Monday, April 05, 2010

Talking to the Air

Have you ever been chatting along with someone and turned to find out their opinion and realized they weren't anywhere to be seen? They'd taken off for parts unknown while you blithely went along talking to yourself.

Or been talking on the phone and suddenly realized the person at the other end hasn't responded in a bit? The call had dropped, or they'd hung up on you with their chin, or shoulder or some other interesting bodypart.

So, being something of a chatterbox, this has happened to me more times than I really want to admit. The longer it takes me to notice, the more embarrassed I become. I've gotten some pretty strange looks from people in grocery stores because I *think* I'm talking to Hubcap, but he's in a whole other aisle. He swears he doesn't realize he left me blathering on to myself, but really? Can I believe that? The man has a sense of humor; he likes to laugh; it *is* funny. Need I say more?

But I've noticed it happens online too. It's rare that I send an email to someone and get no reply, though it does happen occasionally. More common is the blog comment phenomenon. I'm not sure if I've got bad timing, or what - but it seems I hae a talent for being late to the party. The blogger will be replying to everyone in the thread. I make a comment and then there's no reply. (I don't make snarky comments on other people's blogs - so it's not a case of negativity avoidance. :wink:) I think I'm just a magnet for "going down the other aisle at the grocery store syndrom".

It's made me less apt to visit friends' blogs, or comment on new blogs I find. I end up lurking more than communicating because looking like a blathering idiot is so not my cup of tea. ;-) Though, I still go grocery shopping with Hubcap! LOL

I try really hard to reply to comments on my own blog and Facebook, etc. - though sometimes I'm so rushed, I only have time for a blanket thank you, or something. But I figure at least that way, people know I read and appreciated what they had to say. :) I know some bloggers don't reply to comments at all, and that makes perfect sense to me. It's the inconsistency that makes me feel like I'm left standing and talking to air. ;-)

So, is it just me? Or do you have the "talking to air" syndrom too? What's your funniest memory of this?

Mine is at the grocery store (yep, again...LOL). I turned to tell my son something, only the man standing beside me was not my son and he so did not appreciate my aborted attempt at a one-armed hug or being called "shortcake"!


Whalehugger said...

I work off site at home and two of my cats like to stay in my office to keep me company. One morning I was having a problem with my computer and the connection and proceeded to tell the cats all about it. When I turned around, they had left. Not even they wanted to hear my views on the subject.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, Whalehugger, I'm so glad I wasn't drinking my coffee just yet when I read this! LOL ~ Hugs!

Sherry said...

I have the same problem of talking to air and showing up to late. I've tried to do a couple of chats with authors but I just couldn't get into it seemed like to me by the time I got my comment typed in they had already changed subjects.
My sister and I shop together all of the time and I'll be just chatting with her at Walmart and look up and she's not there. At work my friend Patty and I usually take break together and there's been more than once I've been talking to her and she's gone.
But the worst is when were in the restroom talking and I'm just talking away and she's done left.

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, Sherry...I can so picture that - it just sounds like something I'd do. Be talking to my daughter or someone through the bathroom stall and have them leave and come out and only strangers are there, looking at me oddly. Oh, no...maybe that's a memory! LOL

Valerie said...

You are not alone. I'm a perpetual air talker. It's so bad now, I don't really notice when I do it. I started young too, I attempted to go home with another man when I was 6 because I was insistent that he was my daddy. I had been standing beside him talking about whatever was on the shelf when my dad wandered off. My mom came to get me and asked where dad was and I was astounded that she couldn't see him right there! LOL

The reverse happens to me to, where I say something not realizing other people can hear me. The worst one was during a conference call one night. I often talk to my dogs, while I'm on mute, they are great work sidekicks. LOL It was pretty late and it's not uncommon during those calls for someone to not respond while we're waiting for events to occur (it's a lengthy process)so there I am, thinking everyone is not paying attention and my dog comes to me with his stuffed goose. I said to Jojo, " you have your goose?" And he proceeded to make it honk. Next thing you know, there are five people laughing on the line and wanting to know who is getting goosed! Turns out the mute button malfunctioned. LOL

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Valerie - Hubcap has had that happen on his conference calls from home too, but it's usually one of the kids doing something amazingly embarrassing, not realizing their dad is actually working. ;-)

Rebecca Ringler said...

LOL! These comments are good! I often repeat stuff to myself & laugh if I thought something online was funny. My kids look at me & think their mom is weird, but I don't think it's all that unusual for kids to feel that way!

Stacy S said...

I do often at the store. I think my dh or son are still there. But, nope they are long gone.

Judy F said...

Saturday I was at Kohls walking through the sock dept. This lady and her hubby were coming down an aisle. He was a bit ahead of her and she was talking to him. She asked him something, got no answer. She says to me I guess that was a no. I told her he is long gone. LOL

That happens to me a lot to but more the opposite. People start talking to me when I do not know them.


Valerie said...

I've had that happen too, Judy! I seem to attract people who want to tell me little tidbits about their lives. Once I was at Valley Forge Park, PA standing at the National Monument and this older man practically ran up to me from 25 feet away to tell me the story of how his grandfather helped build the monument. It was strange, sweet and a little unsettling. I bet I am one of the few that know that info though! LOL

Andrea Becraft said...

I swear I do this with my sister all the time. I will call her and she is so inthralled by what she is doing she pays no attention to me and then by the time she does I am pretty much screaming in her ear lol. She gets preoccupied easily it finally got to the point were I told her if she is busy don't pick up the phone just call me when she can talk.

My hubby has a knack for doing things in public that make me look insane. He will be tlaking to me one moment and the next he is no where to be found and I am left there looking at either his friends or our relatives like what the hell lol.

I try to talk back on blogs and messages if I remember. it might take me a day or two on some but I am pretty good at keeping up. That is if I am not ingrossed in a book and don't want to leave it! I still haeve so many books to read for RT and only 3 and half weeks to read them lol.

I wonder if I can get them done!!!!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Laughter *is* the best medicine! Thanks so much for sharing your stories and humor. :)

Lady_Graeye said...

Oh how funny! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who talks to the air. I feel like the only one who hears my conversation is my Boston Terrier, April. Thank goodness she likes the sound of my voice and doesn't think I'm nagging!!! LOL!

Lucy Monroe said...

Lady G...that's what I thought - how absolutley lovely to discover I wasn't alone. LOL