Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pirates Make Me Go Aaarh!!!

And not in a good way. I was going to post about prologues, what they are, what they're supposed to be (according to Webster's) and what they've become, but I got sidetracked. (Next week, maybe? )

I got sidetracked by yet another reader letter helpfully informing me of book pirating going on for my books. Again. I appreciate the reader's help more than I can say, and I passed the info on to the legal departments at my various publishers, but I'm not sure I can convey just how disheartening I find this whole messed up practice.

I love pirates as much as the next romance author, just not when they're stealing my children's college tuition. How can anyone think it is okay to download an illegal copy of one of my books? Or anyone else's? I don't understand that mentality, anymore than I do shoplifters. Don't inventory control tags just drive you batty? Especially when you get home and one's been left on something you bought?
But I digress...what I mean, is they're only there because some peple think it's okay to steal and some people who don't still have to pay the price for that mentality. Like me. I think the price of some eBooks is outrageous for the length and yet, I understand that part of the reason the price is so high is because readers, yes people just like you and me who love to read romance, think it's okay to upload their eBooks to sites that provide free downloads.

These are not libraries, they are not legal and they make me so mad I could spit nails! Really, even if my mouth gets all metallic tasting.

Can I just say I am far more fond of Johnny Depp as a pirate than the nameless, faceless book pirates out there who betray the authors they like to read and the other readers who don't break the law to read their books?

So, to end this on a positive note...who is your favorite pirate hero? Mine is Maymon in Laura Baumbach's "Details of the Hunt" (which is incidentally available at - a reputable retailer of electronic books ::g::).


Judy said...

How awful!! As a side note: "LIttle" people make a huge difference. As a Lord of the Rings fan, our little community reported pirated copies of the movie, mostly on eBay but anywhere they were found. We did it consistently and fast, every time we ran across a pirated copy of the movie. Some of the members made it a habit to regularly check for illegal copies. Those hunting the pirates were able to track down and shut down one of the biggest pirating rings of DVDs. Keep up the good fight!

My favorite pirate is The Dread Pirate Roberts. *snirkle*

Laura said...

Lucy, you are a wonderful and sweet person for remember my cocky, lost pirate Maymon! He's up to more trouble in the manuscript I'm working on now.I promise he'll be extra special pirate-y (in a good way)just for you! Maybe I can work "Lucy" into the mix.*g*

Laura said...

Oh, and sorry about the pirates. "Moral Fiber" is not a breakfast cereal!

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL Judy...he was Hubcap's fave until Jack Sparrow came on the scene. Swashbuckling won over humor, which for Hubcap is a rare thing. LOL I think it's awesome what your Lord of the Rings group did. You all rock!

Laura...can't wait to read it! And I do mean that.:) Thanks for stopping by!

Judy said...

Hubcap has good taste. If we're talking swashbuckling then it has to be Captain Blood. Nobody swashbuckles like Errol Flynn. *g*

Lucy Monroe said...

Judy, you are going to be ashamed of me, but I've never actually watched an Erol Flynn movie. Any recommendations for a good pirate flick?

Judy said...

*mouth drops open* Never seen Errol Flynn? You've been deprived. He plays Captain Blood, in the movie of the same name, and yes, he's a pirate in that. He's also great in The Sea Hawk, and of course the most famous The Adventures of Robin Hood. Those are my favorites of his movies.

Lucy Monroe said...

LOL I knew you'd be shocked. I'm shocked! I'm going to see if I can't get my hands on the pirate movie. Dh will watch it with me, not sure if he'll sit through Robin Hood. Now a superhero would be another story... ;-)

Amy said...

I agree with you Lucy. It is horrible that someone will call themselves a fan and then illegally sell ebooks. My favorite Pirate would have to be Jack Sparrow, I really don't read many historicals and don't remember reading any pirate books

Jane said...

Sinbad is my favorite pirate.

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

Haha - I'm glad you got this one out Lucy!

Don't worry, I'll hunt em' down and send them an email they won't forget!


Lucy Monroe said...

Amy...Anj and I were talking about just that this afternoon. And Jack Sparrow is yummy...most of the time. LOL

Oh, Jane...Sinbad. I hadn't thought of him!

LOL Anj...I'm so down with that.