Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lucy's Family Nick-Names

I try not to use my children/g-children's real names on my social pages 'cuz they deserve a certain amount of privacy. But they are such a big part of my life, of course I'm going to talk about them. :)

For your reference:

Hubcap - my husband (he came up with the name for my blog and it stuck)
[Is and environmental guru for Intel and micro-gardner extraordinaire, but nothing beats his creative genius in gaming and paper model creation.]

BQ - my oldest (Beauty Queen - for her chosen profession)
[Hair stylist and Aesthetician & super mom.]

Sly - her husband (loves Sylvester Stallone, named their female cat Rocky LOL)
[Massage Therapist & fab dad]

Miss Sparklepants - their daughter (she likes to sparkle)
[Princess in training]

Einstein - my son (he's both bloody brilliant and a bit out there)
[Going to college for associates in applied science and machining technology.]

DQ - my youngest (Drama Queen - got if from *her* g-ma, I swear - well maybe a little from mom too LOL)
[Going to university for a bachelors degree in design merchandising.]

Tazz - her husband (not 'cuz he's a devil, but Miss S calls him that and I like it)
[The go to guy at a tool & die company.]

Little Fashionista - DQ & Tazz's daughter.

I simply refer to Tae and Hoon My by name or as the K-Boys. They're both from Korea (different families) and lived with us for 3 years of schooling. We consider them sons who are just lucky enough to have two families. :) Right now Tae is attending college here and living with my other kids in what we refer to as the Sattelite House (bought it when this one got full) and Hoon Mo is attending university in Ohio on scholarship.


Cecile said...

Thanks for sharing that with us. You are right, our family (and it does not matter who you are) deserves a certain amount of privacy when we blog about them... But it is nice to know how they acquire their given nicknames here in blog land,lol!
Have a great day!

Lucy Monroe said...

It is fun and I realized from a comment on Facebook that some readers didn't know who I was talking about. Thought I'd better explain. :)

Judy F said...

I love your nicknames. We don't have too many in my family.

Amya-who is 3 calls herself mymy

My oldest nephew when he was little couldn't say his d's so I was Aunt Juwy for a long time.

Lucy Monroe said...

Ahhh...JudyF, thanks for sharing. I love hearing stuff like that. Meggers would make a great heroine nickname - maybe it'll pop up in a books someday. :)

lidia said...

Great nicknames! I love "Miss Sparklepants" but that could be because it is the newest one and she is quite a character.

As far as your daughters, I think of DQ as "purple" and your older one as "lime." ;-)

Lady_Graeye said...

I love the nicknames especially Little Miss Sparklepants. Our family has them too and we have a very large family.

My Husband Randy:Hubby, Pappy and Worm
No.1 Daughter, Alexis: Lex, Lexie or Cricket
Our 1st SIL(Lexie's Hubby) Ryan: Boogie (we always call him that)
My Oldest Granddaughter(Lexie and Boogie's daughter) is Madison- so she's Little Madi
Our GrandBaby(also their's) TuesDae': Tootie or Toodles
No. 2 Daughter, Tristan: Trissy, Trissy Poo or Bug
Our 2nd SIL (Trissy's Hubby) is James and I mean James
No. 1 and Only Son, Kane: Kaner, Buddy, Mightmouse and my favorite, Momma's Only Baby Boy
The Twins, The Babies, No.3 and 4 Daughters:
MacKenzie: Kenzie, KeKe, Kenz or Big Mac
Madison: Madi, Big Madi, Miss B. or The Drama Queen
Me, Lisa: I'm Momma, Momma G, Dragon Lady, Butterfly, GiGi, NeNe, Grammy and Mia.

MacKenzie is engaged to Tyler but he's another one who's just Tyler.

As you can see Lucy we have a few more unmarried children and grandchildren to come so there'll well be many more names to be added to our list. Have a good one!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Lidia...and I know why! Thanks!

Lady G...what fun nicknames! :) I think that shows a certain level of closeness in a family and a definite shared sense of humor. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice nicknames there, Lucy! I figured out who was who but it was nice to learn the truth behind the nicknames.

My family has references/nicknames that are associated with our ethnicity, you might say. Some of the nicknames, like the one given to me by my siblings, I don't like, so I'll leave it those out.

I'm usually referred to by my name, so there's no harm to that.

"Ate" and "Kuya" are added to the peers who are older than you, like I'm "Ate" and my name to my younger cousins and I add that name to two of my siblings. The last one has his own nickname that is associated with him by me and the other one who is younger than him.

So basically, the nicknames of my family are based on our culture/ethnic background. Nothing too weird about that one.

Lucy Monroe said...

Weird, Erahime? NO. Perfectly cool and neat to know about? Definitely! Thanks for sharing!

So, I would be Luciate? Pronounced [loo-see-ah-tay]?

Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, I didn't share *my* nickname with you. It's Klutz, though mostly my family just shortens my name. My children call me mommy or mom, but call out my full writing name (Monroe is my maiden name) to get my attention when I'm off in writing-land watching people, etc. LOL Hubcap calls me Gorgeous. He's such a KEEPER! LOL

Anonymous said...

Actually, you'll be "Ate" Lucy, since you're older than me. (I'll not say our ages, but I'm pretty sure you are due to learning about your family.)

Lucy Monroe said...

Got it...I like it! LOL

Kimberly Fisk said...

What great nicknames. My absolute favorite? Miss Sparklepants. Too adorable!!