Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Book by JJ Massa

Another of my auto-buy authors has a release and it's a werewolf story. Yum!!!

J.J. Massa

Tavist Darke lost his mate and pup years ago and never expected to have a family. He no longer looked for happiness in life. He didn’t expect to find another mate. The love of his adopted pack was more than he ever expected. When he met beautiful Tracey West and her enchanting children he knew his secret prayers had been answered.

Tracey West had a family and she would keep them safe at all costs. She didn’t want another mate. She’d been married for almost a decade and had three beautiful and special children as a result. Living in and getting out of that marriage had been a nightmare. All she wanted now was peace and safety for herself and her kids. Why couldn’t her sexy neighbor understand that?


Estella said...

Sounds good. I love wolf books.

gigi said...

i have never tried JJ Massa. I will have to give her a try.

robynl said...

I really like the cover but have read no books by her.

That sexy neighbour wants companionship and love; look out!!!