Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Playing Dress-Up

This weekend we celebrated my b-i-l's 50th birthday. My sister threw him a huge murder mystery party where we all came as celebreties alive in 1961. I went as Mae West and Hubcap came as John Wayne. The man gets overheated way too easily, so he carried his hat more than wore it. (Get your minds out of the gutter, I was *not* talking about that!)

I decided I much prefer myself as a brunette, or redhead. LOL But I had a lot of fun. So did everyone else. My sister really knows how to throw a party and she pulled out all the stops for this one. We had appetizers and a sit down dinner for more than 30 "Celebrity Guests". ;-) Before you ask, no I did not figure out who "done it", but then I never do at these things. It's still a blast and I *did* win for best female costume. :)

I've got more pics up on Facebook, if you want to see...they're not as good as the ones my sister took, but I think they give you a pretty good idea of how involved and truly spectactular the party was.

Given a choice, I would have gone as Hercule Poirot, but was told that I had to come as someone who was not fictional. My little sister sat me down and looked soulfully in my eyes while she told me Poirot was a figment of Dame Agatha Christie's imagination. I cried...not. LOL It was a truly funny moment and the rest of the family laughed like loons.

It's your turn: if you could be anyone you wanted to for a day, who would it be?


Valerie said...

Hmm..well Mae West would be in my top ten. ;) I think Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth or hmm...oh, I'm all out of non-fictional characters. LOL

It looks like you both had a great time and I love the costume. You definitely deserved to win that prize. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Valerie...you see my problem? It was lots of fun and thanks!

Valerie said...

I do! As soon as I said QE, I couldn't think of anyone other than Scarlett O'Hara. The problem is, if you can think of someone like George Sands or Charlotte Bronte, what exactly would you wear in the first place? And who would know who you were? LOL

Sherry said...

I love your costumes you deserve the prize. I would love to go to a murder mystery party although I don't think I could solve the murder it would be fun to try.


Lucy Monroe said...

Good point, Valerie...my sister cleverly made name tags for everyone, so celebs like Georgia O'Keefe could be "recognized". :)

Thanks, Sherry...they are lots of fun and can be held for groups as small as 4. Maybe you should consider hosting one? You can get the party kits at most game shops and there are some online retailers that specialize in these kind of party games. :)

erahime said...

You have a great time, right?

Anyway, as to your question...I would love to be Betty Boop. Alas, that one isn't a real person.

Hmm, I guess I wouldn't mind being Eva Longoria because we are both short...though I am a tad larger than her. *pouts*

Jane said...

I think I would go as Veronica Lake with her peekaboo hair style.

lidia said...

Congratulations on winning the prize!

As for a real life person, it would be Audrey Hepburn -- but I couldn't get away with that.

I always thought of her as of the classiest, wholesome women around.

Lucy Monroe said...

Erahime...Betty Boop? I love it! :)

Jane...oh, yes...don't you just love the way she carried it off too?

Lidia...both DQ and my niece are huge fans of AH. Her class and style were such a huge part of who she was.

Melissa said...

You look gorgeous, Lucy!! And you can Hubcap look SO happy!! I've always wanted to do one of those parties ~~ sounds like SO much fun!

Amy said...

Sounds like a ton of fun. I love your costumes. If I could be anyone for a day I would want to be Lucille Ball aka Lucy.

Lucy Monroe said...

Melissa...they really are. :) And thanks!

LOL Amy...I love Lucille Ball!

Jan said...

That sounds like so much fun!

erahime said...

Betty Boop has generous curves, while I don't. But I wouldn't mind cosplaying as her. :)

Another one that is similar to Eva Longoria that I wouldn't mind cosplaying as is Sandy from GREASE. I especially love her transformed clothing, which I wouldn't mind trying on. Again, I'm a tad chubbier than Sandy. *sigh*