Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Speaking of Epilogues

Once in a while, readers will ask what is going on in the lives of my characters and while I wish I had time to write ongoing epilogues for all my stories, I don't. But I might find the time to write at least one...if you could choose one set of characters for me to revisit in an epilogue or bring back in an upcoming book, which would they be?

And for those of you who weren't around to read it the first time, here is a slice of life for some of your faves from Ready and Silver Bella:

Cowboys & Mercenaries
(c) 2008 Lucy Monroe

Jake swore six ways from Sunday as he pedalled the spindly ten-speed bike. He damn well was not going to accept a challenge bet from his sneaky bastard brother-in-law again.

When he got back to the ranch, he was going to make any kind of betting impossible because he was going to drown Wolf in the creek. Even if it was summer and there was only about six inches of water in it. Of course that might upset Bella some. She was fond of her ex-mercenary half-brother. Heaven alone knew why.

Well, okay, when he wasn't luring Jake into bets that left him riding a bike he'd paid a couple hundred dollars for that was worth maybe thirty on the long road that led from town to his ranch, Wolf wasn't such a bad guy. Lise certainly seemed to think he was something special. As did his baby son, little Joshua Jr. JJ was sure a doll. Hard to believe he was the offspring of such a devious SOB.

Jake smiled to himself. No one was here to see it, so he could admit he more than appreciated his brother-in-law's intelligence and cunning.

Jake was a cowboy from the top of his black Steston to the bottom of his handmade boots. He rode horses. He drove a dually truck that scared the hell out of smaller cars. He did not ride bikes. Not even Harleys, but for sure not dilapidated ten speeds with balding tires and questionable brakes.

However, the bike was a better option that walking the whole way back to the ranch. His backside was gonna be sore though. A bike sit hit a man in places a well-worn saddle didn't.


Lise laughed outloud when she saw her brother riding up to the ranch on the bike. Oh man, her husband was in so much trouble. It was a good thing to two men were so well matched, but Lise thought she might want to warn Bella to get the breakables out of the way.

Lise and Joshua's baby boy toddled out onto the porch. "Mama."

Just one word, but she had no problem knowing what it meant. JJ had started walking at seven months, but speaking was coming more slowly. With Joshua for a father, that wasn't a surprise.

The man gave definition to the word monosyllabic most days. It didn't matter, she loved him more than her own life and he'd proven he loved her more than his.

Life was good.

She picked her son up, but his attention was firmly on his uncle, who had dropped the bike and was standing there looking like a man ready to commit murder.

"Daddy!" Genevieve went hurtling down the stairs and landed against her daddy's legs with all the enthusiasm of a rambunctious toddler.

All of Jake's ill humor melted away like ice in the summer heat of Texas. He swung his daughter into his arms and kissed her cheeks, blowing raspberries in her neck and making her screech.

Bella came out onto the porch.

Lise grinned at her. "Good tactics. I think he just might refrain from killing my husband."

"Those two are more like brothers than in-laws."

"You think?"

"I think if we don't stop these betting challenges between them, they aren't going to have to pound each other into the dirt. The stupid bets are going to do it for them. I doubt Jake has ridden a bike since he was a kid."

"I'm sure you're right."

"His thighs are going to be so sore."

"An excuse for a lower body massage?"

Bella hummed with thought. "Now, that has potential."

Lise agreed, wondering how soon her own little darling would sleep tonight.


Valerie said...

Awww Jake and Bella, my first Lucy Monroe experience. Love them so much. And Lise and Joshua :sigh: love them too. The one character I wonder about is Eric Bana. I know he was a side character in the Real Deal, but I still find myself wondering about him and his wife Elaine. :)

Judy said...

What a fun treat!

Hey, Valerie! I'd forgotten about them. I was thinking about Daniel and Josie and Brett and Claire. They make brief appearances in The Goddard Project series, but only the briefest of appearances... Oh, and Alex and and Isabel and Marcus and Veronica... Or what about Duke and Leah? Do they ever make up? Sigh... so many lovable characters...

Valerie said...

Judy ~ wouldn't it be so cool if everyone connected to the Goddard Project and Lise, Joshua, Daniel, Josie, Wyatt and Claire all got together got together for a top secret holiday party. Oooh my imagination is just playing with the idea. LOL They could have a murder mystery theme, only someone really does get offed and they have to solve it. Or...maybe Daniel or Wyatt have a baby sister we don't know about. LOL

Valerie said...

I got so excited I said got together twice. LOL

Anonymous said...

That was a nice treat.

Thanks, Lucy!

robynl said...

All of Jake's ill humor melted away like ice in the summer heat of Texas--- now I like that effect; wonder if I could find out how to do that in tense situations, lol.

thanks for the excerpt.

Lucy Monroe said...

Valerie...every once in a while I get a question about them. Maybe I *should* write a little story about them prior to Simon and Amanda. :) And I'm totally giggling over your idea 'cuz I had the same story "inspiration" when I attended the murder mystery party for my b-i-l's birthday. ;-)

Judy...LOL that's quite a list. :) I so want to write Duke & Leah's story, but it has to wait on the publisher.

Erahime...thank you. :)

RobynL...you and me both! ;-)

Valerie said...

Great minds think alike, Lucy. ;)
And sign me up, I would read a prequel. :)

Lettetia said...

I agree with you Valerie. I would totally read a prequel! Jake and Bella are very special characters to me as well, but I have to admit Lise and Joshua have a special place in my heart too.

I wouldn't be averse to a snippet on the three Bad Boy brothers from 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys either. What wounded souls who found that one special woman for each of them.

Thanks Lucy, for all of the great stories!

Amy said...

My vote goes to Amanda and Simon from the real deal. I just love that couple