Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest - Dan with ADP

A note from Lucy: Knowing several of our lurking blog readers have their own small businesses, I wanted to pass on my great experience switching my payroll from a CPA firm to Dan with ADP. It's *HARD* running a small business when the creative side (writing, etc.) takes the bulk of our time. Having someone else handle payroll, even for part-timers is a huge blessing as many of us can attest to. So, without further's Dan!

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Thank you Lucy for giving me the opportunity to tell your readers and fellow writers about ADP Small Business Payroll and HR Services and the ways it can benefit them, their business and their employees!

I’ve been working with ADP for 12 years helping employers with less than 50 employees handle federal, state and local taxes affiliated with their payrolls. The part of my career I find most rewarding is creating a solution in which ADP can remove the time consuming, stressful and risky aspects of payroll, taxes and HR.  Although you may not think a business or a writer with a small staff would benefit from our programs, over 70% of my clients have fewer than 10 employees and a very high percentage have less than 5.  All of my costs are broken out by number of employees to ensure you’re only paying for services which truly benefit your business.  Lucy is a perfect example of a small client I was really able to help with her staff of 3 in 2 different states!

Lucy is utilizing ADP’s web-based RUN payroll program which allows her to process her payroll 24/7 365 and view all her payroll and tax totals from both an employee and employer perspective before processing, ensuring her payroll is always 100% accurate. ADP files all Lucy's tax documents and takes care of paying all payroll taxes as part of her ADP package. (Note from Lucy: this is my FAVORITE part. Taxes are just a tad scary! ::g::)

ADP can also benefit and protect a Small Business in numerous other ways including: workers compensation insurance, simple IRA and 401k plans and web-based time and attendance programs.

Although I’m based in the Portland area with my wife Meghan, one-year old daughter Linleigh and dog Bantry, because ADP is a true national payroll provider I would welcome the opportunity to work with other writers or business owners from around the country.

I can be reached via e-mail or on my office line (503) 513-7947.
Thank you again for the opportunity to drop by and blog about something that’s not exactly a sexy topic, but one that is critical to anyone with current or future employees!

When you reach out to me please mention that you found me through Lucy’s blog and I’ll take $175 off the $200 initial implementation costs.


marybelle said...

I love the fact that you are sharing. I know when I find a great business for anything, I'm happy to tell the world too.

Judy said...

New Goal: Do well enough to need to employ others and need this service. Thanks for sharing this, as I've actually thought about what if and had no idea where to even start. Now I do. :-)

Maria D. said...

Very informative post! I hope to one day own a small business and didn't know ADP worked with businesses that were this small so this is great knowledge to have for the future. Thanks!

Anne said...

This was a novel post!

Lucy Monroe said...

Yeah...Dan is great...and ADP really works for me. For instance, my daughter can run payroll while I'm in Europe because it's so easy. :)

Virginia said...

Interesting post! I don't own any type of business but I could see where this would be a great factor for them. Thanks for sharing the info with us.

Jane said...

I don't have a business either, but I've tried to do taxes myself and I always end up going to a CPA.

catslady said...

Always nice to learn new things and isn't the internet great for getting the word out!!