Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hubcap's Battery Zen Garden

Hubcap has some official title like Product Ecology Manager, but really? He's one of the environmental gurus at Intel, saving the planet from extinction through environmentally conscious servers. Right? :) Well, that and he's like *the* resident expert on worldwide environmental regulations, particularly as they apply to batteries. Big surprise those are an important element in technology, right? Well, maybe not so much.

So, Mr. Battery Guy found a new way to recycle motherboard batteries, but watch batteries will work too. Here is his new battery zen garden:

His comment: I feel calmer and more energized already.

And here is the garden after new regulations are put in place:

His comment: In keeping with current and upcoming regulations, I have made small tweaks to the Battery Zen Garden. I think you'll agree that this is a much safer version.

Can you feel the sarcasm? LOL

You see why we laugh so much around here, don't you?


Mean Marie said...

That is seriously funny.

Judy said...

What Mean Marie said. I laughed out loud and am still laughing.

Lucy Monroe said...

That was my response when I got his emails...I had to share them! LOL

sonya said...

that is awesome
that garden brighten my day thanks

Lucy Monroe said...

Thank *you* Sonya...it brightened mine too. Is it any wonder I love this man to distraction after 20+ years?

Judy F said...

sniff some day when I have a better computer I can see this stuff.

Hopefully soon though nephew is helping me build one at dell. Keep all crossed. LOL

Amy said...

Very funny, I needed that laugh

flchen1 said...

That is hilarious--thanks for the lift, Lucy!

Lucy Monroe said...

I'm sorry, JudyF! You *do* need a new computer!!!

Amy and flchen1 - isn't he a riot? He keeps me laughing for sure!

Anonymous said...

I like how Hubcap found new ways for recycling old tech. stuff.

It is hilarious but still "pretty" in a way.

Lucy Monroe said...

Erahime...it *is* - I didn't realize the batteries weren't stones at first until I read his caption. LOL