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Guest Blog - Erin Nicholas

Welcome Erin Nicholas! I'm so excited that you are visiting with us today!

What I Don’t Write

First, I’m so happy to be here on Lucy’s blog again with all of you! Thanks for stopping by today! (And I have a giveaway at the end, so stick around!)

Typically writers spend a lot of time talking about what they write. That makes sense. When you meet a writer, it’s good to know is she or he writes something you’d like to read. But sometimes it’s worth talking about what I don’t write. See, I have a new book coming out November 8th and in talking about the book, someone mentioned that the title Hotblooded would be a great title for an erotic vampire romance. I about snorted my tea—erotic vampire romances are just about opposite of what I write!

Because I don’t write:
Shape shifters, vampires, aliens, wizards and witches—as a reader I love it (well… not all of it but that’s a post for another time) but I don’t write it. At least not so far. I grew up with The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings and I love Harry Potter so, it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility for me to write a paranormal someday, but for now, when you pick up one of my books you will find human beings, who stay human beings and do not drink blood (I sincerely doubt I’ll ever write a vampire romance. Just sayin’.)

Again, as a reader, love ‘em. As a writer… well, I thought about this and I suppose it’s because the story ideas and characters that come to me always present themselves in the, well, present. And I’d always be worried about accidentally having a regency period character check his e-mail on his iphone.


There are no serial killers, sociopaths or unsolved mysteries in my books. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an occasional villain/ bad guy (or girl) and there are definitely “eccentric” characters but I like sexual tension/ will-they-do-it? to be what keeps people reading past midnight rather than who-done-it?

Un-happily ever afters.
I also don’t read these. At least not on purpose. I don’t want main characters to die, true loves to be separated, or the happily ever after to be ruined or even postponed.

So what I do write:
Steamy, fun contemporary romance. (These definitions are what I mean by these terms )

Steamy= there are definitely sex scenes in my books. More than one. And may involve food, toys and graphic-ish terms.

Fun= I like humor in my books and I like to write eccentric secondary characters and funny small towns.

Contemporary= we covered this above

Romance= true love, forever and ever, happily ever after… all the good stuff!

Besides the erotic vampire romance conversation, Hotblooded brings some of this up because it is all of what I do write (a steamy, fun, contemporary romance) but, when I describe what brings the hero and heroine together it sounds a little… well, depressing.

See, our heroine, Brooke Donovan is back in her hometown (which she hates) to help staff the tiny medical clinic with her husband. It’s supposed to be temporary and he’s supposed to be her buffer. But he’s killed in a car accident and now she’s stuck.

I know! Not really uplifting huh?

Our hero, Jack Silver, feels responsible for her husband’s death and he’s determined to make it up to her somehow. But she won’t let him help her. Oh, and he doesn’t want to fully confess what happened.

Yeah, not getting funnier is it?

But it is! Honest. There are funny moments, sexy moments, sweet moments. Brooke is feisty, Jack is sexy…

Well, here’s the description I finally put together for the book:
Her mama always said the women in their family were hotblooded…

Brooke Donovan never wanted to see her hometown, Honey Creek, Texas, again. And if it weren’t for her late husband’s deal with the town to repay their student loans in exchange for medical care, she wouldn’t be here now. She certainly doesn’t intend to stay. In eight months she’ll be debt free and will have proven to Honey Creek that she doesn’t need anyone. Until the one man who can make her rethink everything shows up.

Doctor Jack Silver is used to being a hero. So when he feels responsible for Brooke’s husband’s death, he travels across the state of Texas to give her the only thing he can offer— money. But instead of a grieving widow, he finds a gorgeous, feisty woman who’s trying to survive in a town that wants her gone. The medical clinic she runs is at risk for going belly up. Thank goodness. This is something Jack can fix. He steps in as the supervising physician, determined to get the clinic—and Brooke—back on their feet. Whether she likes it or not.

Product warnings: Contains a hotblooded woman, a man who really likes that about her, a town with a long memory, and a cappuccino machine that makes it all worthwhile.

So, maybe you can see why it’s good to sometimes talk about what I don’t write as well as what I do write.

What I also do is give stuff away! The book isn’t out yet so I can’t give it away—though I’d love to (and if you’d like a chance to win it, you can join my reader group where I always give lots of stuff away!)—so instead, I’ll give away a Starbucks gift card in honor of the fabulous cappuccino machine that plays a part in Hotblooded! Winner will be chosen from today's comments and posted on my website!
Just comment here to get entered! I’m curious—as a reader, what do you look for in a book’s description to
a) make sure you check it out
b) make sure you don’t?
c) is there an element that, if it showed up in a book unexpectedly, would make you stop reading?

Thanks for visiting with me today everyone!
Erin Nicholas


marybelle said...

I will check out any book, of whatever genre, if it sounds interesting to me. I can't pinpoint exactly what that might be. The only reason I stop reading a book is if I just can't get in to it. I need to have a vested interest in the characters.

Virginia said...

I mostly read contempory, historical, and suspense but I will read other things also. I am not real sure what draws me to a book. Most of the time if I start a book I will finish that book. There has only been a couple of books that I just couldn't finish and I guess with those I just couldn't connect with the characters.


i read anything romance as long as it has a happy ending :)

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

I read most everything -- except I've not gotted into the vampire thing... and I finish most everything I start [ok, so I didn't finish Great Expectations in the 9th grade - but it was boring]

Anne said...

It's the cover which gets me to check out the book's description. It's probably the book genre which makes me continue, but I like almost everything. I'm a tad tired of historicals of any type and dystopian isn't my thing, but I've read a couple. As long as the blurb sounds good, I'll give it a try.

The one thing that turns me off immediately is a crime/thriller/suspense with children/teens/animals being tortured and killed if it's descriptive. I've stopped reading books by Beverly Barton and a couple others because of that.

I've stopped reading a few YAs recently. I've decided what might seem novel to a young reader is trite and overdone by this 48 year old voracious reader. But, if the writer is really good they can make it work even for me.

Judy said...

What a fun post! Of course, I was drawn in first thing by the mention of LOTR, Chronicles, and HP. If it doesn't have a happy ending, I don't want to read it in a romance. I've read a few paranormal. I tend to read more contemporary and historical. The first thing that draws me to a book is the writer. If I'm looking at trying a new writer, then I tend to be pretty open to almost anything. That being said, I'm less likely to choose a book where the characters hate each other and blame each other for all the problems in their life. I tend to try to finish any book I start, even ones I don't care for, in the hopes it will improve. There have to be several problems with the book before I give up on it. Infidelity and deliberately hurting someone else in the name of love (and I don't mean the kind of leaving them to protect them kind of hurting) are two things that will have me snapping a book closed and dumping it in the recycling bin.

catslady said...

That was original with telling what you don't write lol. Actually I have never quit on a book and usually I'm glad I haven't because some just can be slow starters. I like variety too so there aren't too many books that I wouldn't pick up. If I like the characters, the author can take me anywhere!

Lucy Monroe said...

What a great blog! And how fabulous to have one of my original critique partners and dearest writing friends guesting on my blog. Thanks so much for stopping by, Erin. The book sound wonderful and I think maybe in another life of these characters...I read their story once. :)

I HIGHLY recommend Erin's work...she's a fantastic writer and her books are even better than her blogs!

Maria D. said...

I don't look for anything specific in the book description to draw me's kind of an overall feel to the book..does the cover attract there anything in the blurb that would turn me off..can I read an excerpt of the book somewhere to see if the writer's style is good for I have a history with this author or is it recommended by a friend or review site I trust....that sort of's kind of a process with for what would me me stop reading...if something happens with the character that is just too ridiculous for words or if the character is too stupid to live ...that would make me stop...I pretty much finish every book I read...can only think of maybe two or three in my lifetime I didn't finish. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jane said...

In any book I always look for characters who make you care what happens to them and they definitely have to be likable. A book that become stagnant in the middle can make me quit reading the book.

Brenda D. said...

I read contemporary or paranormal mostly. Sometimes the cover draws me in, other times it's the reviews. I have to have some element of romance in a book or I can't stay interested. It also helps if the characters feel real. I prefer a story with a HEA. I could not read about rape or abuse in detail.

Erin Nicholas said...

Hi everyone! How fun to be here and sorry I'm popping in late (unfortunately not that unusual for me :))!! It's always fun to read what readers think and look for. And Lucy, you have read this book-- or a version of it anyway! I wondered if you'd recognize it!! LOL. Thanks for having me!!

Di said...

first things to draw me to a book are the author (if I'm familiar with them) and/or the cover. One thing I don't like is a one of the major characters dying. That happened once, I was very upset, did finish the book just to see if that reversed somehow, haven't read another book by that author.

Leni said...

The things that would make me pick up,read, or buy a book are:
an author I already enjoy reading
reading an author interview, book review, word of mouth, or a good looking cover
If it has well developed characters and shows some kind of growth I'll be pulled into the story.

erahime said...

The cover is a must for grabbing my attention. It could be the image, it could be the name, and/or it could be the author. That goes both ways in books that I steer clear of.

There are also details/plot devices/etc. that grabs my attention and makes me not continue reading the book. For example, I don't the plot device of infidelity. In some historicals, like an arranged marriage and/or marriage of convenience, such a thing can occur during the marriage before the couple begins to fall in love. I try to steer clear away from that. It just isn't my thing.

Lastly, that's a nice cover for your book, Ms. Nicholas! It's nice to have "met" you!

Kim B said...

Let's see...

If it is written by Erin Nicholas, I read it. No description necessary. ;)

Erin Nicholas said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone! It was fun!

The winner of the giveaway is girlygirlhoosier52!!!

E-mail me at and I'll get it to you ;)