’m liable to get my butt kicked!)

3. Please, share something you found most interesting or fun that you did to research for a book.
By far my favourite research for books is interviewing people with interesting occupations. People can be so fascinating, especially if they’re doing something they love. I interviewed a gorgeous Italian-Argentine architect for Unfinished Business with the Duke and a fe
male lifeguard for the opening scene in Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger — who pointed out that if my heroine strapped my hero to a rescue board before she got him ashore (as I’d originally written the scene) she’d probably break his back. Good to know!

4. How did you come up with the setting for On the First Night of Christmas?
London is my home town. I was born and bred here and I really feel the city comes into its own at Christmas time, so as a setting for this book it was a no-brainer really. And I couldn’t resist having Jace and Cassidy do a lot of the things my family and I now consider Christmas traditions – going to the funfair in Hyde Park, window--shopping along Oxford Street, watching the fireworks on the Thames for New Year, ice-skating at Somerset House, to name but a few.

5. Action adventure or romantic comedy? What is your favorite movie lately?
Being a hopeless romantic I lean more towards rom-com than action movies but my favourite movie lately has to be a wonderfully random (and rather rude) little indie comedy called Cedar Rapids about a convention of insurance salesmen in Iowa. It has a lovely message about the value of true friendships, was laugh out loud hilarious in places and has a great in-joke for devotees of the HBO show The Wire, of which I am one, so it ticked all my boxes.

Thanks Heidi, this was a fun interview! I wanted to let readers know that Heidi has agreed to come back after Thanksgiving to give us an excerpt of her newest release, On the First Night of Christmas.

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Humpday Hottie!

Care to go for a ride...?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Weekly Prize Giveaway!

Be sure to enter November's contest each week for your chance to win a title from Lucy's backlist. Just leave a comment on any post that is open to comments and you are entered in the drawing. We are bringing back some oldies but goodies. This weeks title is....

Originally published October 2006
by Lucy Monroe
Book 3 in Historical Trilogy Touch Me, Tempt Me & Take Me
Berkley Sensation
ISBN 0425212211

"Ever since Lucy Monroe started this series I have been waiting for Jared's story, and TAKE ME more then makes up for the wait. Ms Monroe is one of the few authors who I will read no matter what she writes and TAKE ME is a good reason why. You do not have to read the first two books in this series in order to read TAKE ME, but after you finish you will be running to the store to get the other two." —Barb Hicks, The Best Reviews

This book is still available for purchase.

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Weekly Contest Winner!

It has been a fun week on the blog with two great authors guest blogging with us. Thank you Kate Hardy and Lori Foster for your interviews.

The winner of this weeks blog contest is.....

Thanks for visiting my blog this week! Please email me with your name and address so I can get your copy of The Greek's Innocent Virgin in the mail. Happy Reading.

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Guest Author Interview - Lori Foster

Happy Friday everyone! We have a special guest with us today - Lori Foster! Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a Waldenbooks, Borders, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette and Samhain. She is currently with Berkley/Jove.

Let's dive into some questions!

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not writing?
[Lori said:] I’m very involved with my family, so anything fun with them is perfect. Every Sunday is dedicated to “family day” and the kids come by with their significant others, and my grandson... it’s always enjoyable. But other than Sunday, I love to be near water. I love to boat and water ski and swim... You can probably tell by the number of lakes I write into my books that I love life near a lake. J Coffee tastes better while watching the sun rise over the water. Evenings are more peaceful seeing the moon reflect on the lake. Water is such a calming influence.

2. What books are sitting in your TBR pile right now? What book are you currently reading?
[Lori said:] I recently located some oldies by some of my favorite authors, so I’m re-reading a bunch of those! Linda Howard, Catherine Coulter, Jayne Ann Krentz, Elizabeth Lowell... I love revisiting characters. But I also keep up with Kresley Cole. LOVE her work.

3. Please, share something you found most interesting or fun that you did to research for a book.

[Lori said:] I’ve taken police seminars to learn about current threats, procedures, etc... I also did a ride-along (more than one, actually) with police to see the happenings, to sort of soak up their routines and how they react to things. I’m very, very nervous around guns – and especially nervous around tasers! But I love talking with police officers and fire fighters and getting their take on things.

4. How did you come up with names - or - setting - or - character occupations - or - plot, etc. for Buckhorn Beginnings?

[Lori said:] Buckhorn Beginnings is a reissue of two older books (part of a 5 book series – others will be reissued soon) and back when I first wrote those books, coming up with original but “normal” names was easier. Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan, and Casey... those were the original titles – just names, and I LOVE those names still. They were probably favorites left over from back when I chose names for my sons. These days, after 80 some books, it is MUCH harder to find names I love.

The setting... well, see question #1. I LOVE lakes. Growing up, I spent every summer on a lake in Williamstown, Kentucky. When we woke in the morning we put on our swimsuits and left them on until we changed into our PJs at night. It wasn’t really a summer house, more like a tiny fishing cabin – one bedroom (Mom and Dad slept on a fold-out couch) with a small, L-shaped kitchen, dining, sitting area. We lived on the deck and the dock. LOL.

Now I have my own lake house and I STILL love it. So often, when I’m plotting, the characters just somehow end up near lakes. My muse must like lake-life as much as I do!

Occupations for the Buckhorn Brothers (original series name for Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan and Casey) was easy too, because they were influential to their small town. That meant doctor, sheriff, vet... and then a handyman. J All vital to the denizens, all “go to” guys.

5. Action adventure or romantic comedy? What is your favorite movie lately?

[Lori said:] Horror! Always my #1 pick. The scarier the better. A cheesy scary movie is better than an okay adventure or comedy.

But after horror, I’d go with action adventure, and then comedy, and then romantic comedy. Dramas are out – I have no patience for them. Anything that I KNOW will make me cry? Forget it.
But hubby and I are huge movie buffs and we go at least once a week, often more if there are movies we want to see. Twice a week is the norm for us. About the only time I’m not plotting on a book is when I’m sitting in a theater watching a GOOD movie. (If the movie isn’t good, odds are I’ll be plotting again. LOL)

Thanks for the great questions! I have one for readers: Which of my secondary characters would they like to see have a book? It’s not uncommon for characters to resonate with readers in a way that they don’t with me. I see them strictly as supporting characters, and readers will see them as a lead.

Along the same lines, which of my series would they like to see continued with other characters? Seems every time I end a series, readers ask me for more – when I don’t have more. So I’m curious, if you could see me continue a series, which one would it be?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Guest Author Interview - Kate Hardy

As many of my readers know, I love getting to know new people and learning about their stories. I'm excited that Kate has dropped by today for an interview. Welcome Kate Hardy.

1. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not writing?

If it’s a weekend, my favourite thing is to go for a walk on the beach with my husband and children. (It usually involves ice cream – and it doesn’t matter if it’s winter, either!) We’ve had a real Indian summer this year; normally, paddling in the North Sea in October would be unthinkable, but this year it was fun! I also love cooking, and I’m having a great time teaching my littlest to bake at the moment.

2. What books are sitting in your TBR pile right now? What book are you currently reading?

I have to confess that I own TBR bookcase rather than a TBR pile! They include the newest releases by Susanna Kearsley and Rachel Hore, and I’m also waiting for the new Kristan Higgins to arrive. I’m currently reading one of Julie Cohen’s backlist that I’ve been meaning to read for a while but managed to mislay it – Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom. I love Julie’s books and they make me laugh out loud for the right reasons.

3. Please, share something you found most interesting or fun that you did to research for a book.

One of my very favourite research experiences was when I was writing Champagne With a Celebrity – which is actually about a perfume house (and I so regret that I couldn’t talk my ed into keeping my working title of ‘Scents and Sensibility’). The way I saw it, I couldn’t write about a man who makes perfume without having any idea how it was done. So I went on a course to make perfume; best of all, it was a one-to-one, so I could grill my teacher about all the bits I wanted to know. There were eighteen different ‘notes’ (card strips dipped into the perfume) and I had to sort them into ‘love’, ‘hate’ and ‘maybe’ piles. Then it was a matter of blending the ones I liked – and I ended up making something quite similar to own favourite perfume (Dior’s Addict – I just LOVE the vanilla and amber notes). And I had great fun imagining my hero and heroine in that situation, and taking it much further!

4. How did you come up with the setting for A Moment on the Lips?

This is my gelati book (mainly because I bought an ice-cream maker last summer and thoroughly enjoyed experimenting, and the kids worked out immediately that I was planning to write an ice-cream book). Originally I was going to set it in my part of the world; there’s an amazing shop that does over 50 flavours, and I had plans to combine my favourite relaxation with a bit of research, i.e. a walk on the beach and then visit the shop. Several visits, in fact, so we could work our way through all the flavours. (The lavender one was really unusual!) Then my ed said she wanted it set in Italy, not England. We’d recently visited Sorrento, so I jumped at the chance to set the book in Naples (we climbed Vesuvius, which is one of the most awesome places ever, so when I finally saw the UK cover and realized Vesuvius was on it, I was so thrilled).

The only thing was, I was planning the book during half term - when we were on the train to Paris. (We had a bit of a mad travel year, last year!) So I couldn’t resist whisking my hero and heroine off to Paris and making them do some of the things we did in Paris – including standing under the pyramid in the Louvre to get rainbows in our hair, and climbing to the top of the Arc de Triomphe to see the Eiffel Tower sparkling on the hour. (It was bitterly cold when we did it, and I insisted we stayed up until the hour but refused to tell my husband and children why, only that it would be worth it. And it was!)

5. Action adventure or romantic comedy? What is your favorite movie lately?

I love the cinema, but most of the time we go it’s as a treat for the children during school holidays – which means most of the time it’s going to be a comedy (though I did manage to talk my daughter into seeing Inception last year – she hated it, whereas her brother and I thought it was great). We do still enjoy animated films, but it’s getting harder to find films that both of them like; my littlest prefers musicals (she’s just a little too young to enjoy romcoms), whereas my eldest likes sci-fi and action movies.

My favourite film this year, by a very long way, is ‘The King’s Speech’ – beautifully acted, beautifully scripted, and a wonderful score.


Kate is giving away a signed copy of A Moment on the Lips. Just leave her a comment below and she will contact the winner. Good luck!

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Humpday Hottie!

A little midweek inspiration from a hottie.
Just a minute longer and then I'll be ready for the rest
of the day....sigh!

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Weekly Prize Giveaway!

Be sure to enter November's contest each week for your chance to win a title from Lucy's backlist. Just leave a comment on any post that is open to comments and you are entered in the drawing. We are bringing back some oldies but goodies. This weeks title is....

Originally published May 2005
ISBN: 0-373-12464-3

Greek tycoon Sebastian Kouros thinks he knows all about Rachel Long: she’s a scheming money-grabber who deserves nothing from him or his family. Rachel has come to Sebastian’s island to claim her inheritance – but although the bitterness between them is ripe, neither is expecting their searing sexual chemistry. Sebastian takes Rachel to his bed, but it appears she’s not the virgin she claims to be. Perhaps now is the time to take her as his mistress, and discard her when he sees fit…

Only Rachel is telling the truth – she’s an innocent and a virgin…

This title is still available for purchase.

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