Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Humpday Hottie

Thought you could use a midweek pick-up, so I'm going to try to post a yummy hunk for your weekly pleasure on Humpday...that would be Wednesday. :) Often, I'll get my hottie from JudyF, who generously sends daily hotties to several lists and authors.

This week's visual treat came from a Google search (popped up on the images related to my search words - hmmm...lucky?) and I couldn't resist sharing him. Isn't he yummy?

What do you think? Make you wish you were buying Korean Calvin Klein's?


Di said...

He's beautiful. Can't wait for more. LOL

Judy F said...

Hey Lucy Glad you liked him. I still need to email you back about "our deal" Been having some major computer issues.


robynl said...

oh yay!!!!