Sunday, February 28, 2010

Want to Go to Africa?

Well, I would love to! After just setting a book in Zimbabwe (Close Quarters), my travel bug is on, but Africa is not in my near future, I'm sorry to say. However, we can all experience it through the eyes of an amazing photographer, who has just left for her journey to Kenya.

She has volunteered to work with a local non-profit group offering micro-enterprises to women in both Kenya and the Middle East. Another female author is in the process of writing a book giving these women a voice, and Marti will be making environmental portraits for this project. She left on Friday for a two week journey through Kenya and invited me to follow her blog, In Search Of.

Check it out and experience her adventure with her!

And while you're hopping around on the web, check my interview at Over the Edge Book Reviews. :)

And my new article in the Seattle Examiner, Writing Rocky Road in a Vanilla World.


Judy F said...

I would love to see the animals in their natural setting. It would be awesome. But I don't see that happeing.

What an adventure

Estella said...

Would love to see Africa----but know it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Some parts of Africa is nice. I would love to see it, but it isn't at the top places in my list. I want to go to Europe first.

Lucy Monroe said...

Yep...I'm not sure if I'll ever go, but until then, I can dream! :)

Judy said...

I appreciate that others take fabulous pictures and share their stories about Africa, since I don't have plans to go myself. There are too many other places on my bucket list, more than I'll ever see.

Lucy Monroe said...

No kidding, Judy! I just added Fiji to my list after watching International House Hunters with my mom. ;)