Thursday, March 04, 2010

Anne Rainey

HI, folks! First, I want to thank Lucy for letting me to guest blog today. I’m always thrilled to chat with readers!

Today I want to talk about emotions. When you read a romance story, do you feel what the heroine/hero is feeling? I’ve read books, like Erin McCarthy’s “The Pregnancy Test” where I laughed so hard I was in tears. I’ve read books that have made me cry. For instance, in Lucy Monroe’s book “The Italian’s Suitable Wife” when she arrives to find him in the hospital bed and she’s so afraid for his life, I wept. I love that book! And I’ve read books that had me actually squirming in my seat the love scenes were so spicy. In Jaid Black’s “One Dark Night” I was ready to throw my husband against the wall by the time I finished that smokin’ hot book. LOL!

As an author, I want to make people feel. I want them laughing, crying, sighing when the book ends. That’s the greatest compliment to a romance author, in my opinion. I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few emails from readers who’ve expressed their passion for my stories and it always blows me away. I think most authors never quite feel like they’ve reached that goal, so when a reader lets you know you have, you want to shout ‘YES!’

My newest release, “Cherry on Top” in the anthology “Some Like it Rough”—my FIRST book with Kensington Aphrodisia—is very special to me because I didn’t hold back on the love scenes. They’re scorching and I loved writing each and every word! LOL With any luck readers will need a really cold drink after reading this sucker! But it’s not all hot sex. In fact, my heroine Cherry DuBois is chock full of emotional baggage. She’s fresh out of a bad marriage and deserves a hero who will treat her right, unlike her lousy ex!

At any rate, I want to ask you, the reader, what’s the most emotional story you’ve ever read? Why do you think it had such an impact on you? While you’re pondering that, here are the blurbs for “Some Like it Rough”

Some Like It Rough by
Kate Pearce
Luke Warner wants to chill out when he cashes in his hectic life in Silicon Valley and returns to his hometown. But things heat up when he reunites with his best friends, Julia and Paul, and invites them both to share in a sexual adventure like they’ve never had before…

Private Eyes by Susan Lyons
Assigned to work undercover as an exotic dancer, straight-laced Haley Croft discovers the thrill of strutting her stuff. And when she catches sexy PI Ry Montana checking out her moves, she can’t wait to give him his own private show…

Cherry on Top by Anne Rainey
When massage therapist Cherry DuBois rubs her oil-slicked hands all over Dante Ricci’s rock-hard body, red-hot desire courses through her. She longs to lose control and give herself to the pleasures of sexual submission…

To read the first chapter of Cherry on Top visit my website:

Holly at Romance Reviews Today gives it a “Perfect 10″ and says: “Each tale stands alone, but each one brings together some terrific writing from three outstanding authors. By the time I finished SOME LIKE IT ROUGH, I knew it richly deserved a Perfect 10 and would go on my keeper shelf. If you are looking for a sizzling read that is time well spent, then pick up SOME LIKE IT ROUGH.”



And for a chance to win a print copy of “Some Like it Rough” simply send me an email at with MARCH CONTEST in the subject line. I’ll be picking 3 winners on March 18th and announcing it on my blog:


Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, Anne - great to have you hear! I'm so excited for you breaking into NY publishing. ;-) This books sounds absolutely fab and I know your story will be one of the best ones!

Emotion is key to me, and I'll forgive an author a lot if s/he gets the emotion right! One author that consistently makes me cry is Teresa Madeiros. It's a good thing she only has about one release a year because I'm not much of a cryer. LOL

mamasand2 said...

Anne, major congrats on your release with Kensington Aphrodesia. I love their line of books.

The most emotional book I read was MARLY'S CHOICE by Lora Leigh. The 3brothers had been badly tortured and were suject to night mares about it. They had lost their connection to each other and could only find in by sharing women.

Her Breed series carries a lot of emotion, danger and heat too.


Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for having me here, Lucy!
Theresa Madeiros...I'm ashamed to say I've never read her books. You've sold me on her though. I'm going to add her to my tbb list!

Hi Sandie--I love Lora Leigh's Breeds. Dawn's Awakening brought me to tears actually!

mamasand2 said...

Anne, Gone with the wind was another one, both the book and the movie. It had me runing the gamut of emotions including crying.


Maria said...

Congrats on your release with Kensington Aphrodesia...emotion is very important to me and when the author gets it really pays off..I read a ton of books and it's really hard for me to pin down an author that made me cry but I would have to say that Lora Leigh's "Dawn's Awakening" which I just re-read made me cry the first time I read it. I felt so bad for Dawn and was so pissed with Seth and Callan, that I almost didn't think Seth deserved her at the end. I've actually gotten so angry sometimes that I've thrown a book across a room thinking I'm the heroine in the story that got

Anne Rainey said...

Maria--You're making me want to reread that story! LOL

Also, another tear jerker...Lucy Monroe's "Moon Awakening"!! OMG, what a great read. Smokin' hot AND emotional. Perfect!

Lucy Monroe said...

@Anne...she's writing paranormal now and it's fantastic, but her historicals were amazing too!

@Sandie & Maria...I love Lora's writing. She is amazing and she does make you feel everything her characters are going through. I think she's a master at taking the hero through his paces and redeeming him from stupidity. LOL (One of my favorite themes, if you couldn't tell!) :)

Anne Rainey said...

Lucy--Everyone is writing paranormal except for me! LOL I need to get on that train! :-p

Laurie G said...

While I agree that Dawn's Awakening is a very emotional read, for me the most emotional book has to be Too Deep for Tears by Kathryn Lynn Davis. In fact, the entire trilogy that starts with TDFT is incredibly emotional. The writing is lush but not purple...just exquisite.

Anonymous said...

I would say right now I think it would be Nicholas Spark's A WALK TO REMEMBER. Any of his books would be an emotional roller-coaster, like THE NOTEBOOK. I didn't expect to be "involved" in the story but I was. It moved me and I cried LOTS.

I'm moved into tears at "certain" moments that I considered weird. I think I got that from my mother, because my bros and father don't cry at the "weird" moments that my mother or I would.

And emotion should be in the story. If it wasn't, then I'm not into it.

Oh, and I had cried when reading a romance author's book(s). I can't remember a title at the top of my mind, but I do remember crying.

AND another emotion-ridden book would be those that tells children's stories, sorta like that Oprah list book about African children and their circumstances (I hadn't read it but it is similar to what I'm talking about). Those are really emotional.

Jane said...

Hi Anne,
Congrats on the the release of your first book with Aphrodisia. Linda Howard's "Cry No More" was the most emotional book I've ever read.

Lucy Monroe said...

You know as much as I love emotion, I don't like to be left crying by a book. I get enough of that sadness reading the news. But I think fiction is powerful and those stories need to be told. It's a dichotomy I've learned to live with in myself. :)

Anne Rainey said...

Laurie--Interesting. I'll have to check out that series.

Erahime--I loved that book! Good pick!

Jane--Thanks for the congrats! I love Howard's book, but haven't read that one. Gonna have to add that to my tbb list!

Anne Rainey said...

Lucy--sadness, no, but I do think some of these romances can tug at the heartstrings, like your Moon Awakening. LOVED that book! :)

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks to ALL for stopping by and adding to my tbb list! I've had fun! :)

Stacy S said...

Congrats on the release. They all sound great.

Anne Rainey said...

Stacy--Thanks for the congrats! The anthology has a nice mix of stories for sure! :)

Amy said...

All my favorite authors have the gift of making me feel what the characters are feeling. If my emotions are not engaged while reading a book I usually don't pick up another book by that author. Lucy, Diana Palmer, Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Christine Feehan are just a few author examples, there are so many books out there but I will go with a couple I just re-read, The patient nurse by Diana Palmer and Burning Wild by Christine Feehan.

A lot of you have mentioned Dawn's Awaking by Lora Leigh, that is actually the first Lora Leigh book I read and the one that got me hooked on her books

The Real Deal by Lucy always gets to me as well

Lucy Monroe said...

Amy...bless you for putting me in such good company! You deserve a big, bone-cracking, cyber {{HUG}}!!