Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Readers Really Make My Day

In the last few weeks, I've gotten some of the nicest comments and emails on Moon Craving that I've ever received for my books. And I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been part of making me feel like this really is the special book I meant it to be!

It has been a wonderful few weeks! Truly special. I even got a Happy Making Cupcake award from Maya on her blog! All sorts of neat and unexpected stuff. :)

To show my deep and heartfelt appreciation to my readers, I want to do something special for you all and what is more special than free books? I'm giving away 2 extra signed copies of Moon Craving on the blog this week...that's right, that means there will be THREE winners announced the Wednesday after next! 2 for the signed copies of Moon Craving and 1 for a book and goodies from my prize closet! :)

And lest you think I forgot, Miss Sparklepants helped me choose the winner for my special contest run to celebrate the release of Moon Craving in February (this is the one where all you had to do was send an email to the contest address by Feb 28 to be entered in the drawing). That winner is Marilyn! I've emailed her and asked for her details so Andre can get her prize sent out to her.

Congratulations, Marilyn - and thank you for the truly kind words!


Andrea said...

I just borrowed your book Deal With This from the library! I am looking forward to the read! The cover is steamy!

I am happy you are being appriciated for all the hard work your doing.

Have a great day and I look forward to your books to come!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Andrea! Let me know what you think of DWT. :) Hugs!

erahime said...

It's very nice to hear about your viewer appreciation entry. I hope to contribute as much as possible, whenever I can. Hope that will be helpful! :)

Judy F said...

Ah Lucy you deserve all the praise for your books. They are my favs.


kim h said...

great news
congrats on teh books
please enter me

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Erahime - you always have wonderful, articulate additions to discussion. It's lovely and this post is timely as you'll see tomorrow when the blog winner for last week is announced. :)

Thank you, JudyF!! It's been so healing for me as I finally have started to find my "not ill" self again. :) Even with this rediculous back pain.

Thanks, Kim! :)

Estella said...

Have not read Moon Craving yet, but have it on order.

I love your books! Please keep writing as fast as you can.

Michele said...

You are so sweet to all of us Lucy :) You are an unbelievable writer, there hasn't been anything you have written I haven't liked from paranormal, to historical, to modern, LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!

Thank you for bringing us into your world and feeling all the passion you bring in a book :)

lidia said...


I haven't read Moon Craving yet -- but it is on my Kindle! Hopefully, very soon I'll get to reading it.

Would you believe that I am anxiously waiting for your next HP release? It seems that is has been along time since you had a new book in that series.

Miss Sparklepants must love spending time with you and Hub Cap.

Meandi's corner said...

congrats winner and whoo readers lol

Lucy Monroe said...

Estella...from my heart to yours - I promise. :)

Thank you, Michele!!! I'm full to bursting with blessings right now!

Lidia...it *has* been a long time. I only had one full-length HP out last year and I'm ready to have more out too. LOL July will be here before either of us know it, though! Miss Sparklepants is such a joy. :) She sat on me as I tried to write yesterday and told me all about everything in baby-speak. Was hilarious! :)

Meandi...you said it. :)

Michele L. said...

That is on my To-Buy list Lucy is your book Moon Craving! I am so anxious to read it after reading all the excerpts and reviews on it!

Wow! What an amazing contest! You are a sweetheart!

Danny said...


wasn't able to get a copy of Moon Craving so far, but I am currently re-reading Moon awakening and I absolutely love it.

Each of your books is a real keeper! So I am really looking forward to read Moon Craving.

Andrea Becraft said...

It was great I trully loved it! This being the first one I have read which book has simon and amandas story in it? I really want to read it! I looked on your website butdidn't see it!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Michele L!! :)

Smooches, Danny!

Hey, Andrea...thank you! Simon and Amanda's story is in The Real Deal. :) It's one of my personal faves, so let me know what you think if you get a chance to read it. :)

Kimberly Fisk said...

So happy for you, Lucy!! You deserve all this praise and so much more. xoxo

Kimberly Fisk said...

PS Are you going to the RWA National conference? My fingers are crossed that you are. I know hardly anyone at the Penguin party--it would be so great to see you there!!!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Kimberly!

I can only do one of the big conferences a year. I'm going to RT this one and RWA next year. I'm so bummed, I would have loved to see you there! I find the Penguin/Berkley party overwhelming myself. :)

Theresa Scott said...

Lucy, I can see how all your reading was great training for someone who was going to grow up and be a bestselling author herself! So glad you are out and about on the web now... hope your back is healing up nicely. Have a happy writing day tomorrow!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, Theresa! I hear your electronic releases are going gangbusters. Whoot!!! I'm feeling pretty blessed right now - readers make the writing life joyful. At least the nice ones who read my books. ;-)