Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Difficult Decision - Please Read

First, I want to apologize for simply disappearing...I've had another "retreat from the world" episode and had to dig deeply for cause and effect as well as solutions. I love this blog and chatting with readers on it, but maintaining it as well as my Facebook, MySpace, etc. takes a lot of time I could and *should* be writing. I want and frankly *need* to interact with my readers, but have realized that in the interest of achieving some level of balance something has to change. I am currenlty spending 12 hrs a day at the computer in order to get maybe 3 hours of actual writing in. It is imperitive for my family and my own mental health that I somehow cull my hours back to a normal 40 hour work week.

Finally accepting this is not going to happen without some serious behavior changes on my part, I've reallized I need to pick one social interactive medium, rather than trying to keep several different social pages up to date and answered.

My Facebook group/fan page is the one I've chosen as it combines the best of all worlds, an opportunity for longer blog type posts (when I have both the time and inclination for them) on my "Notes" tab and daily short updates on the mainpage. (It also updates Twitter & MySpace automatically, so requires no further effort on my part to maintain those social mediums.)

This blog will remain an active page on the Internet, but it will be reserved for announcements, excerpts and the yearly Lucy Monroe Reader Online Conference (ROC). Other than ROC, comments will be disabled. I'm sorry to need to do this, but life is about change. We can't just keep adding on and on and on. I learned that about buying new dishes and the kitchen cupboards, but it's taken longer when it comes to interacting with others online.

If you want to "chat" with me, please visit my Facebook page at:

Thank you all for sharing time with me here. I hope to see you there as well, and if not - at the very least during ROC when we'll have lots of guest authors, prizes, hotties and fun come next February!

Much love and blessings,