Thursday, August 18, 2011

Excerpt from Dragon's Moon (WIP)

Thought you might enjoy a little taste of what I've been working so diligently on for the past weeks.

This is the 4th book in the Children of the Moon series and the follow on to Moon Burning, but you'll get to revisit characters from all three previous books as well.

Let me know what you think!

Excerpt from Dragon's Moon (WIP - Working Title)
(c) Lucy Monroe
Berkley Release TBD 2012
*All Rights Reserved*

Do not use in whole or in part *anywhere* without author's written consent.

Taran’s people had all dismounted and gathered their belongings by the time the Sinclair made it down the hill from the keep.  His hair stuck up as if he’d been drawn from his bed and he wore only a sword and his kilt.
Nevertheless, he was smiling.  "I’m glad you and your people have finally made it."  Like the friend that he was, the Sinclair reached out and pulled Taran in a warrior’s embrace.
Taran returned it before stepping back.  "I did not mean to pull you from your bed."
"It happens."  The Sinclair gave the shrug Taran knew could irritate the man’s wife, Abigail no end.
"We were going to camp outside the wall."  Taran let some censure bleed into his voice.  "I saw the drawbridge was down, so changed my plan."
The smile the Sinclair gave was smug.  "I had a feeling you would be here tonight."
"The security of your people is more important than a little inconvenience."
Instead of taking umbrage at Taran’s clear censure, Talorc merely let his grin grow wider.  "You are all my people now too.  Abigail insisted you would feel more welcome if the drawbridge was down."
"You allow your lady to dictate in matters of clan security?" Taran asked with no little shock.
"You know Abigail."  But there was something in the Sinclair’s voice and then he looked over Taran’s shoulder.
Taran turned his head to see a group of warriors entering the lower bailey as the sound of the drawbridge being lifted could be heard.
"You had a guard on watch outside the walls."
"Of course."
Taran almost smiled.  "It seems your life is filled with headstrong women, but you know how to handle them for the most part."
"Women?" Talorc asked with a puzzled frown that went dark as he seemed to comprehend all that Taran had said. "For the most part?"
Taran indicated the woman Lais had been referring to as Ciara.  The prince had heard her tell Lais she lived in the keep.  He had not missed his second’s amusement at that fact either.
The Sinclair bellowed, "What in the hell is Ciara doing down here in the middle of the night?"
The woman in question jumped and then bit her lip before giving a small wave to her laird.  The Sinclair did not look amused, nor did he look particularly surprised.
Taran doubted the other man would take the rest of his ward’s exploits with the same equanimity. "A better question might be: what was she doing on top of the west tower?"
Clearly able to hear them, though she stood several feet away, Ciara glared at Taran as if he had betrayed her most bosom held secret.  He let his own disapproval show in the look he returned her.
If she had expected him to keep her dangerous actions from her laird, she was not only deluded about her brother – the woman was a fool.
The Sinclair’s eyes began to glow with the wolf’s light and the scent of his fury was so strong, Taran wasn’t sure the pack alpha would not shift right there.  His own dragon roared for a chance to come out. 
"Ciara was on top?" Talorc asked with deadly quiet.
"Until she fell."
Talorc did not ask Taran to repeat himself.  He did not question how Ciara came to be in the lower bailey now, in one piece.  He simply turned toward the tower and bellowed a man’s name.


CrystalGB said...

Awesome excerpt. I love this series.

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Somebody's in trouble... I'm so looking forward to this. Thanks for the smile... grin!

Rachel said...

I LOVE this series! Looking forward to the new release.

Judy F said...

Oh love it. Soon I hope?

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I haven't read any of the books in this series. I'll have to check them out.

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Ooh, can't wait. Thanks for the sneak peek.

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Loved the excerpt! Can't wait for this to come out:)

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Great excerpt, can't wait to read this book.

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I love this whole series and can't wait for this book to come out.

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ohhh i loved the excerpt...can't wait to read the whole book...

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I really liked this!! Can't wait!!

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Great excerpt!!! Can't wait to read it. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Yahoo!!! You know...writing sometimes happens in a vacuum. I haven't used critique partners since before I published and even Hubcap usually waits to read the books until they are out now (unless I've got a guy type question ::wink::), so the first feedback I get is from my editor. And that can be nerve wracking. Thank you all, so much! I'm feeling a lot more confident about the story. :)

Dannyfiredragon said...

I can hardly wait to read the book. I love this series!

catslady said...

It sounds wonderful to me too!!

Yurice said...

Talorc and Abigail is my favorite couple in the series, I'm really excited they're in this book, no matter how minor the roles. :D