Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Trees in Books

Okay...so loving trees as I do, I really enjoy when they play some kind of pivotal (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn), or even minor role in a book. :) You know how some readers just love pets in a book? Well, I'm actually one of those too. But today we're talking about trees. ;-)

I just realized that the cover for Close Quarters is probably one of my favorites, not only because it has a hot rendition of my hero, but a tree. LOL Hmm...what other delish romance covers have trees on them?

Have you read a book where a tree-house brought back special memories and/or sparked some action on the part of the main characters? Or what about where trees created a setting that you could picture so easily in your mind's eye? In Close Quarters, there is a love scene set amidst a group of trees. In Moon Burning, the trees in the forest are my heroine's allies...twice...in saving her life.
Wow...I wonder if I'm obssessed and just don't realize it? :) I think we get so caught up in urban life, we forget how important our connection to nature is. Hubcap, being Mr. Green himself, keeps me reminded. And I think that comes out in my books sometimes, after all - we write what moves our hearts. Or at least, I do. :)
So, here's my other question for you: have you read a book lately (or even years ago) where a tree or really nature of any kind was a key element?
In Clear Cut by Alexa Smith, one hero is a logger and the other - you guessed it - an environmental conservationist. Trees were only part of their conflict. :)


krisgils33 said...

nothing comes to mind on the trees book, but in looking at the delish cover of Close Quarters, I'm thinking I might have to re-read that!!

木儀 said...


booklover0226 said...

Years ago, I read a book where a large rock played a pivotal role in a book. An item was hidden under it and the hero got to it before the heroine did. The book was pretty good.

Tracey D

Sherry said...

When I was younger I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn but I can't remember much about it now that's been over 20 years ago.


Valerie said...

Two books come immediately to mind. The first, well I guess it's more than one book, but the Lord of the Rings. The trees were definitely pivotal. The second is Suspicion's Gate by Justine Davis. It's an early Silhouette title by Justine and the main characters shared some interesting times underneath a willow in the front yard.

erahime said...

Though they are not prominent, some romance novels by two authors that I like have trees alongside the cover models and the homes (a.k.a. castles, mansions, etc.). Both authors write Highlander novels. ;)

As for your other question, some romance books like C. Feehan's Leopard series and a few of her other series have nature/trees in the stories (a few of her Carpathian/Dark books (especially the reference to the tree linking all Carpathians together; can't remember what it's called), her Drake Sisters series, etc.). Again, the Highland setting features trees, though they are not mentioned outright. Umm, I can't think of anymore, but trees and nature due feature in books.

Oh, wait. I think Brian Jacques' Redwall series features trees/nature since it is a YA series featuring talking animals as the main characters of the series. And maybe Anne McCaffrey's Pern series? I think nature plays a role in there since the environment is a critical setting in that series. Hmm...my memory is faulty right now.

Anyway, I hope that helps others think more about this.

Melissa said...

This makes me think of Janet Chapman ~ and how the trees play an elemental part of some of her stories. I know there are others that I've read over the years, but instantly she popped into my head.
I love the cover of Close Quarters! It ROCKS!!