Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Reading is All Sorts of Good For You

We, who are dedicated romance fans, are firmly aware of the benefits to reading. We've heard the study results that show reading and doing things like crossword puzzles helps to maintain healthy brain activity as we grow older. We've each experienced in our own ways the life changing power of the written word.

Now one of my favorite fashion magazines even recognizes the benefits of reading:

Your turn: post your favorite link to an article about reading or romance, or share your favorite story about how reading has impacted your life in some specific instance or way. :)


Stacy~ said...

Hey Lucy! How are you? I tried to post this over at the Brava blog and it wouldn't take it for some reason :( Anyway, hope you're doing well.

I can't give specific examples, but I think romances have been helpful in the sense that I read a lot of different genres and I get an idea on different fields (attorney, etc) or time periods(Victorian England), and they've definitely helped me with my vocabulary. I've learned so much from reading a romance that deals with different medical illnesses as well (you had a Harlequin Presents with such a storyline).

So not only are romances fun, they are educational :D

Judy said...

Interesting article, but I could have told them all that. :-) Working at a computer all day, reading breaks give me a chance to refocus my eyes, change my position, and shift from facts to fiction. The last is most important for me because I usually take reading breaks when I'm unable to figure out what's being said on the transcribing tape. While my conscious brain takes a mini vacation, my subconscious is working on figuring out what I should be hearing. And because I'm using my creative imagination in my reading, it's also problem solving, which sidetracks a lot of frustration before it even starts.

Lucy Monroe said...

Stacy...I've always said the same thing, that reading ficition educates. :) I learned so much about other countries reading Presents that I was bitten with what has tearned out to be a lifelong bug to travel. I also learned lots of different languages to say I love you and endearments. :)

Judy...I use reading as a break too, even though I spend my days writing. But when a book gives me trouble, I go to the comfort of a favorite re-read to let my suconscious work out my own story while I'm lost in someone else's. :)

Judy said...

Yes! Visiting different places I'll probably never have the opportunity to explore myself is definitely a draw, and I've had to push emotional, mental and attitude boundaries. In Satisfaction Guaranteed, it was Beth's football ritual that encouraged me to explore my own love of sports, and her love of vibrant colors and bought a set of 600-thread count burgundy sheets. Exploring other peoples' interests and concerns is definitely an eye opener. I've also learned about what a healthy relationship is and how to better spot an unhealthy relationship.

Lucy Monroe said...

Absolutely, Judy...good romance gives us a view into the window of strong and healthy relationships. And how cool about the sheets and sports interest after reading SG! I tried India Cotton sheets for the first time after seeing a movie that mentioned them. I love stuff like that!

Michele L. said...

Hi Lucy,

Reading is my relaxation at the end of the day. I have been reading ever since I was a little kid. My mom read stories to me when I went to sleep at night. Then she would take me to the library and I would check books out. I can't go a day without reading a book.

Reading is so educational also! I have learned so many things from romance books on a wide score of topics from men, dating, vacation destinations, friendships, occupations, etc. Books are just a wealth of information! All you have to do is just open your mind up to all the possibilities!

Congrats on your book Lucy!

Lucy Monroe said...

Thanks, MicheleL. :) I've always felt reading was the best way to relax and learn at the same time! Now, to convince the rest of the world, including a couple of my kids. :)

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

HAHA! If only people really knew how much Lucy reads... IT WOULD SHOCK YOU! I don't know anyone who reads as much as Lucy.

I have to be honest though - I love listening to an audio book or two before bed. That's a type of reading, yes? lol oh well, that's what I get for being a computer/web/design junkie!

robynl said...

a positive way reading has impacted my life is that when I am stressed, frustrated or worried and I read I can forget for awhile and when I come back to reality I can think clearer for making decisions and I have forgotten my worries for a while. This helps tremendously.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Andre...when I tell readers I'm just like them, addicted to my faves, now maybe they'll believe me. ;-)

Robyn...I so hear you...that's one of the reasons I read so much...lots of exterior stressors. LOL