Thursday, June 10, 2010

Speaking of Trees

People who have read my Call Story, often ask how I kept writing year after year, rejection after rejection, set-back after set-back.
I tell them that Hubcap believed in me when I did not believe in myself. I tell them my mantra, "You can't guarantee success, but you can guarantee giving up. So don't give up." I tell them I was lucky and my mom supported me, always cheering me one, that I knew I was doing what God wanted me to do. I tell them, truthfully, that an author cannot give up writing. S/he may stop submitting (though I never did), but not actually writing. It's in your blood; it's in your DNA. You simply *can't* give it up.
But only if they're really close to me, do I tell them about Hubcap's vision tree. It's so personal, it's so's so overwhelming. But it's also key.
I was reminded of it when I was searching for pictures to include in Monday's blog post about trees. I saw this one and a host of feelings and memories flooded me and I knew, the time had come to share. I'll be celebrating my 50th book release in September - I think that's significant and I think that makes this moment the right one. :) This picture was just the catalyst I needed.

Some of you know that I began writing the stories I'd been telling myself in my head since my earliest memory after a conversation I had with God in the bathtub. Yep, it's a great place to talk to God and Hubcap without outside interruption. ;-)

What many of you don't know is that after I began writing, Hubcap had a vision...a dream, whatever you want to call it - we considered it a vision. He saw a really tall tree with lots of branches. Going up the trunk of the tree and out each branch was a light (that light was me) and on the end of each branch was a manuscript. The tree went higher than he could see and he couldn't count the number of manuscripts, there were so many. He absolutley believed that vision was an insight into the future and that I needed to keep writing, no matter what.

I clung to his belief I would one day publish when my own waned. He never, ever gave up or re-interpreted the image. Though I myself often wondered if the manuscripts were destined to remain just that - unpublished works I had written. He didn't ever doubt they would find a home in readers' hearts.

He drew the image for me to keep on my wall in my office. He reminded me that my gift was just that. I might be a tree in his vision, but he was my rock.

Eventually, my stories did publish and now I can share his vision with not only hope, but with knowledge. Here is a picture of that drawing that gave me so much hope.
It's your turn: has there been a time in your life that you let someone else believe in the future for you? Or when you trusted someone else's view over your own emotions?


krisgils33 said...

that is the sweetest, most romantic thing I have ever heard!!
congrats on #50 and thanks for sharing.

Lisa F. said...

The love you two share just shines through with that post!

I can remember being pregnant with our second child and hubby telling me he wanted me to stay home with them instead of going back to work. I never thought we could live on one income but I agreed. Let me tell you it would have been far easier to leave every morning for a paying job! Now with our youngest in middle school and oldest in college, I am grateful for his insight into all the activities I would have missed if I had not stayed home with them.

Virginia said...

Congratulations on you 50th book WooHoo! This is an awesome story, thanks for sharing

Judy said...

That kind of love is priceless. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I finally understand why that kind of love shines through in your books. You don't just "get" it; you LIVE it.

And you're right about writers. Asking them not to write would be like asking them not to breath.

I've been blessed with fantastic friends. I've mentioned here the fanfic I've been writing. I remember when I started to help I told my best friend that I was lousy at dialogue. Years later, she still likes to needle me because so much of my writing revolves around dialogue now. Someone who had read the story online emailed and suggested I write for Harlequin's new Inspirational Historical line. I at first declined, for about 30 minutes, then thought why not? My friends all believed I could do it. How could I give up on myself when they adamantly refused the possibility I couldn't do it? Because of that first friend who accepted my offer to edit, I have an amazing circle of friends I never would have found otherwise. God bless those who believe in dreams, theirs and others.

Judy F said...

You have sure got a keeper there Lucy. Hugs

I have some wonderful friends that keep me going even when I doubt myself.

Valerie said...

Lately, I've been receiving a lot of encouragement from friends and a former manager. My mom has always encouraged me. :)

I agree with JudyF you do have a keeper there. Hubcap may just be my ultimate romance hero...of course, in a completely platonic way because he is ALL yours. But wow, I wish I could meet someone like him. ;) Does he have a brother about my age? LOL

erahime said...

Congrats, Lucy, on having someone who is a DEFINITE keeper. He believed in you when you didn't believe in yourself. Now it seems that his vision came true. I bet you thank him every day for that.

As for your question, I can't think of anything right now. But it is a great question to ask everyone.