Thursday, February 04, 2010

Guest Blogging & Interview

8th and 9th stop on the Blog Tour for Moon Craving are a guest blog on Manic Readers and an interview on 3 Wicked Writers. I broke a heel changing the last train, so I'm doing these blogs barefoot, but who has time to buy new shoes with two stops in the same day?

And don't forget that tomorrow is National Go Red Day, when people, companies and even whole cities go red to show support for the campaign against heart disease in women, the number one killer of women in the United States. For more info on Go Red Day, click here.


panda girl said...

Got my red sweatshirt ready for tomorrow. I wish it was a red bikini but it's too darn cold for that and I haven't worn a bikini in many years. LOL I hope I see lots of red tomorrow to keep people aware of heart disease in women.

Lucy Monroe said...

Me too! :)

robynl said...

I have my black bracelet with the red dress charm on it to wear and a red t-shirt. It is important to promote women's heart health.