Monday, August 22, 2011

Stuff We Do to Make a Difference

I've always believed in the "power of one".  My mom taught us that we could make a difference if we chose to - being one more body at a rally for something we believed in, voting with one voice that could tip the scales, reaching out to someone in need, giving even $1 to a cause we can get behind, sponsoring one child through World Vision, or the like...we can make a difference.  Mom's gone now, but her legacy of giving is still alive and strong.

September is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with close family members and friends that are breast cancer survivors, I want to do my part to raise awareness and fight breast cancer.  

A Passion for the Cure
Sponsored by Lucy Monroe LLC

This September 18, 2011, we will join more than 40,000 runners, walkers and volunteers for the 20th Annual Komen Portland Race for the Cure. As one person in a crowd of thousands, I am accepting a challenge to make a difference.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. When I stop to think of the friends, aunts, neighbors, mothers and grandmothers in my life, I can easily think of eight women. And I do not want to see a single one suffer from this terrible disease.

I want to make a difference for our children, so they may have the promise of a full life.
It’s clear that Komen has made a difference in the last 20 years. 20 years ago, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer diagnosed at its earliest stage was 74%. Now we celebrate that it is 98%. But, until no one fears a diagnosis of breast cancer, we still have a lot of work to do.

For the first 100 people that join my team (hey...if you don't live locally, or can't make the race, you can SLEEP IN for thecure...really) and/or donate (suggested gift - $20 or more), I will personally donate $10 to the Race for the Cure and *send you a signed copy of one of my books (title TBD by my admin).

*To receive a signed copy of one of my books, email your name and address to my admin after joining the team and/or making your donation at the above link(s).

It's your turn: let's share some positive stuff and do our best to live by Mom's motto of making a difference once person at a time.  What is your favorite charity or cause to support?  If you've got a link, share it so others can join you. :)


Virginia said...

This is a wonderful thing your are doing and its a great cause!

krisgils33 said...

Kudos to you, Lucy, for all you are doing!!

My only contribution is to belong to several organizations that support deployed soldiers. I adopt soldiers to send care packages, participate in writing letters and Christmas cards, and also contribute Halloween candy (which is a great way to get it out of my house!!).

Here are my 2 favorites:

catslady said...

That is a wonderful cause.

My husband and I volunteer at our local American Legion. He has been Vice Commander for 4 years and that includes quite a bit and I help out whenever I can. They have quite a few parties and fund raising and social events. They provide many things for the vets - in hospitals and overseas too. One of my favorites is passing on books (the ones I'm willing to give up lol). Anyone can now join a legion as a social member. You only need to have served to be an officer.

Anne said...

I have two: the local animal shelter and the Red Cross. The Red Cross was there for me when my apt. building had a fire and I was displaced. I didn't think it did "little" things like that.

Judy F said...

That is great you are doing that.
I am walking for Alzheimer's in honor of my dad who passed away Jan 2010 of the disease.

I also support the freestore food bank. Local food pantry.

Jane said...

I give to Doctors Without Borders and Autism Speaks. These two are my favorites.

Maria said...

I support two is Alex's Lemonade Stand - which raises funds for Childrens Cancer Research and I also support Autism Speaks to raise awarness for that disease. Then I do some winter time charity work too - through work I give food to a local food bank, collect books for children's literacy, contribute to the Salvation Army and to Samaritan's Purse...they aren't huge donations but I contribute something to all of them as I can

Judy said...

These are some wonderful causes. And I've added a few I'd like to look into more deeply. I've done Race for the Cure with my sister for several years. I donate books to Friends of the local library. They sell them to raise funds for the library.

Sonali said...

Its a wonderful thing that your doing Lucy. I also support a cancer foundation here in Fiji. WOW Foundation - the walk on walk strong foundation. It supports children who are fighting cancer in the Pacific. We just had a benefit show 2 weeks ago.

Lucy Monroe said...

For Author Ann Marie:

me... favorite all time...(a spiritual community for the homeless in Georgia)...Pastor Bob Book and his wife, Holly, maintain a consistent presence on the streets and each month they hold a foot clinic...I never send cash but socks and flipflops and footcare products...I think this is a great charity because without healthy feet our homeless really have nothing at all.

Lucy Monroe said...

Thank you all, so much, for sharing. Together, we do make a difference in our world and like our favorite fiction - romance, maybe make just a little bit nicer, huh?

Leni said...

I gave all of the clothing that I didn't wear to a family friend so that her church could have them for their outreach program.
I'm just glad that someone will be able to wear the clothes because most of them hadn't been worn because they didn't fit.

Mariee said...

I'm a big animal lover so my favorite charities are the once that help animal in need. I donate to and volunteer at our local shelter.